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File: 1637478282059.png (18.89 KB, 1000x1000, 278 - angry glasses soyjak….png) ImgOps


Soot delete this board, people won't stop spamming it.



File: 1645634020640.png (1.97 MB, 1748x2480, 1566265437343.png) ImgOps


What does the 'arty /x/ think about my wife, scp-1471-a?
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File: 1649972640449.webm (3.15 MB, 480x608, crackhead wendigo.webm) ImgOps

>What does the 'arty /x/ think about my wife


IAF (Is A Furry)


overrated bitch, the pinata horse pussy is superior in every way


File: 1660876901014.jpg (202.38 KB, 1200x900, blb-beetle-8spd-town-bike-….jpg) ImgOps

>my wife


Annul your fursona from your consciousness.

Fursona, ut te ad dejugo ex mea conscientia.

Ego exorcise vos de mentis, et astrorum, et etheric, et neural stratis mea praesentia in hoc mundo.

File: 1663536603323.jpg (574.75 KB, 826x1200, __lunga_ocean_heavy_cruise….jpg) ImgOps


i love anime girls and want to fuck one but the problem is they are not real so is there a paranormal way to fuck one

i heard about tulpas but i dont want to become a schizo
and then welp you have succubus than being said can a succubus take form of a anime girl


Cure yourself of the foreign parasitism that has grafted itself upon you.

File: 1663681026041.png (1.12 MB, 550x1374, Satan.png) ImgOps


Get in here, teens.
New antichrist just dropped.


File: 1663681092287.jpg (706.52 KB, 1160x6760, The devil and sheeiit.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1663708944178.png (9.83 KB, 100x46, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

Gem but it's old as fuck


Why does he look like he's going "OOOGABOOGAOOGABOOGA BE SCARED OF ME"

File: 1663658929847.jpg (330.63 KB, 729x810, tumblr_06aa8ef35d65de6cb25….jpg) ImgOps


Are aliens real?




>tumblr[…] filename
>hovering colored "heart" hologram over hand gesture

Pattern recognition tells me the undertale faggots are invading

File: 1663916752984.gif (358.4 KB, 375x400, 1663520409065.gif) ImgOps


i saw a man that looked like this for a split second outside my window
what do i do bros




File: 1663963852202.jpg (2.1 MB, 2448x3264, 1631903531227819658.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1642863852993.jpg (21.92 KB, 347x452, FHPt5hjXEAM1Q98.jpg) ImgOps


The sea was a desert. 6719364. Time-Cryptography ideologies. War. Ships. Mathematical Ontology. Cunny, Rape. Mask. 72653111. U-Boat hacked into your mitochondria. Do you get it now?
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among the best threads on this site


File: 1651070819491.png (483.45 KB, 600x803, 1649606377983.png) ImgOps

uninvited “guest” of physiomotor functioning: in other words, as being's real-time participation
itself: to say that “being” participates is also just to say that it is only ever “we” that participate,
but in so doing we allude to the silence that allows our words: in so doing we deliver the silence
back to itself: as the silence of death is coextensive with all speech, and the vacuum coextensive
with downtown: the “I” automatically connotes the very field of its participation: what creates
the very thing that it acts to recognize: as Atum “masturbates Being into his mouth” (energy is
divine semen, semen is petrified light), his emission immediately splits into Shu and Tefnut, the
primordial dyad: the Derridean paradox of language, the idea that language thinking of the aporia
necessary to think, echoes the black miracle of Egyptian cosmogony: the One, in its essence, IS
A FISSIONING INTO TWO: the One, in speaking itself, speaks its own heterogeneity with the
void: falls into the net of a demiurgic "logicity": whatever occult law of creation demands Two
for ontological coherence, a need for consistency that Langan himself talks about in his own
writings on creation: realities boil out of the pleroma like froth, and it is only those universes
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i hate shitting


I am back yes yes hello my dear friends it has been 5 months how did you guess

File: 1656174175009.jpg (31.19 KB, 570x459, 1656158213948.jpg) ImgOps


Welcome to the Nobody General
-Winter is Coming edition

>Who is the Nobody?

The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to influence reality with his conscious and unconscious mind, and intuitively receive guidance from the forces of Heaven.
He works to elevate people to their true potential, opposing those who seek power over others. He's just like you, but he has found the kingdom of God within himself through sheer dedication, just like you will.

He isn't a savior; remember that it's you who creates your own reality. With your hands, thoughts, feelings, words, you are the creator of your story. No one can decide your fate except for you and God. Remember your right to power, to step up into your ultimate role as your highest self, should you choose to embark on that journey.

>What is the general picture?

It’s important we start replying to the good posts and ignoring the hateful ones, or the ones here to argue. So call upon their heads the forces of Heaven for peace, clarity, and wisdom. If this place is to be more than a squandered opportunity, an overgrown garden, it requires voices such as yours, but many more.

Focus on increasing your service to others and be more loving to yourself and everyone in order to raise your vibrational and consciousness level, and learn to to forgive yourself and others. This will change the vibration of the planet and raise our shared consciousness, making us a better humankind one person at a time. None of us are perfect, it is by learning to admit and accept this fact one is able to learn, and grow in Truth.

If this is your first time here, just remember, it’s going to be ok, you may take shelter and find rest.
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so fucking based


File: 1663726405346.png (10.95 KB, 476x646, chud14.png) ImgOps

Is the nobody the second coming of Christ? If not I'm not interested


What about sex magick though


File: 1663847397168.png (22.89 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png) ImgOps


why is the janny mad about it? its offsite

File: 1663521236365.gif (6.86 KB, 382x305, 8D367547-7C6B-4CEC-945A-7D….gif) ImgOps


Kabbalah Won
Jose Silva Won
LoA won
God won
Christ won
Mysticism won
Meditation won
Christian Magick won
Vril won
Anti-Masons won
Golden Dawn won
Hermeticism won
Right hand path won
White magick won
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not yet chuddy wait for the emperor of kalachakra (the antichrist) to crawl out of his shithole in shambala and fight jesus and his buddy mahdi. we will then see who wins



File: 1663588499422.jpg (68.29 KB, 750x913, FQtsvJJXMAAxIq7.jpg) ImgOps


Places you see in your dream images thread


File: 1663588532383.jpg (122.92 KB, 750x896, FQ3dvO4XEAIm_oa.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1663589420961.jpg (1.84 MB, 5120x4096, iydmtsmtwbap (3).jpg) ImgOps

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