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The jaks posted here are artistic works of coal.
Only a fool would call anything posted here a gem.

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File: 1670307878141.png (81.66 KB, 574x640, mutt neutralplier.png) ImgOps


Euros be like
>i was saving money 25 years for this 600sqft apartment next to nafris who listen to loud music every day. but at least it's not in soulless amerishartian suburbia


holy fail


No one likes you and your neo clitty will be cut off skank


File: 1670307967969.gif (155.97 KB, 827x670, chudbaby2.gif) ImgOps

>No one likes you and your neo clitty will be cut off skank



File: 1670305350822.png (74.08 KB, 549x1268, 1670224666307.png) ImgOps


>This is serious




Cobson killer



File: 1670307790042.gif (2.41 MB, 296x296, croatia feral rage.gif) ImgOps

>its not over until i teabag every last one of you alien motherfuckers

File: 1670303818839.png (19.27 KB, 502x94, over.PNG) ImgOps


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File: 1670304461890.png (15.85 KB, 190x200, 1811 - SoyBooru.png) ImgOps

>gayming community


upping so that the 'p is lower on the catty



you criminal bigot !


Dox xer !!

File: 1670307220775.gif (66.03 KB, 775x849, 1665045075783.gif) ImgOps


Stop trying to subvert Cobson. He is canonically a sissy slut for BBC and should not be attached to any racist /pol/ bs or be retconned into loving bwc/being a bwc bull.


nas coal


File: 1670307320618.png (5.19 MB, 2400x1142, 1669848287838.png) ImgOps

>Stop trying to subvert Cobson. He is canonically a sissy slut for BB-BANG


File: 1670307476859-0.png (45.46 KB, 726x770, 1668302072284.png) ImgOps

File: 1670307476860-1.png (728.54 KB, 859x960, 1668899047641.png) ImgOps

I believe BBCson and Nazison can exist in harmony. Gemson needs to be as offensive as possible to all.


best cob edits imo are the ones with both tranny and nazi stuff (given that they're identical) like the Gangnam style edit with the trans flag in the background and the black sun

File: 1670305028831.png (51.44 KB, 918x879, 1666463272749237.png) ImgOps


no panic in melitopol
no panic in mariupol (not much of it left hahaha)
no panic in donetsk
no panic in lisichansk
no panic in crimea
we didn't need kherson anyway
can you feel your dick in my ass?
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File: 1670307123697.jpg (67.06 KB, 469x680, soy1071.jpg) ImgOps


Can you shut up you dont realize how stupid you are caring for jewish world war affairs


refer to >>1643389 to understand (((why))) that is not possible



nobody cares faggot
go cry about it on 4cuck

File: 1670291530890.png (34.96 KB, 255x242, 55851E9A-60D8-4490-8762-44….png) ImgOps


what the FRICK is going on?
I’m gonna FRICK you up dude!
What the FRICK!


I say frick and my daughter looks like that


File: 1670292291400.png (95.85 KB, 527x611, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps




File: 1670307508148.png (8.65 KB, 501x129, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

i would

File: 1670305473799.png (280.36 KB, 1600x1750, 1662029373985.png) ImgOps


>I want every nonwhite female on earth to be raped by white men. I want them to be fucked hard and fast until their mind breaks. I want them to make slow tender love to their white rapist's dick while watching a video of themselves being raped and not recognizing who it is. I want white female slave owners to watch and bite their lip as they rub their pussy. I want every muddy pussy on earth to clamp down on marble pillars as pink dick heads throb against their cervix and start shooting cum. I want every woman darker than a jar of mayo to smile as she has lightskin babies sucking off her fat tits. I want the entire world of nonwhites to get raped and subjugated until they fall in love and moan in approval as their white masters pet them and fuck them.
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Knew it would be some mutt LOL


yeah they have been genetically colonized by people, and hitler knew this, he was anti-colonialist acshually


We are the yamnaya who did the colonizing thoughie, it’s our paternal line and our culture and religions and language comes from them not the farmoid women they raped


farmoids get so much hate when they were the etruscans and minoans


exactly, the yamnaya did the colonizing, and hitler was against them, farming and being a vegetarian is aryan.

File: 1670307425740.gif (2.43 MB, 360x360, soy (28).gif) ImgOps


i can post on the 'cuck but i'm rangebanned from uploading images

File: 1670301947038.png (98.11 KB, 800x789, lolbertjak.png) ImgOps


>uhm actually sweaty we CAN'T use the government to enforce our values even doe the lefts willingness to do so has allowed them to run circles around us and take away everything we hold dear
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Why does this thread exist? Libertarianism is a dead movement.


File: 1670306632136.mp4 (16.15 MB, 480x640, tistheseason.mp4) ImgOps

>there must ALWAYS be a purpose to every post because... there just has to be, OKAY???


swedechuggy gem


Nazbol gang approved


>the left
stopped reading there

File: 1670307210482.gif (470.65 KB, 500x500, 1646964505236.gif) ImgOps


Your minecraft server is dead in the water.
0(ZERO) players are online
few people actually even know the server exists
you NEED to move and sticky the general onto /soy/, or your server is done for.

the choice is yours

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