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Crazy shit in South Korea
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Discuss the Argentinian presidential elections.

Argentina’s new president, Javier Milei, is a radical libertarian and anarcho-capitalist who believes in the supremacy of the free market and the minimal role of the state.

He opposes socialism and any form of government intervention in the economy. He wants to abolish the central bank, privatize all state-owned companies, eliminate most taxes and subsidies, switch Argentina's currency to the dollar, and reduce public spending drastically.
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Don't really "get" this board tbh
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Chud is done for
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 Nikocado Avocado General
Talk about Nikocado's daily updates or new videos here!
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/tct/ - News
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A volcano is happening in Iceland or something
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>the nyan cat youtube channel uploaded a video in support of palestine
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Democrats & Liberals riot in Washington DC over the Palestinean-Israel conflict and calling for a "Cease -Fire." And no media outlets are talking about it, If you 'teens or chuds out there have any footage of the DNC riot please post it in le thread.

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SIG Sauer XM7 rifle

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/hamas/ site
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>AI supported by this guy
I want to rope…
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why do trannies call things they dont like "corny" its like the tranny version of coal (user is also confirmed nigger)
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have you taken the next vaccine dose?
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>I'm a male wondering how I can gain a more feminine figure
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How will the gaza invasion hurt Israel’s reputation? When can it be expected to recover?
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BREAKING: Israel bombs 23 trillion niggers.

In retaliation for the Taliban holocaust that beheaded 6 gorrilion Israeli babies this Tuesday, Israel nuked some 3rd world nigger projects apartment building in the middle of the desert and killed 23 trillion niggers living in there in the process. Pic shows a nigger that died lmao.

One bystander describes what xe saw
>yeah yeah cuh bix nood amasufudu fuk du mi no po po ahh nigga ah di nigga bix nood ooh aah aah eek eek ooh poh

Many have condemned Israel for the attacks because killing civilians is le bad because, uhh, uhhh, it just is ok?
Meanwhile the international community has declared these condemnations as antisemetism and has now enforced BBC therapy on chudcels who aren’t compliant. More than 97 chudcels have been subject to BBC therapy as a result of them condemning the bombings, with more coming soon.

The Sprokesman for the Vnited States land armed military missile defence force said
>this bombing was justified in retaliation for the evil attacks that took place this burgersday, where 88 McDonald’s were destroyed and 14 happy meals were thrown into the trash, or however the Jewish semen is slurped. Yuo VILL agree with this stance and you VILL like it.

Antisemetic hatecrimes have risen by 60000 gorrilon% in the last 3 hours, with 1% for every Jew baby that was holocausted. The glowies are doing their best to arrest as many antisemites as they possibly can. They are trying to lurk on evil racist hacker websites like 4cuck and frenstroons, in order to combat this antisemitism.

This is Nate Higgers and you are listening to BBC news.
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>the only reliable source of information is CNN or however the 420 safe and effective vaccines are administered by trained medical professionals
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talk about the current thing, anything thats global news. This isnt /pol/, we share media here not j

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are chuds winning?
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>no new posts in three days
This board won’t last if more people go on the ‘party unaware of it. A link could at least be added to a reply on the sticky on /soy/, or of course, more preferably, the top bar, if we really want attention.
Anyway I’m not in a place where I can find any new content to post so here’s that clip of the guy getting shot that you’ve probably already seen.
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hamas general
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/hamas/ site
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Hiro-approved meta thread

So this board is basically 4cuck's /news/ or something?
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>gas stoves
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whats happening with the israel thing now
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Da roolz

talk about the current thing, anything thats global news. This isnt /pol/, we share media here not just talk shit about "the other side" or something.