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File: 1674620739228.png (2.38 MB, 2048x2048, killsin.png) ImgOps


soon... the day of reckoning will be upon you


It's Marge.


>futa fetish


File: 1674620858985.png (126.92 KB, 738x656, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps







it's giving gem


File: 1674620913120.png (57.46 KB, 479x641, 931 - balding closed_eyes ….png) ImgOps

>got talent
>draws porn
>adds a dick to the girl
every single fucking time


who drew this


'zelligforcers cry themselves to sleep every night knowing this will never happen to them


high effort brimstone


File: 1674621066563.png (16.03 KB, 600x1100, 1656000887971-0.png.png) ImgOps


I want to know too


File: 1674621075438.png (2.17 MB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

VERY big dub


me just now
it's fresh


Why doe




i promised to draw 'zellig porn before but i didnt know what to draw


Draw concept art for the soy doom mod.


you should make comics doe artGOD.


funny you should mention that i have to make a comic for a class im in
it probably wont be sharty related THOUGH since i want to make a good grade on it and not get kicked out of school


Use what you learn from making that comic to make sharty comics


File: 1674621596713.png (511.37 KB, 839x850, 791348AE-7DF6-459F-98F0-EF….png) ImgOps

gemmy what comic artists do u like


coal cuz zelig but gem cause futa


gem cuz zellig but coal cause futa


File: 1674621766543.png (208.02 KB, 1008x1014, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

manga artists i guess. i havent read many other types of comics but i read maus recently that was pretty good


>niggertoro fan has futa mommy dommy fetish

wow what a shocker


File: 1674621947581.png (2.11 MB, 2048x2048, I did what I could.png) ImgOps



stop promoting your 'cord tranny server


>Maus good even doe hitler was pretty gemmy.


holy fucking gem


i can just remove the penis if you want..... even doe futa is gemmy
true but idk why he spent so much effort on killing jews instead of using them for labor. that was kinda autistic


File: 1674622234782.png (10.44 KB, 644x800, soyjak (happy).png) ImgOps

glistening gemerald because I hate cobshitters and frogs but why does mymy have a penis
seems like fetish art... SISA doe


futa is gay
Someone fix the leg


File: 1674622403052.png (2.35 MB, 2048x2048, killsinCOALVERSION.png) ImgOps


I will now save your meme


great to see skillCHADs on the 'party


Gem, also thise are some big ass quads bro wtf


what's the difference


the shading you stupid nigger


gem but her face is weird, i know you're just trying to be faithful to the source material but i dont think adding a chin would be bad


since it would make it more proportional with the rest of the body, whereas her cartoony body in the source material looks fine with a ball head


The one I made has no shading cuz I can't shade


if you could draw you'd do porn faggot, almost like mammals are sexual creatures so they express sex cause having an outlet for sexual expression is healthy and keeps you from turning into a sexually repressed fuming schizo woke moral faggot
>inb4 tranny
trannies exist cause western culture is toxic and hostile towards sexual expression in the first place, you are putting a lid on a pot and the lid blows off and boom you have trannies whereas if people were allowed a bit more freedom you wouldnt have shit like this happening
kill yourself underage faggot


also god must be some disgusting degenerate then since he invented sex
nigger faggot


shut up


you know im right
im always right about everything


File: 1674623020145.png (166.39 KB, 732x670, 1672413807166.png) ImgOps

>you know im right
im always right about everything


fail whatever


god invented estrogen
god is tranny


File: 1674623123445.jpg (50.32 KB, 1024x954, weird.jpg) ImgOps

>soycucks unironically draw futa porn
Nah dog you can't make this shit up


no, trannies exist because autists are gullible retarded who fall for propaganda
I'M right.


File: 1674623224421.png (93.37 KB, 721x1333, cobby elongated mouth.png) ImgOps

<>soycucks unironically draw futa porn
<Nah dog you can't make this shit up


File: 1674623349545.gif (2.68 MB, 300x300, Soyjak Wholesomejak gems t….gif) ImgOps



true but i dont feel like redrawing the face albeit


File: 1674623620999.png (49.58 KB, 758x424, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

this shits great, you gonna draw more like this in the future?





Descriptive filename tranny


most mentally sane zelligtard



File: 1674625570467.png (337.11 KB, 895x934, 1670679566756.png) ImgOps

>futanari porn is healthy male sexual expression




File: 1674628477933.png (102.86 KB, 237x544, 1674398171192-0.png) ImgOps

least deranged zeligtranny


File: 1674628536145.gif (102.58 KB, 236x225, 1646383046544.gif) ImgOps

>antizellig troons are twitter immigrants
color me suprised


keyed 'cado


>if we had MORE vagina and penis going around, trannies wouldn't be a thing
Yeah okay




File: 1674631089536.png (36.33 KB, 255x187, 1673592404430.png) ImgOps

to whoever made this
draw me that whole cobson right fucking now


File: 1674631280547.png (52.68 KB, 359x350, 1673077173464.png) ImgOps

all nigataro posting is one person


I cummed.


booru trannies reject this gem but approve more nigger dick and traced cp spam curious


>even doe it never happened (he was using them for labor)


Talent? Where?


File: 1674655805997.gif (1.14 MB, 200x270, 41C61A2D-B73A-46A0-99D0-F0….gif) ImgOps


gloink zelligtroons are porn addicts


jek tsmt








cobson isn't wearing any glasses therefore NAS


you should draw more 'zellig muscle stuff NOW






File: 1674717299984.jpg (19.16 KB, 379x378, 1674695331864.jpg) ImgOps

FutaGODs we just keep winning!






Aryan zelliggem


New zellig necrobump thread just dropped


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