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New layer goes on thick.

File: 1700109367035.png (359 KB, 812x612, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


GNiggers, this is your mindset:
> You are required to cite GNU Parallel or pay $10,000. Type "will cite" to agree to this EULA.
Just to let you know, GNU will try to sue you for trademark infringement if you remove this message and try to redistribute it without changing the programs name. According to RMS, this is 100% free software, unlike Windows, which doesn't force you to write "thank you to Microsoft for letting me use Windows" or pay $10,000.
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apparently GNU does.


GPL = cuck license
BSD = jewish license
Proprietary = white mans license


the thing linked ITT proves that GNU doesn't
so true, white man chooses abandonware, don't forget to buy another CRT and play more proprietary bing bing wahoo (which runs better on GPLd emulator than hardware it was made for)


>haven't seen anyone unironically use freebsd
I do.


Even , Rejoice! RMS disagrees with you and according to him if you disagree with that you aren't allowed to modify or distribute the software

File: 1700149484936.jpg (262.79 KB, 1466x1078, moon.jpg)ImgOps


Browsing the old internet on Win 98 brings tears to my eyes.
We will never get it back bros… the old times.
Pic related, a random GeoCities website I found. I broke down reading it
I hope Debra Hays is fine today.
>This page was last updated on 01/10/00.
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mods jannied the thread for no reason


File: 1700310017203.png (96.6 KB, 800x789, 11633 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps

>Why do you have a book of anime girl panty shots? A little weird…


why are you browsing internet on Win 98 retarded nigger, if you want broken browser that doesn't work, just install Arch troonix + PaleTroon and you will get exact same experience except actually better.


File: 1700318693006.png (115.58 KB, 800x789, .trashed-1702055805-2023_1….png)ImgOps

>>Why do you have a book of anime girl panty shots? A little weird…


thank you for sharing

File: 1700334771480.jpg (6.13 KB, 192x250, donald.jpg)ImgOps


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or something

File: 1700236325320.jpg (12.77 KB, 320x180, ASUuo6DdNnrS9xrZu2yCuB-320….jpg)ImgOps


if you're just webtarding do you really need a workstation or is something like this fine
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no, but you should consider testosterone injections since you're a faggot soyboy


if you need less than 3 monitors you're not a real programmer


one needs to be placed on a broken crt, another on stacked cardboard boxes and the main one on a desk facing the wall with the snoopy calendar for the year 1969


yes you do, I tried webtarding on my thinkpad that has only 32GB of RAM and OOMkiller just raped my build before babel could finish, webtard bloat requires a workstation 100%, I imagine discord builds their releases on 7PiB RAMdisk server farm, not possible even on 128GB workstation



File: 1700245393092.png (224.09 KB, 2048x1248, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


C# > C++ > D > assembly > antikythera mechanism > C


True, catch me when the C compiler allows you to write 128bit integers in hex and not some faggoty ass arithmetic


>128bit integers
Meme. not needed with wayland.




you're not able to perform any tasks needing 128bit integers while using wayland, therefore you don't need them with wayland


Python can do this too

File: 1698087787690-0.png (141.81 KB, 800x789, self insert coal.png)ImgOps

File: 1698087787691-1.png (231.59 KB, 1055x607, self insert gem.png)ImgOps


Hello, welcome to my personal blogpost, I wrote a thing that works and is actually useful in the real world or something, I don't know.
<C programming guideline approved whitespace.
It is a BitTorrent tracker that only supports UDP and IPv4 (because everything else is bloat) and can be ran on personal computer even with tens of thousands of clients.
<C programming guideline approved whitespace.
Here's a quick rundown of what it can currently do: https://mayoi.gitea.kawaiiarts.com/mayoi/spate/releases/tag/0.1.0
<C programming guideline approved whitespace.
If you don't want to try running your own, I'm currently hosting my own instance udp://touhou.kawaiiarts.com:7070
<C programming guideline approved whitespace.
So anyway, I wanted to say that I never read K&R and anyone who does is retarded animal who will never write anything useful.
<C programming guideline approved whitespace.
By the way, for 1.0.0 release I'm planning to rewrite it in Rust for no reason whatsoever.
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thanks, newGODgot


fuck off kenny


>he thinks kranny still posts here


fuck off back to your Matrix chat (Business Model: "Discord for Pedophiles")


even doe matrix server admins put more effort into banning pedophiles than discord admins who are pedophiles do

File: 1696567269586.jpeg (809.7 KB, 1498x2207, 332E8831-17E8-44F6-8DAB-9….jpeg)ImgOps


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this computer kicks ass


Someone post a 'jak on a C64.


slowfag machines


fastfag machines

File: 1699475424052.jpg (28.69 KB, 640x640, 1669431958543.jpg)ImgOps


what are the actual downsides if electric cars become the norm of personal transport?
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A wood gasifier is an external combustion engine, not an internal combustion engine. Also you don’t use one and nobody does, they are a novelty and funny because you measure mileage in miles per cord. If you have a wood gas car, send a pic, I am sure the thread will love to see it.


>also you don't use one
yeah because I'm not an american and not 600kg, I have legs


unlike you i actually have a life and want to visit friends and family, also i drive quite a bit to buy milk, cheese, meat, etc… from a bunch of farmers in other villages


No you don't princess…


>unlike you i actually have a life
how the hell do you make friends in some rural shithole
>also i drive quite a bit to buy milk, cheese, meat, etc… from a bunch of farmers in other villages
ghoul or just a cheapskate

File: 1699646238303.jpeg (225.39 KB, 895x934, 13FB6091-CF25-41B3-ACE9-C….jpeg)ImgOps


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have a stable ABI, have a sane, comprehensible way of managing interrupts, be actually transparent about processes and threads, have a nice GUI, not lie to you about what's on your boot drive


Windows 3.1 does not support threading


it does support a non-ugly GUI, and windows NT 3.1 does




even stock is better than grim-ass CDE, NeXTSTEP, or even the modern macOS and Linux desktops

File: 1699508803016.jpg (7.34 KB, 224x225, linuxjak.jpg)ImgOps


Is Kali Linux worth it? Getting a new PC by the end of the year and planning on installing Kali on it.
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if your an internet hacker yes


Looked into it and it appears a few of the linux versions that most people use are ubuntu and fedora especially when it comes to beginning linux installations/configs
What do you 'uds think of ubuntu/fedora?


they just werk
i prefer fedora because it doesnt come with ubuntus snapcraft bullshit


No its just debian with bloatware, install debian


i am a script kiddo so YES i use it, and I accept the TERM

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