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New layer goes on thick.

File: 1698263112690.gif (2.02 MB, 498x278, 1677917806814.gif)ImgOps









File: 1698079985700.png (459.75 KB, 788x860, 1653153426669.png)ImgOps


install LARBS
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You actually thought that I thought that Luke Smith is the owner of competing soyjak website? Because you would OBVIOUSLY be completely correct.


File: 1698092467954.png (237.05 KB, 1024x1024, esl.png)ImgOps

>>impersonator that the sharty totally isn't false-flagging


File: 1698092626812.png (15.29 KB, 800x789, shit nobody cares about en….png)ImgOps

>Inactive tech jewtubers


File: 1698092654633.jpg (12.73 KB, 391x464, gigastare.jpg)ImgOps

>Inactive tech jewtubers



File: 1698704555587-0.png (45.86 KB, 600x360, Wayland-Vs-Xorg-600x360-68….png)ImgOps

File: 1698704555587-1.jpg (46.31 KB, 525x394, soyboy.jpg)ImgOps


Wayland or Xorg?
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I am just going on what Stallman says himself:

My favorite programming languages are Lisp and C. However, since around 1992 I have worked mainly on free software activism, which means I am too busy to do much programming. Around 2008 I stopped doing programming projects. As a result, I have not had time or occasion to learn newer languages such as Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Lua, Go, Scala, Rust, and so on. Therefore, I don't have an opinion about them as languages.

If I were not so overloaded with responsibilities and work that is important to me, I would study them out of curiosity. But that is not likely to ever happen.

If you want to learn C, but you already know how to program in some other language, I recommend you try my GNU C Language Introduction and Reference Manual.

I read a book about Java, and found it an elegant further development from C. But I have never used it.


He still semi-regularly contributes to emacs, probably because he is the original author and continues to use it. Clone the emacs repo and see for yourself:
>commit 3365e413bd9cb482849cf48e4f6c366a61326569
>Author: Richard M. Stallman <[email protected]>
>Date: Wed Jan 25 16:35:37 2023 -0500
>When base64-decoding part of decrypted text, save the decoding permanently if we save the decryption permanently.
>(rmail-epa-decode): Take arguments BEG and BACK-FROM-END to designate region.
>(rmail-epa-decrypt-1): Call rmail-epa-decode from here, when decrypting one encrypted passage.
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GCC turned cross compilation into the ultimate clusterfuck. Because I totally want to compile the same tool chain 30 times because the target machine is DETERMINED AT GCC COMPILE TIME. Might as well dedicate an entire hard drive to GCC toolchains given how much space they take up


File: 1698882507777.jpg (158.6 KB, 462x465, wizard.jpg)ImgOps

Missing the Wizard Book. Good list, albeit.


we should make a book named: "'Jackers: Heros of the TND revolution" or something like that

File: 1698793276255.png (318.78 KB, 598x628, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


>we must process every hair on the AAA game's female behind or however the length(vec2(length(p.xz)-t.x,p.y))-t.y; 's are frosted


99% of linear algebra has been done to render video game character's behinds


Kill yourself obsessed faggot


Love yourself uninterested king

File: 1698848247183.png (534.29 KB, 720x748, 1682292135186.png)ImgOps


One of my fingers hurts from scrolling down in the shitty file picker without thumbnails FUCK GTK
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hiding the ‘p drive


post hand


that's my serious businessman drive doe


File: 1698949435850.png (23.53 KB, 255x122, 1698875619262.png)ImgOps

gnome is for gniggers



File: 1698864632579-0.jpeg (141.85 KB, 1229x692, 0B971202-2AA5-45ED-9EBC-1….jpeg)ImgOps

File: 1698864632579-1.gif (22.08 KB, 400x178, F4CEE385-8995-4FBF-860F-4E….gif)ImgOps

File: 1698864632579-2.gif (34.18 KB, 400x197, 07000F66-D701-40FB-9DE5-E6….gif)ImgOps

File: 1698864632579-3.gif (18.46 KB, 812x536, 334E0D0F-3361-453B-9B8B-C0….gif)ImgOps


Uptime longer than your OSes have existed.
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Jesus that must be one solid NFS implementation. But does it reboot as fast as a Sun?



IPX/SPX. No NFS, or IP for that matter


this is probably a company server



File: 1697585544578.png (1.53 MB, 1568x1412, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


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i like the concept of a modular laptop but i hate the retarded usb c adapters for ports idea


I personally like the idea, rather than having to soldier an entire new port to the motherboard once the old one wears out I just snap a new one in. My current laptop is a piece of shit that has had that exact problem in the past (twice). Also great way of reducing the need to have a million dongles.
The only real issue is the lack of ports you can have at a time on the 13" model but the 16" seems to have solved that by having more real estate, we'll just have to see if the execution of that actually works along the the modular GPU as well.


File: 1698781107729-0.jpeg (168.58 KB, 1056x1290, cxbff1vrr6r8jbjfwnarpdu7w….jpeg)ImgOps

File: 1698781107729-1.png (709.58 KB, 1400x665, Screenshot from 2023-10-31….png)ImgOps

Aside from Dbrand and Cooler master are there any other third party companies making stuff for the Framework?


>wanting a secure machine makes you a pedophile because…. BECAUSE IT JUST DOES OKAY!?
Literal ghoul logic, next your gonna say people who have blinds on their windows are serial killers or drug dealers.


He's referring to skids installing unsigned malware (e.g. libreboot, backdoors, etc.) onto other people's hardware dipshit. Not 'p.

File: 1697702498713-0.png (52.43 KB, 794x527, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

File: 1697702498713-1.png (322.31 KB, 2289x763, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


alright so how do (you) get around this new youtube jewry?
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invidious, fucking around with your adblocker/browser/vpn/whatever, not using jewtube


File: 1698644984052.png (30.5 KB, 800x789, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps



tampermonkey won


retard dont use tampermonkey, its closed source and its literal spyware
use violentmonkey instead


Fuck jewtube, I Stopped Using It 2 Weeks Ago Because Of Some "Your Version Is Outdated And There Are No Updates Available" Bullshit, I Rather Goon To Bleachedbooru

File: 1698678414227.png (52.46 KB, 775x849, Cobson frown.png)ImgOps


Good morning! Sirs, suppose I have a ssd with a full instalation of windows and a bunch of files but I can no longer use it because my machine died. Now suppose I have a new machine it has a new ssd but I dont want to replace it with the old one. How would I redeem my old files from the ssd with a full install of windows whilst on a machine with a full install of windows already. Would they clash? Can I go into the old ssd and extract only the files I want sirs? Would I have to format some way? This is urgent please help me!!
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There is no reason that a file named “-r” should be treated as a switch


rm - -r
you are a stupid faggot for naming your file with a starting dash, and it shows you are a fucking nigger


- and – argument processing is not consistent. only rm ./-r is portable.


who cares, I am not the retard starting my filenames with a dash


<obviously dangerous design by default. Most shell scripts don’t take into account this.

File: 1698766863917.gif (32.55 KB, 775x849, 1698759746618.gif)ImgOps



Post emails here for a proxy and token.


just use llama.cpp like a white man, and what the fuck is this raisinsy jak?

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