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Core Rules

  1. You WILL NOT post, link to, or request illegal content.
    1. - Attempting to get the site taken down via DDOS, false reports, etc. is FORBIDDEN.
  2. You WILL NOT advocate, promote, or post pedophilia or pedophilic content.
    1. - The posting of "soylita", "shoyta" and its derivatives is not permitted.
  3. You WILL NOT advertise for imageboards, discord servers, telegram channels, crypto projects, etc.
    1. - Participation in hostile or disruptive off-site communities or servers is FORBIDDEN.
  4. You WILL NOT excessively spam threads or boards (such as by using linespam, catalog wiping, or script bots).
    1. - Flooding the report system with false reports is FORBIDDEN.
  5. You WILL adhere to the general topic or theme of the board you are posting on.Posts that do not pertain to the topic or theme of the board WILL be moved or removed.
    1. - Attempts to use "loopholes" around the rules WILL result in deletion/handling in accordance with normal procedure.
  6. You WILL use /qa/ to discuss e-celebs, and you WILL NOT gossip about your discord drama anywhere on the site.
  7. You WILL NOT post in an identifiable manner on the site. This includes avatarfagging and namefagging.

Board-specific Guidelines

/soy/ - Soyjaks

  1. This board is for Soyjaks.
  2. NAS replies are permitted but discouraged. Use /qa/ for sfw NAS and /nate/ for nsfw NAS.

/qa/ - Question & Answer

  1. This board is for SFW NAS. Soyjaks, /qa/ memes, and other 4chan related memes (such as frogs) are encouraged, but other non-rulebreaking topics are permitted.

/q/ - Drama and Meta-drama

  1. This board is for drama involving the site, the people who use it, and the staff.
  2. Use it to vent and complain, and give suggestions or feedback on any of those topics.

/nate/ - Coals

  1. This board is for NSFW NAS. All garbage on the site eventually finds its way to /nate/.
  2. Racebait, furshit, and other terrible non-party related topics can be found here.
  3. Catalog wiping /nate/ is permitted.