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I just got a job in systems programming
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painful. These programs should not exist. Just lock dumb people out of networked computers and/or prevent them from installing or running programs that aren't standard.


oh so like you have to deal with the Windows API and stuff like that?
how did you learn? i've always wanted to look into it but never found any books or anything.


You don't know what you're talking about, sorry. It's a common belief but it comes from short sightedness. You may fall for it yourself if you don't continuously introspect your system's activity. Nothing stops anything connected to the internet from doing bad stuff if they do the least amount of trying. The solution is to automate the process of said introspection. It's also especially helpful for malware analysts, evidently.

Winternals is generally the go-to, but I think Windows via C/C++ fifth edition is a great introduction.


Clarifying since I have the communication ability of a toddler, 'you may fall for *it*' refers to viruses, 'they' refers to the jooz, AKA potential attackers. It's evidently less likely that you'll ever be targeted personally, but it's more likely that you will be generalized as part of a category of computer users and be targetted that way. I saw such things flying many times, still do.

Also, I didn't respond on how I actually learned, that is because I don't want to disclose identifying details, but I recommend doing hands on stuff and trying your own ideas, reading the SDM, etc, this isn't novels/mere literature.


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this one?

File: 1679352756396.png (109.87 KB, 529x538, getajobjak.png) ImgOps

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>You WILL learn how to use my react library.
>You WILL read pages of obtuse documentation to figure out how to get basic compatability with typescript.
>You WILL NOT complain when you figure out that theres a major bug that has gone unfixed for 5 years that breaks any and all compatability with server-side rendering.
>You WILL familiarize yourself with my shit codebase and make a PR to fix the issues yourself.
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whoever made react-select


Why would you need a library for a basic form component?



reactchads...i fucking kneel...


unironically nothing wrong with this.
cniles seething at an example of declarative programming only proves once more that they are LARPers who can't write good code.

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Do you want a better way to have custom music on your iPhone?
I did, but I was sick and tired of doing shitty ways that either didn't work or was a lie. This comprehensive DIY guide will help you.

PC With Windows 10/11 (Not sure if available on MAC / LINUX, or earlier windows)

1x USB 2.0/3.0 Thunderbolt cable

Any modernish iPhone (I believe iPads work, but I can not verify it via Snopes. Earliest model I have tried with is a 6s.)

1. Open your browser, and search up "3UTools Download". If it does not come up immediately, the link is here. https://www.3u.com/
2. Download the Tool. When it opens, grab your phone and plug it in to your computer. Any phone works, regardless if it has been Jailbroken or not. (Verified by Snopes and me. Tested on 6s and XR.)
3. The side menu for your iPhone should pop up if you have a stable USB plug. Click the Music button, and it opens the current music you have on iTunes installed.
4. Hit the "Import" Feature. It brings up a menu of your Audio Files downloaded on your computer. Its quite simply the fastest way. Select your music, and open it into the iPhone.
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File: 1679466603452.png (77.29 KB, 469x385, 1678917231989.png) ImgOps

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To copy their files, troonix users literally have to use a file named CP.


Meanwhile winchads have a exe that is logically and intuitively named copy.exe.

File: 1679441346340.gif (106.39 KB, 599x754, 1668320679121.gif) ImgOps

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what are some good free easy to use video editor? i need one for my mom


windows has one built in i think


whats it caleld i dont see it



i never knew about this what the fuck


i prefer using the 2000s windows movie maker cus it produces kinos

File: 1679439937922.png (113.31 KB, 852x630, mouss.png) ImgOps

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How long does it typically take an ip adress to reset? i tried for five minutes yesterday and 3 hours today in vain now i'm being told to do it over night or for seven to up to TEN DAYS


depending on the type of IP then sometimes never

unplug your modem for like 1 night then maybe it would work better (from the power etc)

File: 1678864933477.png (189.54 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

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i want to create a google account for youtube but i don't want to give my phone number to the jews. disposable numbers are not an option where i live. what should i do?


Why do you need to create a JewTube account albeit?


I'm Jewish myself, so I don't mind giving my phone number to them


i want to make an early youtube youtube where you can still talk with relative free speech without being completely off the rails


enter random numbers

File: 1679367170718.png (35.05 KB, 1024x512, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

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can sharty please make a tor mirror? another keffals could come in the near future
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this shithole isnt as relevant



It is


Fuck of torpedo


ive been using tor ever since this website got made its fine

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