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/raid/ - Raid

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A new rule (Rule 14) has been added.

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Boards to be raided: /a/,/pol/,/stem/,/b/
Vpn posting is allowed, even cheap shit like cloudflare works,the captcha is fucking easy and there is no post limit. We managed to raid /a/ for a bit and removed some old threads before the jannies came.would like to wipe them out today. The jannies would probably be offline from 8:30PM to 10:30PM (GMT)
let's fuck them up
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Just wait nigger, inch will be annihilated within a week. Stop us if you can


this is nuts
whats JID


File: 1675459640501.png (9.55 KB, 503x384, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


wait nvm


File: 1675459813512.png (17.2 KB, 505x429, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

this takes a while


you there


Tell me your JID once you're done, I'll message you and my name will start with "she"


is this the JID? >>33558


Yeah, hang on ,let me message ya, delete it so that you don't get unsolicited messages from the jannies


schizo nobody cares


Add me back, and enable OMEMO


how can I add back and whats OMEMO


File: 1675460396030.png (17.16 KB, 1021x375, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


how do you do anything




File: 1675460737226.png (19.44 KB, 571x328, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

do I do it on the default chat?




/b/ has been wiped again
Imagine being owned so hard despite knowing full well that raids are going to come while also knowing where the raid is coming from. Muzzrats are truly braindead


half of the boards wiped or almost wiped
I think we did a good job


File: 1675508667645.png (98.03 KB, 1366x507, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

this board the only thing the janny left is the fucking pinned thread





their last remaining board, let's destroy it too


get in


help me please


let's raid /dhan/ today


don't think that is a good idea. /dhan/ is seriously one of (if not only) boards that still retains old indiachan culture. They do nothing wrong, don't deserve such malicious fate to be dragged into the chaos of soyjak spam. Spamming such boards only makes other anons brand us as underage assholes.


suck my cock, faggot


/pigskin/ general

From the poochan link above:
"Post as many anti-pigskin memes as you have. Please stay on topic, this isn't a general "memes about people you hate" thread.
Always remember that pink "people" are the only race that literally has to put chemicals on their skin to go outside without their skin burning and peeling. Being allergic to the divine light of Surya is the ultimate sign that they are daemonic, ontologically evil entities, not people.
Every pigskin man needs to be slaughtered and every pigskinn woman needs to be sold into sex slavery."


File: 1676414326164.jpg (14.75 KB, 480x360, hqdefault[1].jpg) ImgOps

gimme curry, yummy curry, holy curry, mu-ha


cry harder kek


the mods are inactive, start raiding /pol/ and /dhan/ whenever you get time


hey op, just found this https://crystal.cafe/faq.html site

I'm a new faggot so I wont make a thread on this, but holy shit does it show potential. It is an entire chan dedicated for women. Seeing of how much a success this thread was I think raiding that gay shit hole could be epic.



File: 1676525685730.jpg (80.84 KB, 680x702, 26731 - SoyBooru.jpg) ImgOps

They're not just females intruding on male chan cultures (they call each other "nona"). They're also a bunch of man-hating femcels (there are plenty of "tfw no BF" threads there) and terfs (their hatred of trannies is the only good thing about them, even if their reasons aren't the best) who refer to men as "moids" and will ban you for being a male. Raiding them will be more difficult because there may not be a time when all the janny scum is asleep because they could be from anywhere in the world. It will require a lot of organisation before we do anything.

Post what makes moids visually repulsive to you

Terfposting #30

Misandry General


>this will require planning
https://crystal.cafe/meta/res/3271.html this thread seems to be dedicated for defense against raids. analyzing how they do things, and how others succeeded might help a bit.


anyways, don't want to get your thread off topic. If a more experienced chud could make a new thread that would be great.


OP here, you should make a thread on it, but only if you gather enuff people on an Instant messaging platform like xmpp/matrix/trannycord. It would just be a failed raid otherwise, and it seems like the mods there are pretty active and check other imageboards for raid threads


also a newfag, seconded i hate women so much its unreal


I won't make a new thread. Not sure I could manage all of that yet. if noone else makes a thread then I guess that's the end of it.


do NOT make a cord op


yeah, trannycord is trash but xmpp/matrix/sessions can suffice, doubt if anyone will join though


/ent/ has been gemmed up. The next target is /dhan/, which will be attacked within a couple of days. Stay tuned and help



which one of you lads is raiding /ent/ right now? kek, keep at it, the jannies are asleep


File: 1677956022304.png (104.48 KB, 349x513, 33266 - SoyBooru.png) ImgOps




Its a pretty fun site tbh. Most of them are 4cuck pajeets from /int/ and /pol/, you even see some of the same namefags.


>t. chamaravid


It’s called passing time


have sex chud

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