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Hello, the archives have now released. This thread is for bug reports, suggestions, etc.

1. Its in beta, nothing is permanent on it for now (except the threads)
2. Things are still being worked on, expect bugs. All of this was written within the last 24 hours.
3. Only /soy/ is going to be archived FOR NOW, once we're satisfied with an initial release, we will expand it to all the boards.
4. The archive updates hourly, threads wont appear until an hour after their made. This will help us prevent CP from being archived.

>why are the images in their own row?

its for multi image support. ill make it look better later

>what order are they sorted in?

from creation date, newest to oldest

>will you add x feature?

Probably yes, let me emphasize its in beta now, its not done yet, not even close.
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because it's full of dust


/soy/ is dusty too
ARCHIVE >>>/nate/ NOW!


Gemmier than /soy/


If the archive grabs everything posted as it's posted then what's the point of having the delete post feature on?


File: 1663802484454.jpg (133.68 KB, 1280x720, consider the following.jpg) ImgOps

I'm pretty sure it isn't hard to scrape all the threads on this backup, right?


the only reason its on is because people forced kuz


Thank you very much for this suggestion. We are currently scraping the in-tact API of that site, and its restored hunrdeds of threads from that era. This has greatly expanded our archives use, so thank you.


some old threads we've been able to archive because of this.





File: 1663812083502.png (52.46 KB, 775x849, not amused.png) ImgOps

archive >>>/nate/ and scrape it from that IP


>Archive the coal board even doe all it would save it a bunch of B​B​Coal


File: 1663812584076.png (32.26 KB, 721x720, happy gemson.png) ImgOps

Are you admitting that Rika is built for B​B​​C by default?


^ tranny moment


i asked


Good job.
Here's another backup from another time
Also is there any chance threads from the wayback machine can be added?


>Good job.
>Here's another backup from another time
Thanks, I'll add it too. These are greatly appreciate, as each one add upwards of 800 old thread to our archive.

>Also is there any chance threads from the wayback machine can be added?

No, the only reason these worked is because the api is completely in tact and independent from the DB. However, cloudflare messes with archived files, and archived API's probably dont even exist, so it would require significant extensions. If some break through appears that does allow this, we will post that announcement here


FoolFooka is shit according to the desuarchive devs


yeah its straight up doodoo. this kuz shit is probably better for our needs


foolfuuka is over engineered, kuz software is (generally) extremely simple and effective


FoolFuuka was being replaced by wakarimasen devs, but unfortunately wakarimasen died. But it's shitty software, writing from scratch is a better option.


Seeing that this is a first party archive and there is access to the backend, does Archiva also grab private data that Vichan stores, such as IP addresses?


he will never reveal that information


File: 1663862129834.png (6.12 KB, 105x319, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

The archive uses our API to scrape posts, so it is in practice, a third party archive. No other data is stored. Pic related is all the data categories it stores.


File: 1663862376197.png (12.81 KB, 233x255, 1663812083502.png) ImgOps

Tsmt, also /nate/ doesn't have enough threads, it has only 200 threads, unlike /soy/, /a/, and the rest of the boards, which have 400, fix this.


File: 1663862554031.gif (76.79 KB, 167x255, cobnam_style.gif) ImgOps

posting a 'son in this 'emmy bread


I wish asking for /nate/ to be archive gave me 50 cents


He should probably just partially open-source it, mainly when it comes to the back-end (I.e. the actual scraper, but modified to not specifically target the sharty at first), and a very simplistic version of the current front-end. That way, it’d just be a generic vichan archiver, and not really a sharty one
Would be great for archiving other altchans


you faggot cocksucker nigger monkey search doesn't work and so many threads I was looking for don't even exist
I went to each page searching for a thread that had "saving" in it, and I found nothing
fix it you log eater


he said it uses the vichan api to scrape for threads. you can write one in maybe 50 lines of python


koozy plz add an api to the archive as well plzzz




what purpose would this serve


There's a problem with spoilered files where sometimes they don't get archived, there's also a problem with the >>>/nate/ board.


Will the archive crawl Yandex's caches?

Yandex has a HUGE backlog of threads (on the .ru domain) from the soot era that are not saved anywhere else.


i want to access the archive without any images
come on janny, plz do it



not him but you should consider archiving >>>/nate/ fr


it's filled with dust that no one wants.


>saving bandwidth is... LE BAD!


but why albeit?


ok im finna be straight wif you fam, i want to scrape the whole thing for le heckin datahoarding


everyone wants to see it archived though


no wants want that, except you.


i do you retarded tranny


File: 1664119388813.png (52.46 KB, 775x849, not amused.png) ImgOps

I want that



says the who wants a board made specifically made de get rid of tranny nas garbage


add a json api


make it load faster


Retarded. If open-sourcing wasn't competitive every big tech company wouldn't do it

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