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Any good ways to learn how to maintain linux servers?


buy a server using aliexpress and used parts on ebay.

specifically, you can buy motherboards that let you overclock xeons or run them on turbo 24/7
look at this guys youtube channel for that topic, he reviews chinese hacked motherboards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1hC4Tr9-yM

this also can remove the shit the CIA uses to spy on you (Intel ME) so that's useful. For RAM you can usually buy used server parts from ebay. This way you can have way faster than most peoples destop PC with like 256gb ram for $400


linux sucks
dont bother with freetard garbage


maintain a linux server


vPro isn't a backdoor. Meds now.


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obligatory reading


intel ME is 100% a backdoor, at least on LAN. But it has access to network stack and non-free firmwares so it probably can access your computer over the internet


>server RAM
>way faster than most peoples destop PC
it's not 2004 anymore. the bottleneck for most people is latency and bandwidth now, not capacity. 16GB ddr5 6000MHz will be faster than 2TB ddr4 3200MHz.
Kind of like how a Corvette is faster than a Peterbilt despite having a smaller engine.


server ram has more memory lanes than desktop ram so its basically faster


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sure but my point still stands, average normie dipshits and even average soyteens dont benefit from more memory lanes, just like they dont benefit from having a high core count epyc or xeon cpu. for gayming and shitposting, you want a sports car pc, not a 18-wheeler pc. server ram is only faster if you have server workloads.


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