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I'm trying to keep the global rules really light. I don't want this to be like 4chan where there's 40 million rules. Just stick to these simple guidelines and we'll be alright.

All boards must adhere to these rules, regardless of whether or not board-specific rules are present or not. Board specific rules will be listed in a sticky.

Not Allowed:

  1. Do not post any illegal content.
  2. Try to keep posts somewhat related to the board. Posts don't have to be closely related to the topic, but will be moved if they're entirely unrelated (except for /int/ due to it being the only board with flags).
  3. Furry, pony, or loli shit outside of /b/ is not allowed.
  4. Linking your tranny grooming discord servers is prohibited. There is no official discord for soyjak.party.
  5. Doxxing is not allowed if it is used to harrass or intimidate anybody to any extent (this falls under illegal content but I just want to clarify this one).
  6. "Jailbait" on any board (does not include loli) is prohibited.

What is Allowed:

  1. Soyjaks are allowed on any board.
  2. "Troll" posts, as long as they are related to the board's subject (unrelated troll posts will be moved to /b/) are allowed fully.
  3. Dumping large amounts of images in a single thread is allowed. There is no image reply limit, so spam soys to your heart's content.
  4. Complaining about moderation staff is allowed. Feedback helps us to improve our moderation.

Gray Area:

  1. Ban evasion: VPNs (excludes Tor) are allowed, since you schizos think this is some sort of IP collection honeypot. It is hoped that users respect their bans, which are normally very short (under 12 hours). However, due to the fact that VPNs are allowed, ban evasion will be very easy to accomplish. This is why the rules are kept light in order to keep banning to a minimum in the first place.
  2. Racism/homophobia/hate speech: We (moderation team) are not the language police, and do not have time to review the context and tone of every post to decipher the true meaning behind it. Because of this, potential "hate speech" is allowed. Additionally, it is pointless to restrict legal free speech in the first place.
  3. Underage posters: The minimum age to browse this site is 16, because that's the average age of a /qa/ poster. However, it is likely that underage posters will get through nonetheless. It is impossible to definitively tell whether or not a poster is underage. Therefore, users cannot be banned just under the suspicion of being underage, unless they openly admit to being under 16.

Remember, the janny is always right, and always has the final say. However, you can still appeal a ban immediately.

If you want to appeal a ban, contact [email protected]. Make sure to include your IP in the email.

If you have any further questions about the rules, please contact [email protected].