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File: 1623507299718.jpg (149.53 KB, 590x332, alarm.jpg)

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The ultimate goal of O.B.B. (Operation Bleached Bowl) is to turn soyjak.party into a reddit tier datamining heaven where no fun is allowed, the website will become a factory for shitty "wholesome" swedish forced memes, (((Soot))) wants his "problem users" off the website and back onto 4chud where they can resume being datamined by google
The wiki will turn pozzed due to the new mods (its already happening, OBB page will get fact checked shortly), then the imageboard will follow, get ready to fill out datamining captchas (Which soot has already trialed). be required to enable (((Javascript))), be unable to post with Tor/VPN/Proxies and be banned at the drop of a hat

You've been warned


I would like for Soot/Mods to prove there were separate Scat threads during the color spam which they claim but still haven't proven.


shut up already it's not funny
haha we get it you're schizo and there is datamining hahahaha so funny
if you call out how lame this shit is i will quote you with cia soyjak hahaha so funny


File: 1623508092650.png (290.27 KB, 603x600, soybugscia.png)

>shut up already it's not funny
>haha we get it you're schizo and there is datamining hahahaha so funny
>if you call out how lame this shit is i will quote you with cia soyjak hahaha so funny


why did you stop using your ## Admin tag? i'm genuinely curious


woooah so hilarious and unexpected
you quoted me with the funny cia soyjak
wooow good one bro, i must be in the cia because i don't find this shit funny


File: 1623508227631.png (18.87 KB, 800x1024, ciasoy.png)

>(((Chud))) 06/12/21 (Sat) 14:29:30 No.4808
woooah so hilarious and unexpected
you quoted (((me))) with the funny cia soyjak
wooow good one bro, (((i))) must be in the cia because i don't find this shit funny


so funny because im totally in the cia and im also jewish now apparently
so hilarious




File: 1623508371369.png (55.37 KB, 642x765, 1612356512833.png)



File: 1623508475071.png (527.41 KB, 994x989, glowpoint.png)



why do you continue to use this website if it's supposedly a cia honeypot or whatever?
it was funny the first few times, but you've been spamming this shit for months now, and it's not funny anymore


soot just stop interacting with these people, they won’t listen to you. just let them keep posting their schizo shit until they forget about it a week later


((( >>4811 )))
Prove the existance of seperate scat threads during the colorjak raid


((( >>4814 )))
Don't answer this dataminers question


what? i never said that.


File: 1623508721075.jpeg (105.75 KB, 579x701, CA664C87-FB3C-4D47-82AC-D….jpeg)



File: 1623508856104.png (3.34 MB, 2388x1261, 1623508408477.png)

>what? (((i))) never said (((that))).


why do you think i said that?




File: 1623509203970.png (18 KB, 600x800, 741DE066-847B-432B-B53A-2C….png)

unlock it but only for colorjakkers


I know 100% organic longtime users of the website were stating so


i never said that


Guys, the schizo posting was supposed to be just a joke, you were not supposed to actually become real schizos.


Yeah jokes aside this stuff is starting to get annoying


I agree with soot on this



/soy/ just got bleached


Yeah, I've had enough of your spamming and ban evasion.


File: 1623520346130.png (200.03 KB, 800x1024, (((soot))).png)

>(((Chud ## Admin))) 06/12/21 (Sat) 17:51:35 No.4835
>Yeah, I've had enough of your spamming and ban evasion.


Are you having fun? Because nobody else is enjoying having you shit up the board with your fake schizo garbage. You've been doing this shit for weeks, just give it a rest already.


((( >>4837 )))
Opeation Bleached Bowl isnt just fake though, you and your mods favored the colorcoalers while I was banned for posting scat in those threads (once they'd wiped out the catalog), as of this post being sent Scat (Nor any non illegal NSFW content) is against the rules of the website


obvious samefag, soot is acting as a retarded soot resistance poster so that they get painted in a bad light


Hmm yeah, but you were spamming AND ban evading. And like I said, I was just deleting posts in my report queue. By the way, just because someone is doing something you don't like, or breaking the rules, doesn't mean you should start throwing a temper tantrum and posting scat or whatever. Grow up, faggot.


((( >>4840 )))
I was not spamming threads nor is scat even against the site rules, fuck you and your talmudic lies


kys soot


Ban evasion is 100% against the rules, that is certain.


File: 1623520990434.jpg (76.49 KB, 529x637, trn.jpg)

>Grow up, faggot.


((( >>4844 )))
Posting scat is not, which is what you banned me for
You banned me for "pornographic content", which there is no rule about apart from the furry/loli spam you sanction in /b/


File: 1623521128558.png (33.75 KB, 600x800, janny.png)

>Your username or IP address has been blocked.

>The block was made by ‪(((Syjck‬))). The reason given is Coaltard.

>Start of block: 18:02, 12 June 2021
>Expiration of block: 18:02, 13 June 2021
>Intended blockee: ‪Scatman John‬


>my friend is allowed to fill half the catalog with his forced trash but if you say literally anything about it you will be banned
just fucking end it my god


Really? Because most of what I can see in my ban list is just for spam, which you were doing. Either way, you were breaking at least one rule, and you are continuing to break them. And honestly, if you supposedly think I'm a jewish CIA agent who is datamining you and unjustly banning you, why don't you just fucking leave?
My friend? Who is my friend? And I deleted the colorspam, by the way. Once again, I initially deleted the scat because it was in my report queue, and then deleted the colorspam later when I got on my computer.


((( >>4849 )))
I wasn't even posting that many scat images, its one thing to make a mistake but here you are doubling down on it


Remove wiki jannies NOW, if you want to protect your article do it like a man


That mod of yours you've hired btw is a retard who doesn't know how to use the wiki. Is this really the owner of the soybooru?


You posted enough of that garbage, and you knew what you were doing. It wasn't even the first time I banned you for that shit.
I'm probably going to, it seems to be a mistake


Pretty sure pornographic content is only allowed in /b/, but it was deserved because the board was a disaster.


((( >>4855 )))
The reason I think this is bullshit and you only started banning me during OBB is because i've never come across these bans


Don't remove the wiki janny, he did nothing wrong
These faggots who want him removed are the same ones who vandalized color page


Yeah, maybe it's because you switch tor nodes every 5 seconds to avoid getting IP wiped. I'm sure you've noticed your posts getting removed.


>I'm probably going to, it seems to be a mistake
That's good I don't like that guy he keeps acting defensive and calling people vandals.


((( >>4859 )))
Yes i've seen you delete the posts (i would too), but the thing is until the colorspam yesterday, I never encountered a ban for scat posting, the whole point of OBB is that you were favoring one side over the other

When i've seen ban messages here they are always something like 14 minutes yet here I am receiving 4chan tier 24+ hour bans



Why does it matter how long I ban you for? You evade every time. And by the way, saying I'm going to be doxed in the ban appeals is not the way to go about appealing.


File: 1623522071624.png (225.4 KB, 1000x1000, 1623431350599.png)





((( >>4863 )))=
>saying I'm going to be doxed in the ban appeals is not the way to go about appealing.
Would be eye for an eye after your fuckup the other day with the captain coal shit


The wiki janny IS one of the vandals, see >>4841


You know, there is a reason why the 4chan mods dont talk with the users like this and only shitpost on IRC.
Any post you make will be used against you, soot.


Stop calling people vandals you fucking psycopath.


You're being ridiculous. You know why I've banned you in the past, and you know why I'm going to ban you in the future if you keep this shit up. I'm not going to sit here and bother trying to talk to you.




There we go lol
>(((NSFW content that does not pertain the subject of the board is banned.)))
Make some sort of /gif/ board then, i posted scat to /b/ and I still received a ban


I see, but I still think the wiki needs a janny so it's better to keep him than leave it unmoderated
Also, this isn't really a vandal, the "list of soy spam" page was changed to "list of controversial soy" page, and forced meme is still a WIP page.


I retract this comment.


I retract this comment.



((( >>4870 )))


((( >>4870 )))
>>4872 (Fucked up)




also remove the plugins on the minecraft server soot


For the last fucking time, I do not run the minecraft server. I have zero influence over it.


((( >>4881 )))
I wasn't pretending to be different people you stupid cunt, why do I get banned for posting scat to /b/?


So first you have no recollection of being banned, but now all of a sudden you apparently got banned for posting scat on /b/?


((( >>4883 )))
>This level of pilpul
I'm obviously talking about since OBB went underway, got banned earlier today for posting scat to /b/


>For the last fucking time, I do not run the minecraft server. I have zero influence over it.
really just sounds like an excuse in case something goes wrong like the captain coal incident so you can cover up yourself


Maybe it was for ban evasion, idk. I am not the only person who bans you.
Are you joking?


((( >>4884 )))
That was this ban your referring to here >>4863


Soot, what are your thoughts on the wiki janny's misconduct? What steps are you going to take to improve the quality of Soyjak Wiki moderation?


yep dismiss all criticism as jokes and madmen really a great way to go on with life nobody will take you seriously like this you can brush off criticism but thinking its all jokes makes you seem like a coper


Just because I saw the ban appeal doesn't mean I banned you.
I literally have zero control over the minecraft server. Fuck off, faggot.


yeah sure you do, and it was also a coincidence that there was a datamining plugin installed on the server, youre digging yourself here into a really deep pit


I'm not going to respond to you if you're just going to keep trolling.


((( >>4890 )))
You've admitted to banning me before so its irrelevant if it was personally you or someone else as its your order


This is soot samefagging to pretend he's engaging with soyjak.party's userbase
It's a tactic to distract from his failure to address the soyjak wiki moderation crisis




Instead of taking care of actual issues, he samefags as a schizo and has endless arguments with himself to pretend he takes the community's concerns seriously


Holy fucking shit the schizo meter is off the charts


I can already see him samefagging this.


I literally just entered the bread THOUGH


File: 1623523774611.png (192.53 KB, 740x724, rounded thougher turnt.png)



This is soot, if not kill yourself regardless


soot here i retract this statement


File: 1623523864582.jpg (127.15 KB, 1000x1220, cirno smile 2.jpg)

We love you soot!



She looks more like she's grimacing in pain than smiling


Uhh, a bit rude don't you think?


Soot(And his flandre wife) are holding her at gunpoint and forcing her to say this.


File: 1623524038816.png (382.76 KB, 1000x1000, dr soystein examining meds.png)

This poster has an extremely inflated ego and is very self-centered.
Poster isn't capable of normal speech, has to use unfitting hyperboles.
Poster has a distorted view of time.
Poster doesn't understand that he can't walk into a computer, possible psychosis.
>the bread
Poster is either dysgraphic or suffers hallucinations.
Poster is a thougher, most concerning part of this post.


File: 1623524064695.png (656.1 KB, 846x920, 1610211758377.png)

I stand with soot.



Most autistic person in this bread


((( >>4892 )))
Ban the retarded moderator you hired for the wiki



that would be you though


Same to the fag, I'm not a schizo you're a samefag.



youre acting really strange


Soot sleeps to have fallen asleep, should I wake him up?


By "nah" you mean yes? Oh ok thanks for confirming my suspicions.


File: 1623524616426.jpg (175.56 KB, 1300x1132, soot schizo.jpg)


all me


Nice meme soot, ban the retarded wiki janny


out with the janny


Wiki is fucking boring now because of him


kill everyone in this bread


(((soot))) admits Operation Bleached Bowl is real


Mental illness, this is a thread, not a bread.


Same thinggggggggg


You are delusional.



>sleeps to have fallen asleep


>Delusions are defined as fixed, false beliefs that conflict with reality. Despite contrary evidence, a person in a delusional state can't let go of these convictions.
Yes you are.


Yes I was falling asleep waiting for (((soot)))
He is still asleep and won't do anything about the rogue wiki janny, should I wake him up?




Are you now implying that you aren't a human?



Ok I won't




When did I imply that retar?d?


You are a serious nutcase.


File: 1623526184528.jpg (280 KB, 1920x954, Arsinoitherium.jpg)

Poor Soot having to deal with these retarded schizos.


no im not


nad nad nad nad nad nad nad nad


Soot's gonna kill herself one day and it's gonna be y'all fault chuds


cope cope cope cope cope


and that's a good thing - here's why!


Also based Soot BTFOing scattards


File: 1623526420360.jpg (24.25 KB, 401x487, scout soy.jpg)



He doesn't have to keep replying to them. He could respond to valid criticism instead.
But he chooses not to.



ah yes, scatt ards, good observation
>valid criticism
seems like there isn't a lot of it, or maybe the schizos are just making it hard to find


There's the deletion of scat posts on boards other than /soy/
Also the wiki moderation crisis
Soot knows about both of these issues as they have both been raised in this thread, however he chooses to only respond to schizo posts (probably samefagging) and have endless rambling arguments with them


unironically seething
anyone this unhinged shouldn't be in charge of a website


you're deranged


File: 1623527241329.png (34.68 KB, 800x1000, 1622843984527.png)



Stop replying to the schizo teen.


massive win and this





what the what the sing now.mp3 got deleted the other one said too slow soot with the leebait hat image gentlemen

wtf i hate ((s0v0t)) now (why is cunny not deleted and the scat got wiped)

AAAND ARCHIVED https://archive.is/7nSMe (inb4 wipe by ISP)
lmao this reminds me of the yiff.party admins sperging out for being outed as a traitor
welp good thing my 3g enabled sim card has load today (dont even think about it fgt) my phone is fully charged


take your meds schizo


hallo tr4nny arent you supposed to be dial8ting 2day




kys furfag


closet catfuqq3r

jokes on you i already took my concerta today


>t. furfag


>t. furfag




You will hang, pedophile.


>>4977 >>4979 >>4980 >>4982 >>4983 >>4984
>all me (gb2 FA/DA samefag)
lmao this is my prescription wat you gonna do? rob my house to steal my meds at night

what did he do?


You will hang, pedofurry.


it's true you retard


File: 1623546818145.gif (775.33 KB, 810x1064, spamtard.gif)


seethe more coalposting nigger


what is coinslot.png
also how did you make that gif i wanna learn that skill too

>>5000 GET


you dilate coalnigger, can't have anything nice so you bring things down to your own level of shittyness, since your psuedo vagina is constantly leaking shit.


I am trans btw.


to make a gif all you need to do is put several layers together in photoshop or gimp then save as a gif


Not only soot, just look at his wiki tranitor overtly cooperating with fellow trannies


File: 1623566455132.jpg (25.28 KB, 294x339, Scatmanjohn.jpg)

That guy ruined the wiki overnight and is a retard who doesn't know how to use mediawiki properly. Soot doesn't care about that though


File: 1623572556997.mp3 (11.52 MB, Song Of Scatland.mp3)




I think he is alright


File: 1623608435214.jpg (284.8 KB, 650x800, 1622398156047.jpg)

>I think he is alright


nice green colorjak!


too bad the anduril ghost 4 has no dart gun the anvil seems too dangerous since i wanna capture them alive
>snootgame-xyz (the charge light is blinking white wat to do)
OH FUCK gross aren't furfags supposed to be banned here JFC i really hope the tech guys clean my UEFI b4 my device explodes
sorry for my paranoia i think this is a part of my condition kthxbai

>>5003 (lmao i actually got the GET)
thx anon also i instantly lose motivation as soon as i open my editor is this normal since i have adhd this also happens when i open phun/Algoodoo

>>5016 truth does not fear investigation but the ==SOOTkin== does
holy shit what was that it got deleted (screenshots suck save the HTML instead)
also how can i spot trannies on my board what do they commonly say? do furries have the same HRT behavior plus the extra cringe?
how do i prevent them from getting into the admin/mod team
==#OBBhoax== (pettition to demod the tra-ni/gg/er named Syjck) (is he a furfag? i hope not)
man this site has really gone to shit RIP soyjak.party you were a good one son real good

>>5017 >>5021 (inb4 Bitch/BO/y leaks my trip BO = board owner)
i saw the sing now mp3 on another thread can you reupload it here (the web archive is ready)


File: 1623700685734.mp3 (8.51 MB, Sing Now.mp3)


Hi soot
youre a faggot




DEMOD -soyboywojak-



you do that


hi soot


demod these faggots or i riot




File: 1624113019108.png (73.09 KB, 268x279, ClipboardImage.png)



But all I did was add linkerinos and fix grammar



archive this gem of a thread


>The wiki will turn pozzed due to the new mods (its already happening, OBB page will get fact checked shortly), then the imageboard will follow, get ready to fill out datamining captchas (Which soot has already trialed). be required to enable (((Javascript))), be unable to post with Tor/VPN/Proxies and be banned at the drop of a hat
we are at stage two of OBB right now thanks to (((soot)))


Bumping this gem


File: 1628524923541.png (45.05 KB, 800x1200, 1627468026229.png)

2 months later and Soot still hasn't released a public apology for OBB
The wiki and website are pozzed beyond comprehension at this point, I hate to say it but OP was right. I don't see the situation improving itself any time soon
And we still don't have proof that kuz didn't buy the party


File: 1628526605020.png (511.08 KB, 1023x720, wholesome giving self a me….png)

>I hate to say it but OP was right


what a gem


almost forgot to bump this gem


I'm bleeding, I'm fading.

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