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which one is the good one again?




null works with every gpu like vesa


Software Renderer


Direct3D 12 since you're using winglows


tsmt unless he's playing a new game written for vulkan


he's using dolphin, vulkan gets more development because it works across most platforms




openGL, direct3d is wintoddler garbage and incompatible with anything else, also barely supported, version backwards compatibility issues, shitty performance due to emulation for older versions on newer hardware, etc
vulkan is "the new LE GOOD" for lunix made by trannies, also only supported by new GPUs, buggy, and a pain in the ass to write anything in
software rendering always works but is entirely done on your CPU without needing a gpu or hardware acceleration/support for it, but itll be very slow and have a lot of latency
null just means no video at all


smells like cheese


File: 1698622893218.gif (967.1 KB, 600x900, 1695920043472.gif)ImgOps


3dfx you nigger


openGL is mummy garbage made by the scourge of the RISC workstation vendor. Fuck SGI, fuck DEC, fuck Sun and fuck PowerPC. Gtfo out of here with this stupid mummy Unix worship garbage.


and froot is a nigger


A lot of words for “I have never written a vertex shader in my life”


most retarded nigger award
old apis like ogl and d3d11 and earlier were designed around old gpus which were vastly fixed-function, so as hardware became more flexible, they tried to expose this functionality by layering a heap of high-level functions that depended on inconsistent driver implementations and performed poorly due to massive abstraction over what was actually running on the hardware
d3d12 and vk are low-level apis that are entirely rebuilt for highly programmable gpus and they perform massively better as long as the devs arent retarded niggers, you should always use them if given the option
you should stop posting, every time you do you just expose yourself as a retarded nigger to anybody with a triple digit iq


opengl 3 is where it went wrong.
they shouldve stuck to fixed functions and manually fucking around with low level shit
they made it 'easier to use' but in the end you get a shittier result, the same happens to programming languages
compare C or assembly to javascript or python, i don't even have words for the difference.


shut the fuck up and throw your computer out, that's what vulkan literally is with programmable GPUs, and if you think "DURR OLD GPU" kill yourself slowfag, and take your worthless family out of the gene pool


>durr hurr slowfag
>hurr durr vulkan
vulkan is braindamage though


says the nigger using 20 year old hardware, if you want slownigger graphics go buy a fucking mac.


Macs have metal


>T. filtered by VBOs


DX11 sometimes Vulkan (depending on implementation). DX12 essentially always sucks and runs worse than 11 or Vulkan.


Linuxogre seething


… and OpenGL, and shitty graphics performance.
No Vulkan or DX support and they can't render a fucking triangle. Coincidence? I think not!


use MoltenVK


openGODL because if you were competent enough to use anything else your engine would be set up to use multiple renderers


opengl, everything else is proprietary garbage


^ seething because xer thinkpad t60 won't run vulkan


slowfag, also doesn't fix the fact macs have a graphics hardware problem as a symptom of being shit, they used low-medium end AMD cards and now they use fucking mobile CPUs




or something

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