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>Beggining earlier this month, the admin of a imageboard website, a copy of this one (who goes by the username "lute") has repeatedly spammed child porn on this site and then reported it to our registrar and the police to get it taken down, resulting in me having to interrupt my break from the internet to handle it. "Lute" accomplishes this not only be flooding /soy/ on a nightly basis with links to his site and CP, but by posting CP in saged threads at the bottoms of dead boards and reporting it. I've seen IP addresses which spend all day defending his site (which are most likely himself) go on to spam cp at night. This isnt a falseflag by other cp spammers, there is undeniable proof that he does this himself. When I confronted him with this in an email, he denied everything and claimed that he just wanted to be a "friendly competitor", despite days previously saying that it was his goal to "surpass the site" and "take it down if necessary". In response, I tried to do what I have successfully done with the admin of frenschan and some other sites, I emailed him and asked if he wanted to talk it out. In response, he DDoS'd the 'party all night, and later, daisys destruction, the infamous CP video was posted by an IP that had hours earlier been spamming links to his site on /sneed/.
>Some users here, who were just today made aware of this by an earlier post of mine, took it upon themselves to flood his website. I advise you to not do that and to report those threads if seen. It is not my doing and the attacks seem to be similar to the ones that he performed on my network earlier, leading me to believe he is doing it himself. The downtime on his site is also inconsistent with a ddos attack. There is no slowness, no gradual downtime, instead the site just "pops offline" like he disconnected his nginx server as a false flag. Regardless, after his site went down, he posted a catbox link here detailing his "response" to the situation, where despite trying to sweet talk me in emails, he called me a imageboard monopolizer, site killer, etc. He thinks there are things I want to hide, however there are not. Here is the link that he posted: https://files.catbox.moe/zsdwfj.txt - in it he lies repeatedly, claiming I threatened legal action. The "destruction" I told him would come was in fact a toned down version of the so called "Friendly" raids he constantly tells me his users are entitled to (spamming links). Given that his site is now down for whatever reason, those will be unnecessary
>Read the emails. And keep in mind that I knew he was behind it from the start and repeatedly offered him redemption, despite the fact he had been confirmed to be a cp spammer beyond a shadow of a doubt, I foolishly broke my usual silence and tried to give him a second chance. But I was only met with denial and more CP spam, more ddos attacks, more flooding, and now, he wants to have me arrested and this site shut down.
>Let me repeat, he wants me to go to jail and for this site to be shut down over fictitious cartoon drama. I've avoided talking about this for as long as I could but now I have to take action to protect the site. While I am safe from swatting (as I am currently not in memphis), the site itself is still being mass reported daily by him. As a result, I will create some backup links and URLs you can use in case this one goes down.
>Despite ALL of this, I am still willing to forgive him and let this stupid, illegal drama hes perpetuating pass. As a side note, to keep the site from turning into a complete shitflinging dramafest, all discussion of this topic outside of /suggest/ will be deleted. You can talk about it here, not on the boards. Most people dont care about this pathetic mans attacks. He is fueled by jealousy and misplaced hatred over a website about posting soyjaks.
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there is none. the cp spammer just wants to stir up drama like he did when soot owned the site. he said something along the lines of "i do this because soot didn't sell the sharty to kuz" which was an obvious lie, i don't believe he's involved with kuz or lute


File: 1663910926653.png (52.86 KB, 719x394, CP spammer 6.PNG) ImgOps

pic related


yeah its a little bit harder for a publicly traded company CEO to get arrested than it is for a private russian imageboard owner living in the USA.... come on now


section 230 applies regardless


yeah hes an attention fag teen with a miserable life, he has been doing this for a long time now
the point is still the same, they would still cooperate together to find the 'p poster. they wouldnt arrest kuz unless they had proof that he is allowing it to be posted


they need to filter his name and ban all discussion of him. dont give this attentionfag more attention, thats what he craves with 'p posting


sadly soyteens will never learn and give him 50 (you)s whenever dancing swede is posted


until it doesnt
then where is the cooperation along the way to locate and stop the 'p poster? from the emails posted each side says they are working to stop the poster but only one side is doing something about it beyond banning a tor node the poster uses. one side is using the chaos to have their site shilled, and one side continues to refuse to provide the admin of this site any information that could lead to the arrest of the poster. you don't have to like kuz to try and get rid of someone who is ruining your splinter site's name, esp when the rival admin offers you a position on the sites administration for no benefit to himself. you don't have to be a kuz shill to see how stupid the dead site's admin is.


why wouldn't it apply?


yeah i believe they're both in the wrong. doesn't kuz speak turkish though? he can contact the turkish/cypriot authorities like he(?) did before, just to try again to see if it does anything


read the emails, lute said multiple times that he wants to work together with kuz to stop the 'p spammer, but kuz didnt have it. and the shilling is obviously a falseflag by the mentioned 'p spammer above to cause drama, which worked. about the email, lute says he never got it, otherwise he wouldve accepted it.


If the site got taken down because of l_ute people would set up another spinoff, not move to the j_arty


this, why move to a site which has a bad reputation?


thats wishful thinking as opposed to the reality


what do you mean wishful thinking? considering all the damning things that kuz said about lute, its obvious no one would move to a site full of allegedly 'p spammers and ddosers trying to take the party down.


you can say a lot but never do anything material. even if its a falseflag you (loot) should do more to protect yourself and your property than say that you banned a tor node and your job is done. you can hate this admin for everything he has done to the site and also work with him to get rid of a 'p spammer. it just doesn't make sense to me for someone to resist this at all.


also, kuz talks about the jak party like its some center for 'p spammers and bb c spammers, and that they regroup there, even though theres never been a post like that ever, i dont know where he gets this assumption


the common person who doesnt browse suggest looking for site drama doesnt care where the community goes. thats why the discoal group got as big as it did because it was simple and intuitive to use, and the people in the community moved there


File: 1663911861413.gif (1.5 MB, 540x360, calm soyjak waterfall.gif) ImgOps



not lute, but he said he will cooperate with kuz, which kuz never accepted. and theres nothing else that lute can do, theres no spammers on the jak party, no "center for 'p spammers" he did what he could do, he banned the ddoser, he offered kuz to help, but kuz declined. nothing else for lute to do


we both read the emails. if kuz offers to help stop a cp spammer on the rival site and the rival admin says he doesn't want to cooperate with kuz due to some preconception that hes an evil imageboard admin dedicated to killing sites, what else is there to be said at that point? you and I could go track down a rapist but if you know where he lives and won't tell me because you think i'll kill him when I see him, then what use are you at all to the entire operation? just baffles the mind really.


>we both read the emails
doesnt seem so,
the whole time lute was asking for cooperation, kuz was denying it


honeyed words mean nothing in the face of action. one side could get the cp spammer arrested, the other refused to cooperate. now here we are. thanks for listening.


Where did lute refuse to cooperate?


read the reply in sticky


what does that have to do with stopping cp spam


Not replying doesn't mean refusing to cooperate. He probably missed that email.


all the mail that he gets, he probably missed it.......... LOL


lute should post his emails from that time to prove he didn't get it


ah yes he has been responding to all those emails suddenly but somehow he missed that one...


can sharty go a few days without some faggot ass tranitor/kuz drama?


this is why /qa/ was so comfy, the jannies cleaned it up without saying a word to the posters. there's no drama happening when there's no attention whoring


it was also like that here for the most part before kuz came and after he left


kuz understood this and tried to keep shut about it but it blew over with nightly cp catty raids and ddoa attacks, you cant ignore it afer that


Why was this deleted?


Almost all of the posts defending the cp spammer have come from a vpn range where a ban evading spammer posts. He is banned from the site.


File: 1663929555903.png (52.86 KB, 719x394, CP spammer 6.PNG) ImgOps

Except there is zero proof the dead site admin is the cp spammer other than kuz saying so. its been known that goth is the one who spams cp and he will say whatever to stir up shit. first he supported kuz now he doesn't.


We have witnessed it with our own eyes, we know what goths cp spam looks like, we know what ips he uses and what ranges he abuses. We also know your IPs and can see exactly when you switch to post cp on one you just advertised.

Lute also posted on suggest as himself, requesting kuz check his email. Same IP, same cp spam days later. That is undeniable


>Lute also posted on suggest as himself, requesting kuz check his email. Same IP, same cp spam days later.
Then its likely that they just use the same VPN service. The CP spammer also used tor. does that mean everyone who posts from tor is the CP spammer?
>That is undeniable
Post something proving they posted from the same IP then


the amount of bending over backwards to defend some random altchan admin is how everyone knows your here lute.. just fuck off already. Go fix your site


tors blocked newfag


i thought kuz took away mods being able to post with capcode


lute stop damagecontrolling and take the L


if lute posted from the exact same ip that cp came from isnt that enough evidence already? For any normal person it is, for a lying shill, no. Youll deny it forever regardless of proof.


>if lute posted from the exact same ip that cp came from
that hasn't been shown to be true outside of kuz saying it is
>enough evidence already
Maybe but it isn't undeniable proof. It could be someone using the same VPN range, which leaves room for doubt.







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