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New layer goes on thick.

File: 1701183386049.png (41.47 KB, 255x205, 1699980511947.png)ImgOps


is freecodecamp le good or le bad ?
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File: 1701286184765-0.jpg (17.53 KB, 248x189, pepe-tearjerker.jpg)ImgOps

File: 1701286184765-1.gif (180.82 KB, 430x322, ack-stomp-c.gif)ImgOps


Go back to 4chan, before I report you. We don't tolerate bigotry here.


File: 1701286510413.png (300.98 KB, 498x624, lgbtrash.png)ImgOps

nah i think you'll rope instead


Reported. Enjoy your ban.


File: 1701287169872.png (24.07 KB, 592x720, 1701285774536.png)ImgOps

File: 1694835476879.png (296.89 KB, 400x533, soyjak 20 (irl).png)ImgOps


is majoring in programming worth it, i swear by the time i complete my degree 80% of programmers will be replaced by AI
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>your job
I don't have one, I don't serve the kike system.


AI is a joke, it couldnt replace even the swarthiest of streetshitters
stop believing AI cultists you fucking retard, we're already entering a new AI winter
in 6 months-1 year max everybody will have forgotten about these glorified clever bots, 99% of the initial NPC enthusiasm is gone already


programmers are too low iq for circuit design THOUGH


I’m pretty sure given a bunch of rules the average person can beat the autorouter given enough practice


das rite
now go the fuck back to the drawing board u fag or no food for you for a week
*cracks whip*

File: 1701251777677.jpg (1.3 MB, 1800x1200, GemmieCore.jpg)ImgOps





one wants to kill all niggers, the other wants to kill all science deniers. they come to a consensus and drop it on haiti, since its full of voodoo worshipping niggers

File: 1699795524240.png (19.17 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)ImgOps


Hey guys, I'm a total fucking tard over here, and I don't know 'jack shit about maths. Any math chuddies willing to solve this little problem I made for you?

So there's a magical luck machine. It rolls a die that you can't see. The die has at least two sides(like a coin flip), and you don't know for sure how many it has. Exactly one side always is guaranteed to contain the number one, the rest will always have the number 2. For instance, if you get the number 2, it doesn't mean there are only two sides, there could be as few as two, and as many as… well, infinity. But if it lands on 1, you win.

If it has only two sides(I assume it would be a coin), the chanses are 50%.
If there are three sides(idk how this would look like, maybe hypothetically), it must be 33.(3)%.
And so on and so forth.

So far you've tried it once, and it didn't land on one. So it's at most 50%.
You try it twice. It still lands on 2. Mabe you got unlucky at the coin flip.
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Thanks man!

…was this done with an a.i. engine like chatgpt…?


yes i used gpt3.5 for it


Well you can just round
If it's a purely random machine all that we now use that it has to have atleast n sides as you roll.
As you said
If you roll 3 times and you get all twos then it either has 4… any natural number
I guess


File: 1700929682883.png (47.94 KB, 480x288, Two-normal-distributions.png)ImgOps


I think I finally found a lead! So here's how I think we can solve this problem:

If you take a 30-sided die, with only one winning side and toss it until you win, and repeat 100 times, it should result in a bell curve of probabilities (is that what it's called?), where 50% of your attempts should be ending with you winning after a certain number of tosses. Let's say after around, idk maths, I'll just say 20-40 tosses. Only 20 failing tosses would be unusual, as many as 40 failing tosses would also be unusual.

Let's stay within the middle of the bell curve and not go past by any standard deviations.
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Hello fellow partygoer! I have an answer to your question. First, I'll rephrase your question slightly. Instead of estimating the number of sides of your hypothetical die, N, you are really interested in the probability of obtaining a 1, which is 1 / N in your model.
So, we have some experiment that either succeeds or fails, and you know only how many failures have occured in the past. The goal is to give a best guess for the probability of success.
In fact, this has already been solved over 200 years ago (!!) by a guy named Pierre Laplace. He was interested in estimating the probability that the sun will rise tomorrow, given that it has risen for every day for the past, say, n days.
His estimate was that this will occur with probability (n + 1) / (n + 2).
You are interested in the opposite, namely the probability that a success happens, given that only failure has happened for the last n trials. This will then be 1 - (n + 1) / (n + 2) = 1 / (n + 2).
If n = 100, your best guess for the probability that the next trial succeeds is thus 1/102, which is a little bit less than 1%.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_succession for some more info, if you are interested.

File: 1701173914553.gif (838.84 KB, 823x770, chudglow.gif)ImgOps


does anyone know if prepaid SIM cards can be stolen for ebin FREE INTERNETS? or do they have to be activated at the register

asking for a friend


they have to be activated


SIM cards are unique ID, goodluck idiot


i think you can activate them on the providers website. just buy it with cash and use a fake ID you made in photoshop


every country is different
some have laws mandating cell phone companies do kyc


>buy it
nice try shekelstein

File: 1701207096940.png (203.42 KB, 1113x1200, IMG_20231128_151530.png)ImgOps


Decided to leak the XX brain design documents because I hate my job. Enjoy.


Why are you gay


my dad would probably laugh at this

File: 1637190203205.mp4 (5.59 MB, 730x436, sojakowagra.mp4)ImgOps

 367Cyclical[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Since 2018, the date of creation of the soyjak meme, there was no soyjak game...

...until now!

You can play it on your browser for FREE!!!!!!

>>> https://modest-fermi-a8a672.netlify.app/ <<<

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File: 1700135365285.gif (116.28 KB, 700x385, 1692619864130.gif)ImgOps

Why that long?


File: 1700136846962.png (65.62 KB, 410x658, 1699708716756.png)ImgOps

I do something else. I should end some cheap hoi replacement I've been working on since 2013 and put it somewhere (like itch.io, idk). Also I want to makd some history map of Poland since the ice and ooga booga age.




oh and im trans btw hehe

File: 1701203960792.jpg (50.78 KB, 822x764, 1701092360396.jpg)ImgOps


>plated through holes
>surface mount chips
>unleaded solder
>rusted screws
>nylon screws
>pig meatal screws
>heat stake plastic rivets
>spot welds
>hot glue spam
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File: 1701204216074.jpeg (49.2 KB, 600x600, 1700160346118.jpeg)ImgOps

>plated through holes
>surface mount chips
>unleaded solder
>rusted screws
>nylon screws
>pig meatal screws
>heat stake plastic rivets
>spot welds
>hot glue spam
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File: 1701204251280.png (4.31 MB, 2760x2228, 1692538856884.png)ImgOps

roach infested anything


found the Mexican lmao


File: 1701204466647.png (201.96 KB, 640x640, 1678905510050.png)ImgOps

>found the Mexican lmao

File: 1701194283350.png (15.78 KB, 255x255, 1694025809262.png)ImgOps


should i learn gamemaker language or C++
or payton


learn some C, not even C++.
then once you know whats a function scope, whats an array and whats a structure

either go js or python or C++, doesnt really matter
you'll prolly learn all of them with time


how long does it take to fully be savy?


what you mean by savy?
bc fully mastering even one language (and its framework) can take years
or you mean it like, in general computing knowledge


for a retarded namenigger it wouldn't be enough even if his lifespan was extended to heat death of the universe

File: 1675118410893-0.png (499.52 KB, 472x672, soy doom.png)ImgOps

File: 1675118410893-1.mp4 (64.46 MB, 1280x720, 1674936114984.mp4)ImgOps

File: 1675118410893-2.mp4 (2.71 MB, 480x360, soom.mp4)ImgOps

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Pray to god the catty isn't wiped again edition.

ok listen up, i have a rather ambitious plan, what if we made our own doom WAD? we could replace the sprites of the enemies, make new levels and add more guns

does anyone here have expierience in modding doom? if so, we will discuss the creation of this WAD

Doom modding guide for retarded chuds
First off, get doom 2. https://archive.org/details/2020_03_22_DOOM
Secondly, get gzdoom, SLADE and doombuilder.
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File: 1699567340112.png (33.68 KB, 642x712, 1694308929346.png)ImgOps

>9 months ago


makes you feel old, doesn't it





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