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New layer goes on thick.

File: 1697413201498-0.png (95.71 KB, 441x396, epic hcacker man.png)ImgOps

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how do i keep my isp from seething if i decide to use nmap a lot


They don’t care


Zmap or masscan is better

File: 1697509879487.jpg (12.73 KB, 391x464, gigastare.jpg)ImgOps


>Fuck TypeScript. If you unironically use TypeShit in your projects you deserve to be beaten to death with a club and have your corpse raped by baboons.
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File: 1697637725420.png (11.6 KB, 443x523, 1690875837106.png)ImgOps

>I use the false dichotomy of "shitty minicomputer OS that cant draw a square" and "shitty minicomputer OS that cant store a file"
AMIGAGODS can't relate


File: 1697638772938.png (109.62 KB, 860x1000, unixporn poster.png)ImgOps



doesn't use Xtard albeit


>fucking jewtube channel
>fucking niggercord server
low level coal, just like rust


tranny wrappers that don't work aren't libraries

File: 1697404621004-0.jpg (46.93 KB, 640x851, 1694291078480.jpg)ImgOps

File: 1697404621004-1.gif (70.5 KB, 190x250, 1692898294929.gif)ImgOps


How do I fix this sleep issue on Windows? Every time I close the gaming laptop lid I have to force boot it off. The laptop must be essentially shut down every time I have to stop using it, which defeats the whole purpose of laptops that being portability.

From my time with Linux, the issue is simply nonexistent. But back on topic, I've had this laptop for more than 4 years now, and the issue only started being more rampant 2.5 years ago or so. If any 'teens have had this issue please make it make sense for me.

>inb4 poorfag

guess you caught me red-handed in the cookie jar, or however i dont wanna bother buying more shit
>inb4 winglows
i just have really important shit to work on, ok???
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Linux tends to have really nigger tier internal ABI support, almost as bad as all the Xorangutan and Gayland crap is, considering fucking GTK can't go 5 seconds without breaking library dependancies on my fucking computer. I just want it to act like an old SysV/BSD workstation from back when muh recompile your gender wasn't a thing and I could get away with running a binary I built 50 hotpatches ago and be fine


I had to install Debian on SPARC. The STABLE version of Debian has a KNOWN BUG that causes the Kernel to detach from the Management Engine (iLOM) serial port meaning that there is no way to use the computer (https://wiki.debian.org/Sparc64#SPARC_Enterprise_T5120.2FT5220 their suggested "solution" DOES NOT WORK). This issue is not present on the UNSTABLE version of Debian doesn't have this bug because ????. But once I start up the system I realize that the package manager is broken and complains that it cannot find libc. Lo and behold, the entire system, for whatever reason, is STATICALLY LINKED. So I have to copy over libc and some other files so that I can run the package manager to update the system. The package manager still does not fully work.


total gniggerald


have you tried using real hardware and not a thinkpad that cannot handle 5 minutes of recompiling libraries.


I don't wanna have to fucking remember to cd into the wifi drivers directory and sudo make then rebootfag every time I update my OS even if I'm on an i9-14900K or a fucking POWER9 supercomputer processor when every other OS including other Unices has realized you can keep driver modules across updates, and no, DKMS did jack shit to solve the problem

File: 1690144430050.png (451.26 KB, 638x480, grim_2023-06-27_02:06:09.png)ImgOps


im hosting a minetest (mineclone2) server in case any of you freechads wants to join
i just made it public and removed the whitelist.
the rules are simple,
- don't cheat
- don't fuck up the whole server to the point where the game is unplayable, this is not 2b2t
- don't crash the server or do other stupid shit, e.g. 'p mapart
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Just wanna hear your voice beauty


File: 1695157027337.gif (71.28 KB, 384x400, reddit_uphands.gif)ImgOps

>I hecking transheart getting my ip posted by a tranny LARPing as a child mad that people like to have fun in xher shitty bootleg minecraft server


sub human





File: 1697388041890.png (21.3 KB, 245x255, 1695401422525-0.png)ImgOps


I have 30go of unallocated space on my disk can I install windows on it ? I use debian encrypted with luks as my main os
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10 IQ reading comprehension


>10 IQ reading comprehension
so what did you mean? weren't you asking me why I am using GhostSpecter?


except for working aio


My gnu/princess, please speak some german for us wunderkind i want to hear your beautiful voice speaking the mother tongue.


samefag tranny

File: 1697588349920.png (8.96 KB, 600x800, soyak.png)ImgOps


should I use csv or sql for my small personal blog


File: 1697588496949.png (8.96 KB, 600x800, soyak.png)ImgOps

also give me a step by step instruction on how the fuck to do it, I've been making static sites forever and have never done a dynamic site.



tsmt but run sqlite3_exec with
PRAGMA journal_mode = WAL;
PRAGMA synchronous = normal;
PRAGMA temp_store = memory;
before anything else and then setup something to run
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File: 1697588681095.png (21.74 KB, 792x34, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


how often should i shut my computer down


when you need to
retarded question


when do i need to doenaldo

File: 1695196833536.gif (31.21 KB, 522x144, PoweredByMacOSXLarge.gif)ImgOps


The only UNIX* that matters.

*UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group, formerly X/Open, formerly AT&T Telephone Laboratories.
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>not MIPS


BTW I ALSO OWN A MIPS. It just doesn't work right now. It crashes when I try to start slim or what ever the stage 2 bootloader on disk is called I don't care enough to remember.


RISC-V superior



File: 1694693960117.jpg (801.11 KB, 1059x929, 38477 - SoyBooru.jpg)ImgOps


Discuss all MicroGOD products here.
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File: 1695050191032.png (37.3 KB, 450x600, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

>mental disorders




Spank me princess, I concede that LinuxQUEENS won.


i run hyprland on darwin albeit


LinuxSISSIES and Itoddlers response???

File: 1693665059112.png (532.46 KB, 1448x1365, 1664234652646.png)ImgOps


FOSS Bro: Hey there! So, I was thinking we could enjoy some delicious Italian cuisine tonight, but before we dive into this pasta, let me tell you about something pretty awesome – GNU Guix.

Date: Oh, GNU Guix? Tell me more!

FOSS Bro: Absolutely! GNU Guix is like the Swiss Army knife of package management and system configuration. It's all about freedom and control over your computer. With Guix, you can declare how your entire system should be configured using these simple and elegant configuration files. It's like having your own personal Linux distro, tailored just for you!

Date: That sounds interesting! But how is it different from other package managers?

FOSS Bro: Great question! Guix follows the principles of functional package management, which means that packages are isolated, reproducible, and don't interfere with each other. Plus, it's all about free software – every package in Guix is open source. And you can even roll back your system to any previous configuration if something goes wrong. It's like having a time machine for your computer!

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even doe gnu geeks


File: 1697575072427.png (782.02 KB, 3300x3000, gnu.png)ImgOps


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