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I just got a job in systems programming


pretty cool. congratulations!


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what the heck is systems programming
is it like devops?


no idea


Working directly with the system API, hacking with it or with the running context (ways of influencing the runtime, this is a broad generalization but what I do covers all that), tasks relating to products of said category (debugging, be it live or customer crash dumps, reverse engineering, etc.)

Some examples include work relating to anti-viruses, sandboxing/userspace emulators, etc


painful. These programs should not exist. Just lock dumb people out of networked computers and/or prevent them from installing or running programs that aren't standard.


oh so like you have to deal with the Windows API and stuff like that?
how did you learn? i've always wanted to look into it but never found any books or anything.


You don't know what you're talking about, sorry. It's a common belief but it comes from short sightedness. You may fall for it yourself if you don't continuously introspect your system's activity. Nothing stops anything connected to the internet from doing bad stuff if they do the least amount of trying. The solution is to automate the process of said introspection. It's also especially helpful for malware analysts, evidently.

Winternals is generally the go-to, but I think Windows via C/C++ fifth edition is a great introduction.


Clarifying since I have the communication ability of a toddler, 'you may fall for *it*' refers to viruses, 'they' refers to the jooz, AKA potential attackers. It's evidently less likely that you'll ever be targeted personally, but it's more likely that you will be generalized as part of a category of computer users and be targetted that way. I saw such things flying many times, still do.

Also, I didn't respond on how I actually learned, that is because I don't want to disclose identifying details, but I recommend doing hands on stuff and trying your own ideas, reading the SDM, etc, this isn't novels/mere literature.


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this one?

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