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File: 1622310733708.jpg (127.78 KB, 1000x800, 1565500228207.jpg) ImgOps

edec0f No.4539[Reply]

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da7ccd No.20997

pedos deserve the rope.

84ebe0 No.21324

bumo for /CUNNY/

ba7603 No.21338

Yeah it's a good thing that this diamond didn't die

da7ccd No.21378

File: 1659580835585.jpg (192 KB, 536x820, img-2.jpg) ImgOps

Yrah, it's a good thing you're going to soon die pedo nigger.

21a2ac No.21780


File: 1652466363788.jpg (507.21 KB, 1440x1184, Screenshot_20220513-112406….jpg) ImgOps

aa648d No.15368[Reply]

So, soot...
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ce5c26 No.20672

I'm still salty that soot didn't sell the site to me.

198e4c No.20673

you lost, get over it!

aa648d No.21754

That offer is still open, kuz, just in case you ever want to sell this place

87cdbb No.21755

kuz here, would you buy it for 2k?

aa648d No.21756

File: 1659954479799.png (82.32 KB, 600x800, 1659551743186.png) ImgOps

b4e3f5 No.21732[Reply]

just mixed sprite and coke to make sproke and it actually tastes good

e24006 No.21750


27c640 No.21751


9a3834 No.21752

soft drinks give you cancer

b1ba7d No.21757


File: 1659974931137.jpeg (54.9 KB, 1136x523, 75C839F0-398B-4C81-9470-D….jpeg) ImgOps

f9c501 No.21749[Reply]

My posts do not look automated.

File: 1659914017096.jpg (147.3 KB, 950x1223, キム.jpg) ImgOps

2aaa5d No.21606[Reply]

I wanted this as an experiment board. Like every change that has been made to this site since its inception, there have been some vocal complainers, but I wanted to post this quickly to tell why I put it.

1. Namefag, discord, etc drama is too vague of a term, if we let "actual" posts of that sort be contained to one board, it will allow /soy/ to return to a natural state, while not removing the content entirely from the site, which I already tried to do with limited success. Many good intentioned people will cry censorship the moment we try to impliment any rules of that sort, so I thought this is a good test.

2. It is not permanent or decided yet, its just an experiment. Obviously this site is home to alot more than just soyjak posters at this point, allowing these users to run their course on a seperate board may be best for the older users.

3. Almost all of the "its over" and "discord raids are killing the sharty" threads come from 2 people, with few exception.

4. My vacation was interrupted 2 days ago by a sudden personal emergency.

5. I am not commenting on any drama, I will not be amplifying such content or giving it attention.
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d65b12 No.21723

i'm not a trooncorder tho and i like that board

0e2c08 No.21737


74c6bc No.21738

cracker whitoid tiny white pecker LOOOOOOOOL
>tranny or discord
Yrah I'm trans and use discord ;)

0e2c08 No.21742


0e2c08 No.21747

hes right

File: 1659937926400.png (400.32 KB, 1176x1324, ban.png) ImgOps

c452d5 No.21716[Reply]

What the fuck is this shit? Banned for IAS because transgender janigger is butthurt and skipped a dilation session and the axe wound is extra painful today? Kuz come back and whip your dogs back into shape.

bad7fd No.21717

you dont have to make the same thread 6 times

30bb6e No.21721

Go fellate a cactus.

3f4e7b No.21739

>rules le bad and tranny even doe they are the reason why this site is in order

62cbe5 No.21745

File: 1659967511524.png (56.83 KB, 415x706, SOBOT slut for BBC.png) ImgOps

>you dont have to make the same thread 6 times

3f4e7b No.21746


File: 1659904015202.png (304.8 KB, 607x919, 5505 - 2020 2022 3soyjaks ….png) ImgOps

69ddb9 No.21588[Reply]

what do you guys think about the new board?
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69ddb9 No.21599

5a56a1 No.21600

keep it

7725dc No.21601

delete it

41996b No.21605

I changed my mind absolute cancer nuke it before it's too late

7725dc No.21744

File: 1659904032456.png (132.28 KB, 337x248, janana.png) ImgOps

960e1b No.21589[Reply]

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ec5bc4 No.21667

File: 1659915363387.gif (203.21 KB, 454x520, a24 animated.gif) ImgOps

>taking shit.farty seriously

7d0456 No.21689

File: 1659916262503.png (92.54 KB, 1522x1867, 1452146390.png) ImgOps

>>taking shit.farty seriously

5ce6fb No.21724

Yeah jannies are out of control with the bans and deletions today. Kuz should purge them.

f5304f No.21725

jannies can't ban. mods can, it's either sobot or the other no-life coaltard kuz hired (someone said he was a sharty mod in the soot era but i don't think this is the case)

f5304f No.21729

Why would kuz give me a 24h ban for posting one obunga tho

File: 1659569255343.png (302.29 KB, 1000x792, lb30m71l7bu61.png) ImgOps

7b32f8 No.21361[Reply]

>criticizing moderation is banned now because mentioning mods is attentionwhoring *heh*
>and YES if you talk about your posts being deleted for no reason i'm going to assume you are the lolcow tranny and ban you again *heh*

b9818e No.21362

File: 1659569341395.gif (1.2 MB, 400x225, Senor-Chang.gif) ImgOps

207fbb No.21726

Yeah lets taunt OP and his valid complaint

922c3e No.21727

that person is OP tho

File: 1659909384968.png (15.52 KB, 598x800, 1629324633110.png) ImgOps

fdfa2b No.21602[Reply]

the wiki is getting raided by pisscord trannies
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a66160 No.21701

Just a queen doing her thang.

1d2232 No.21702

kuz found out about how there were articles on there he personally dislikes so naturally some shills raid that place so force soot to hand over the wiki at last to kuz too so that he can "correct" the corresponding "problematic" pages

fdfa2b No.21704


fdfa2b No.21705

Soot is gone, however (mostly dead).
Kuz can't buy it.

fdfa2b No.21711

I think the raiders aren't Kuzbots (they also filled the Kuz's page with BBCoal)

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