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File: 1619545657152-0.mp4 (174.58 MB, 716x572, 001 - Puss Gets the Boot.mp4)

File: 1619545657152-1.mp4 (174.85 MB, 702x572, 002 - The Midnight Snack.mp4)

File: 1619545657152-2.mp4 (174.59 MB, 714x572, 003 - The Night Before Chr….mp4)

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I will post 3 everyday and YOU WILL WATCH THEM!




File: 1619601276931-0.mp4 (174.45 MB, 718x572, 004 - Fraidy Cat.mp4)

File: 1619601276931-1.mp4 (174.33 MB, 716x572, 005 - Dog Trouble.mp4)

Another 2 awesome Tom and Jerry cartoons


File: 1619601523814.mp4 (174.44 MB, 716x572, 006 - Puss N' Toots.mp4)

And the 3r


holy mother of all gems


File: 1619688016410-0.mp4 (174.69 MB, 718x568, 007 - The Bowling Alley-Ca….mp4)

File: 1619688016410-1.mp4 (174.87 MB, 716x572, 008 - Fine Feathered Frien….mp4)

File: 1619688016411-2.mp4 (174.56 MB, 718x572, 009 - Sufferin' Cats!.mp4)



File: 1619771939076-0.mp4 (174.57 MB, 702x572, 010 - The Lonesome Mouse.mp4)

File: 1619771939076-1.mp4 (174.67 MB, 716x572, 011 - The Yankee Doodle Mo….mp4)

File: 1619771939076-2.mp4 (174.63 MB, 714x568, 012 - Baby Puss.mp4)

Another 3 kin cartoons


gonna watch all these while I eat pomegranates






File: 1619874763979-0.mp4 (174.57 MB, 718x572, 013 - The Zoot Cat.mp4)

File: 1619874763979-1.mp4 (174.97 MB, 716x572, 014 - The Million Dollar C….mp4)

File: 1619874763979-2.mp4 (174.59 MB, 714x566, 015 - The Bodyguard.mp4)

I remember bodyguard from when I was a kid


Meme in the thumbnail


I remember watching a shit ton of tom and jerry when I was in living with my parents in africa


File: 1619959931220-0.mp4 (174.48 MB, 718x572, 016 - Puttin' on the Dog.mp4)

File: 1619959931220-1.mp4 (174.59 MB, 714x572, 017 - Mouse Trouble.mp4)

Number 17 might be the best Tom & Jerry cartoon of all time, brings good memories too.


File: 1619960295744.mp4 (174.53 MB, 714x572, 018 - The Mouse Comes to D….mp4)



File: 1620054092365.mp4 (174.5 MB, 718x572, 019 - Mouse in Manhattan.mp4)


File: 1620054816133.mp4 (174.73 MB, 716x572, 020 - Tee for Two.mp4)


File: 1620055534983.mp4 (174.49 MB, 718x572, 021 - Flirty Birdy.mp4)


File: 1620118966787-0.mp4 (174.45 MB, 714x572, 022 - Quiet Please!.mp4)

File: 1620118966787-1.mp4 (174.86 MB, 716x572, 023 - Springtime for Thoma….mp4)

File: 1620118966787-2.mp4 (174.43 MB, 718x572, 024 - The Milky Waif.mp4)


cute thread


Tom looked more like a cat in his earlier days and would scream like a cat.
It's weird to look at him like that.


Speaking of with I will switch to posting cartoons from a different sauce, with has a year of the release the title with s nice, also they might have better quality.


I can make a compilation from this videos.
Thanks, kid.


im confused


Nevermind dumb website doesn't allow .avi See you tommorow


File: 1620211575888-0.mp4 (174.44 MB, 716x572, 025 - Trap Happy.mp4)

File: 1620211575888-1.mp4 (174.98 MB, 716x572, 026 - Solid Serenade.mp4)

File: 1620211575888-2.mp4 (174.54 MB, 718x572, 027 - Cat Fishin'.mp4)


Tom in drag is hot


File: 1620290994251-0.mp4 (174.79 MB, 702x572, 028 - Part Time Pal.mp4)

File: 1620290994251-1.mp4 (174.61 MB, 714x572, 029 - The Cat Concerto.mp4)

File: 1620290994251-2.mp4 (174.91 MB, 718x572, 030 - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. M….mp4)

Tom is always hot


File: 1620329535504.png (1.23 MB, 957x674, bug powder.PNG)

Bug powder lol


File: 1620378330141-0.mp4 (174.4 MB, 718x572, 031 - Salt Water Tabby.mp4)

File: 1620378330141-1.mp4 (174.74 MB, 702x572, 032 - A Mouse in the House.mp4)

File: 1620378330141-2.mp4 (174.61 MB, 718x572, 033 - The Invisible Mouse.mp4)

We are in the year 1947 btw


File: 1620506445641-0.mp4 (174.79 MB, 714x572, 034 - Kitty Foiled.mp4)

File: 1620506445641-1.mp4 (174.76 MB, 716x572, 035 - The Truce Hurts.mp4)

File: 1620506445641-2.mp4 (174.75 MB, 702x572, 036 - Old Rockin' Chair To….mp4)

Sorry for the late I forgot to pay for my internet


why are you doing this?


File: 1620587464306-0.mp4 (174.57 MB, 718x572, 037 - Professor Tom.mp4)

File: 1620587464307-1.mp4 (174.68 MB, 714x572, 038 - Mouse Cleaning.mp4)

File: 1620587464307-2.mp4 (174.43 MB, 718x572, 039 - Polka-Dot Puss.mp4)

Soo you will watch it.>>576


Cute thread, thank you OP


File: 1620668439913-0.mp4 (174.69 MB, 718x572, 040 - The Little Orphan.mp4)

File: 1620668439913-1.mp4 (174.45 MB, 718x572, 041 - Hatch Up Your Troubl….mp4)

File: 1620668439913-2.mp4 (174.78 MB, 718x572, 042 - Heavenly Puss.mp4)

you're welcome


File: 1620774566802-0.mp4 (174.53 MB, 714x572, 043 - The Cat and the Merm….mp4)

File: 1620774566802-1.mp4 (174.51 MB, 718x572, 044 - Love that Pup 1949.mp4)

File: 1620774566802-2.mp4 (174.22 MB, 714x572, 045 - Jerry's Diary 1949.mp4)

I added airing year to the filenames
You can read the exact dates on wikipedia, we are going chronoligacally btw


I never knew Tom and Jerry had a Recap episode


File: 1620813700527-0.mp4 (174.43 MB, 716x572, 046 - Tennis Chumps 1949.mp4)

File: 1620813700527-1.mp4 (174.86 MB, 718x572, 047 - Little Quacker 1950.mp4)

File: 1620813700527-2.mp4 (174.24 MB, 718x572, 048 - Saturday Evening Pus….mp4)

We are finnaly in the year 1950 boys


cat plays some nice piano on this one


They play music in 48 too


I have the tennis one on VHS


File: 1620897164345-0.mp4 (174.35 MB, 714x572, 049 - Texas Tom 1950.mp4)

File: 1620897164345-1.mp4 (174.7 MB, 718x572, 050 - Jerry and the Lion 1….mp4)

File: 1620897164345-2.mp4 (174.43 MB, 716x572, 051 - Safety Second 1950.mp4)

Another nibbles episode, catgirl episode. And the only appearence of the lion.
We didn't have T&J only episode since 43, people forget how big supporting characters are in these cartoons.


File: 1620988154692-0.mp4 (174.77 MB, 718x572, 052 - The Hollywood Bowl 1….mp4)

File: 1620988154692-1.mp4 (174.68 MB, 710x572, 053 - The Framed Cat 1950.mp4)

File: 1620988154692-2.mp4 (174.87 MB, 714x572, 054 - Cue Ball Cat 1950.mp4)

Another Classical music episode.


wheres the one with jerry's cousins muscles mouse


Thats tommorow, unless you really want it now.


Tomorrow we will execute the plan mashallah!


File: 1621082426896-0.mp4 (174.71 MB, 716x572, 055 - Casanova Cat 1951.mp4)

File: 1621082426896-1.mp4 (174.92 MB, 718x572, 056 - Jerry and the Goldfi….mp4)

File: 1621082426896-2.mp4 (174.4 MB, 718x572, 057 - Jerry's Cousin 1951.mp4)

Jerry wears blackface again, first time was in 019.
Also people were ok with interspecies couples in the 50s I guess.
There is an episode you asked for.


Where did you get the files?


File: 1621206620557-0.mp4 (174.9 MB, 716x572, 058 - Sleepy-Time Tom 1951.mp4)

File: 1621206620557-1.mp4 (174.48 MB, 718x572, 059 - His Mouse Friday 195….mp4)

File: 1621206620557-2.mp4 (174.8 MB, 718x572, 060 - Slicked-Up Pup 1951.mp4)

059 is the most racist Tom an d Jerry cartoon ever made, enjoy.




File: 1621249071849-0.mp4 (174.69 MB, 702x572, 061 - Nit-Witty Kitty 1951.mp4)

File: 1621249071849-1.mp4 (174.61 MB, 714x572, 062 - Cat Napping 1952.mp4)

File: 1621249071849-2.mp4 (174.91 MB, 718x572, 063 - The Flying Cat 1952.mp4)

Fun episodes


If you post that episode where Tom and Jerry got cheated on, I just wanna say that death makes no sense because they survived even deadlier stuff.


Sorry I got the 62 year wrong, its 1951.


Thats Blue Cat Blues from 1956, its episode 103.
I can post in now if you want to.


It wasnt a last episode btw thats a myth.


Not now. Still, I like this board very much.


File: 1621351718914-0.mp4 (175.01 MB, 718x572, 064 - The Duck Doctor 1952.mp4)

File: 1621351718914-1.mp4 (174.7 MB, 716x562, 065 - The Two Mouseketeers….mp4)

File: 1621351718914-2.mp4 (174.61 MB, 716x572, 066 - Smitten Kitten 1952.mp4)

The infamous episode, when Tom Fucking dies and Jerry and Nibbles coudlnt give less of a fuck(65), 66 is another clips episode if you want to skip those.
Soystalgia Critic made a video about The 2 Mouseketeers.




File: 1621376320144.jpg (24.92 KB, 600x600, soycriticextra.jpg)



They, unlike furries, knew it was BS on a screen.


File: 1621418725435-0.mp4 (174.85 MB, 718x572, 067 - Triplet Trouble 952.mp4)

File: 1621418725435-1.mp4 (174.51 MB, 718x560, 068 - Little Runaway 1952.mp4)

File: 1621418725435-2.mp4 (174.83 MB, 718x572, 069 - Fit to Be Tied 1952.mp4)

They changed the voice actress for Mammy Two Shoes(the black lady) I don't like the new one.


Where did you find those cartoons?


Pirate bay.


How can I download those YouTube videos without premium and viruses?


File: 1621510835400.mp4 (174.92 MB, 716x572, 070 - Push-Button Kitty 19….mp4)

The old Voice actress is back, I don't know why they changed here for only one cartoon.
You can download the ones I'm posting if you're scared of torrenting.


File: 1621512112459-0.mp4 (174.87 MB, 718x572, 071 - Cruise Cat 1952.mp4)

File: 1621512112459-1.mp4 (174.57 MB, 714x572, 072 - The Dog House 1952.mp4)


File: 1621589594169-0.mp4 (174.56 MB, 714x572, 073 - The Missing Mouse 19….mp4)

File: 1621589594169-1.mp4 (174.54 MB, 718x572, 074 - Jerry and Jumbo 1953.mp4)

File: 1621589594169-2.mp4 (174.92 MB, 718x572, 075 - Johann Mouse 1953.mp4)

075, the first time there are humans in the show and you can see their faces, weird episode overall, there is almost no slapstick, H&B were trying something new.


File: 1621706507952-0.mp4 (174.49 MB, 718x572, 076 - That's My Pup! 1953.mp4)

File: 1621706507952-1.mp4 (174.96 MB, 714x572, 077 - Just Ducky 1953.mp4)

File: 1621706507952-2.mp4 (174.39 MB, 718x572, 078 - Two Little Indians 1….mp4)


Well rip this thread, website wont let me post anymore


I will bump it for you and you can make another thread. Thanks for posting.


It wont let me make a new thread either, I tried again after 8 hours


upload them on external hosts


You can go on my bitchute channel, I also upload MMA stuff


>Nick Fuentes Clips




Only one


And its funny


Is it really?


It was funny to me when I uploaded it


Was it really?



Fuentes is a closeted homosexual.


He talked about GypsyCrusader by calling him edgelord or something. That clip was deleted from YouTube and disavowed his closeted homosexual friend CatboyKami, a weeb.


hes also a zionist
like everyone in america


Jew hating Zionist?


he sometimes spergs about muh israel but at the end of the day he still allies with the miga america first zionist movement so id say fuck him


There is not one politically important figure on the alt right/far right in america that is not a zionist. simple as that




it looks like you need to compress you videos to be under 100mb at least, otherwise they will not upload


You should be able to re-upload these now.


Still doesnt work




comfy thread op




>Well rip this thread, website wont let me post anymore
its broken, even for files under 100mb


soot fix this


File: 1622448564100.mp4 (191.14 MB, 1920x1080, caminandes_llamigos_1080p.mp4)



looks like someone needs his meds


File: 1622448876342.png (114.32 KB, 644x488, 1651465465414845784.png)

it doesnt work for us though






how? when is the last time you tried? maybe soot changed something very recently


fix this soot


just today
it gives some random response about the server not keeping up


try now? idk


I just increased the max input time for those with slow internet connections. what is your internet speed?


i was the one who uploaded the big file just now and i have like 90mbs up
my upload only took less than a minute probably


File: 1622450110255.gif (431.51 KB, 300x400, 1611864276520.gif)

>I just increased the max input time for those with slow internet connections. what is your internet speed?


its over


for faster data throughput?


3Kb/s :D


no, so you have more time before the upload times out and gives you an error before you're done uploading
it should be set to 5 minutes now, let me know if anyone needs longer



>3Kb/s :D


africa moment




Wow, just wow, oof, cringed irl bro tbh desu


>3Kb/s :D


epic win ngl


kill yourself






epic 1337 (LEET) hax0r get


File: 1622560744982.jpg (104.03 KB, 640x590, soy67.jpg)



its #GET sweetay


File: 1622560852434.jpg (25 KB, 313x310, soy92.jpg)

>UHHHMMMM YIkes, its #GET sweetay


Holy fuck I'm saving all of these, thanks so much OP.

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