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New layer goes on thick.

File: 1700860152404.png (46.53 KB, 322x529, babyfull.png)ImgOps


should I try using FreeBSD or stay on leenucks
nigger I asked for freeBSD, also I hate the cuck license but i want too see if it's acutally viable as a daily driver replacement for soynux.
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ITT UNIXTrannies trying to shill their POSIX bloatware


>Uptime: larp hours, larp mins


File: 1701028711869.mp4 (290.38 KB, 640x640, 1694903739227.mp4)ImgOps


File: 1701074167062.png (34.12 KB, 666x810, 352.png)ImgOps



File: 1701024848196.png (9.49 KB, 423x416, 53368.png)ImgOps


>Install ungoogled chronium on windows 7
>try to add extensions
>Manifest file is missing or unreadable
wtf i do
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File: 1701047417183.png (24.92 KB, 443x523, 3559.png)ImgOps

>it worked
I installed an ancient version of google chronium (79.0) because newer versions would prompt some shit about kernel32.dll and not work, at the time i believed this had to do with windows 7.
i dont know why the fuck it works now but ty


theres an extension for ungoogled chromium to enable the web store


File: 1701074055466.png (34.12 KB, 666x810, 352.png)ImgOps


File: 1701322348089.png (126.28 KB, 788x941, 54132 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps

>requires google's manifest files to work

File: 1701043782407.png (14.31 KB, 950x500, 1700680737470.png)ImgOps


>you look like a bot

File: 1701031011895.jpg (76.68 KB, 900x900, 1701028351564124 170100131….jpg)ImgOps


He won



Moved to >>>/incel/69157.

File: 1700926543296.png (8.55 KB, 261x215, IMG_5714.png)ImgOps


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it’s 1080p actually sweetie


meds, one typo isn’t esl


might as well be standard definition nigger


File: 1700991077478.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1080, 8gb.png)ImgOps

>well, you see, 8GB RAM in novideo is like 16GB RAM in AMD or wh-ACK!


4060 ti good even doe nvidia sucks ass

File: 1700473498957.png (61.75 KB, 255x255, 1700448772242.png)ImgOps


I sent my dell g15 laptop to repair because the ESC tab 1 a and ~ was malfunctioning AND THEY DID SHIT I HAD TO DOWNLOAD SOME DELL SHIT AND NOW ITS FIXED I THINK THEY REMOVED ALL MY FILES AND INSTALLED WINDOWS 11 ( I HAD 10 ) PIECES OF SHIT
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ok so i have to hold a to USE TAB ESC AND 1 THE FUCK




>sent a laptop for repair that cost like $200 because he was too retarded to replace his $15 keyboard at home


I had guarantee



File: 1698367696354.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, steam-deck-dock-desk-setup.jpg)ImgOps


Are Steam Decks any good?
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>i really don't understand the appeal of a dedicated console in 2023.
I mean you can dock it to a monitor or tv with valves or third party docks and still use it as a PC, plus with the OLED touchpad improvements you can use it as a tablet on your bed if you just wanna watch videos or read emails.

In short it's already a PC and not a 'console'. It's just a PC with joysticks, and a PC that valve sells at a loss no less. I've not for everyone myself including since I already have a decent gaymer PC but I do see the appeal. I respect deck owners a LOT more than I respect Microsoft Xbox owners since their machine isn't doomed to become E-waste after a decade or two unlike newer Xboxes which won't even let you replace the SSD, yes the SSD's are removable BUT you need to flash it with some propriety software to actually work which Microsoft refuses to release meaning if your hard drive dies, a wearable part that WILL eventually fail you need to basically ship it to a Xbox warehouse wasting money and time.

Also you have to keep in mind what the Deck was originally created for, yes it's meant to be a Switch and GDP win competitor BUT more importantly it's an attempt to slow down Microsoft's slow consolidation of the video game market to be locked in a walled off garden similar to that of Apple ISO but even worse. Valve's goal is to popularize Linux and Proton in order to fuck with Microsoft's PC dominance and they certainly made a big dent to say the least.

>you can get a mid tier pc or a laptop for half the price of a console that runs every game ever and runs them better and not to mention upgradeable

Decks have removable storage and a huge third party market, they're arguably better than many laptops in fact in terms of being able to service them, not denying you can get some better used ASUS or Lenovo laptops on Ebay but to compare the deck to your run of the mill Apple Mac knock off that's a soldered and glued piece of shit is disingenuous. Valve even released the CAD files for people who want to make 3D printed parts on or close to launch day, meanwhile Nintendo would crucify anyone who openly did that for their switch.


you're right about regular consoles but the steam deck has better specs than brand new laptops at the same price point and you can pirate games on it because it runs linux


File: 1700839177494.png (206.13 KB, 931x780, 1700837407822093.png)ImgOps

'eck bros…


Alright have the original mid range one but I might end up getting the OLED one as a Christmas gift for my brother.


-ack on deck

File: 1700693661525.png (486.97 KB, 1235x715, itoddlers.png)ImgOps


…cant catch a break, can they?
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File: 1700770825177.gif (2.49 MB, 502x400, 1640452683971.gif)ImgOps



back to 4cuck





tranime. die trannoid. ywnbaw

File: 1700600230483.gif (5.67 MB, 600x600, 4235.gif)ImgOps


>Google images
>drag image to desktop
how to avoid this?
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even windows photo viewer from 20 years ago supports webp lel
freetards will always be permanently mindbroken


all my shit supports webp though, you mean proprietard wintoddlers with weird shitty custom image viewers and proprietary "apps" without support for it
its sooo superior that it delivers impressive 2fps on 480p (with hardware acceleration)
can your garbage x264 do that? i don't think so…
>hurr durr fuck desktop users
no, but i dont want random fucks to embed code into my shitposts, mkv is great for such things but can be used to spread malware, so don't rely on it and dont use it for shitposting.
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Newer video codecs trade off size for processing power. A 20 minute 320x240 SVQ1 file will play on a G3 but will take up 700 MB.


noone cares about your phonetoddler codecs


>implying that H264 isn't a phone toddler codec

File: 1700642275047.png (114.69 KB, 316x366, does not compute.png)ImgOps


>Here's the Java function written in x86 assembly using the MMX instruction set:
>public static double (double input)
> movsd xmm0, QWORD PTR [input] ; load input into xmm0
> mulsd xmm0, 1.8h ; multiply xmm0 by 1.8
> addsd xmm0, 32.0h ; add 32.0 to xmm0
> ret ; return the result
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1700811018688.png (307.67 KB, 1360x768, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

…and with more fiddling and manual editing, working shaders in java in under a dammed hour!


it doesn't
kill yourself namenigger


File: 1700850055108.png (17.58 KB, 1080x1011, 1696045603780.png)ImgOps

>▶Chud 10 hours ago №22301
>>>22297 (You)
>it doesn't
>kill yourself namenigger


File: 1700987475399.png (21.22 KB, 802x632, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

>visual bugs in ohio


File: 1700987577348.png (12.83 KB, 802x632, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

and what is supposed to be a rotating "cube", gona need a math phd to debug this shit lol

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