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New layer goes on thick.

File: 1698168293075.png (6.63 KB, 600x800, IMG_5801.png)ImgOps


What thinkpad should I buy for linux






SGI Indie




File: 1698123214679.png (2.39 KB, 160x130, images-2.png)ImgOps


>PC works fine, has worked fine for the last 4 years
>dont turn it on for a week, leave it unplugged at the wall
>plug it in, turn it on
>memory ACKs, kernel panics, freezes on startup and login, fails POST with mobo error code
marge? did leaving it off kill it?


It's the RAM


yeah but the RAM worked for the last 4 years doe, did leaving it off kill the RAM


could be moisture and oxidization, check the ram and the ram socket pins, and clean them with a folded paper towel roughly as thick as your ram pcb, soaked with some isopropyl alcohol, also rub the ram sticks contact plates clean with ipa and reseat the ram

File: 1698095387655.gif (42.11 KB, 550x400, soyclap.gif)ImgOps


new bait on the 'emini
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File: 1698134888685-0.png (465.38 KB, 1024x960, 1697562706358.png)ImgOps

File: 1698134888685-1.png (944.29 KB, 1500x1500, 1696808857317.png)ImgOps

>freespech is freespech only if you don't say what I don't like


File: 1698135255905.png (90.94 KB, 577x796, 1697973117548-0.png)ImgOps

>NOOOOOO not my heckin obsucerirno tranny safespace being gemmed up


File: 1698169877653.gif (166.76 KB, 500x500, 1667338497729.gif)ImgOps

>Trolls at the gate

>I've turned off user registration for a bit. If you urgently want a new account, feel free to contact me by email or fedi.


File: 1698182835339.gif (30.28 KB, 242x242, 1681979899176.gif)ImgOps

>It's a sad day in gemini history when one of the central capsules close down registrations due to one of, if not, THE first example on gemini of trolls doing harm and ruining a good thing for everyone.


>a single user butthurted the entire community
holy shit why are trannies so retarded?

File: 1697727215311.jpeg (66.62 KB, 535x550, BF0C5511-4F1D-471D-BBAA-5….jpeg)ImgOps


>wine isn’t working with steam exe on Mac OS X
Fuck your shitty unix, it doesn’t even work
I need the windows files for dos box and source ports
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Being able to hack a compatibility layer on top of a system means that the system was intended to be used that way (native support) to these weirdos. Clearly there is no difference between L4, Mach, Linux because you can run Linux as a server on L4 and Mach!


yes there isn't, it's all garbage code written by someone else and not (You)


>t. Doesn’t know is theory




all OS'es are garbage and faggots who write theory couldn't produce even said garbage

File: 1698083088749-0.png (5.63 KB, 530x93, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

File: 1698083088749-1.gif (578.25 KB, 200x200, retarding.gif)ImgOps

File: 1698083088749-2.png (294.67 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


Is it le over for me.


none of these matter especially if this is SSD


backup and transfer

File: 1697816566672.png (26.26 KB, 700x1169, 1690758286125-0.png)ImgOps


you WILL post on this thread on weird hardware
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File: 1697877119953.jpg (162.67 KB, 1366x768, screen.jpg)ImgOps

surface rt




>nyidia tegra aviv


File: 1698082273045.png (64.13 KB, 187x192, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps



File: 1698083223264.png (663.96 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

>Shared-Source Commercial Software

File: 1697724624406.jpg (144.42 KB, 750x1000, 1655816889270.jpg)ImgOps


What is the best BSD, and why is it OpenBSD?
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noone is intimidated by your 64 sissies or whatever


Who is noone and why is he intimidated?


Oh wow I'm so impressedby your 8K watt 128 ddr2 ram and shitty xeons. Get a power9 server next time


Poorfag seethe detected in the thread. Poorfag seethe, in the thread!


File: 1698080687445-0.jpg (37.78 KB, 558x279, Screen Shot 2023-10-23 at ….jpg)ImgOps

File: 1698080687445-1.jpg (30.14 KB, 558x127, Screen Shot 2023-10-23 at ….jpg)ImgOps

*600W tops

File: 1698037597637.png (711.08 KB, 1024x768, macerald.png)ImgOps


Been a while since a Macintosh gem was posted… Reminder to thinkpad users that my iBook G4 has an actual IBM designed CPU and hardware, unlike the X200 which is all Chinesium Lenovo design.
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GNU isn’t an operating system and NT isn’t a micro kernel. Stallman can’t install trisquill. OS designed by toddlers, for toddlers who need GNU/mommy to give them the bottle.


autoclicker award


Sharty started itself at 5x posted


Tell me how NT sucks, I thought it was good


Slow sharty award

File: 1697233883833.png (261.98 KB, 466x335, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


is liquid pc cooling homo troon tier? ive been considering just aiming a desk fan into my pc to cool it better


Cars are liquid cooled


niggers are black


File: 1697567415971.jpg (174.59 KB, 960x551, based.jpg)ImgOps

you're a troon tier


if you're gonna use one of the shit tier AIO coolers don't bother, if you have the money and enough space inside your PC case to work with to install an actual loop then depending on how hot your shit runs and if it's OC'd it might be worth it. most of the time it's just a flex

File: 1697952833499.png (43.24 KB, 800x789, shitnotworking.png)ImgOps


why the fuck are smartphones so fucking retarded and niggerlicious, their OSes suck, their UIs are horrible, they're slow, have bad I/O, always break, cost way too much and send your deets to the federal coal commission and nigger state administration
>I use a smartphone as my main computing device
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>not if the user isnt retarded and installs random proprietary garbage like itoddlers or android pajeets
>anything that gives you root access on a system youre not supposed to gain it on is a 'rootkit', like 'jailbreaking' a crapple phone

Literally all I would need to do to brick every Arch/Parabola/Debian/Fedora users computer is figure out the maintainer to a popular software software package's password and put something that wipes the BIOS and push the package update. The next time someone installs updates their BIOS will be wiped. This is literally the most retarded way of doing package management and almost every Linux system does it. It's so bad that the Webshits at NodeJS implemented it with NPM which gets attacked by supply chain attacks that erase people's hard drives about every month at this point.


nigger you can do that with muh phone stores and niggering your bank details anyways, the only time hacking the distributer isn't an issue is unupdated software and source code systems like BSD and gentoo
also BIOSes have protections against being wiped


Tanenbaum and Van Renesse [1985] define an operating system as a program that controls the resources of a computer system and provides its users with an interface or virtual machine that is more convenient to use than the bare machine. According to this definition, the two primary tasks of an operating system are as follows:
1. To present users with a virtual machine that is easier to program than the underlying hardware.
2. To manage the various resources of the system. This involves performing such tasks as keeping track of who is using which resource, granting resource requests, accounting for resource usage, and mediating conflicting requests from different programs and users.

Xinu is an example of an embedded operating system. It does not support loading programs from disk, but still provides operating system functionality like semaphores and multiprogramming.


Sandboxing prevents any app from accessing any other app's data. So not a problem in iOS. You are correct, it will only affect users with unlockable BIOSes that accept unsigned malware (e.g. Libreboot) being installed onto them. This is not an issue for users with computers that verify that firmware is from the manufacturer.


>retards spent all day coping about custom roms and le software based privacy on hardware that has warranty bit which is physically burned with electricity the moment you change anything in a stock rom

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