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File: 1662889417354.png (33.18 KB, 679x536, erm.PNG) ImgOps


>tried new emails
>tried vpns
>tried those sms recieving websites
nothing works help a chuddy out here


What does it say when you click start verification


try another browser


I get banned from discord all the time, just make a new account


its impossible to bypass AFAIK


try registering from mobile and use browser version also


Use a paid virtual phone number/online sim service. It only costs a few bucks.


File: 1663006570261.png (114.11 KB, 796x863, image_2022-09-12_211456237.png) ImgOps

try wiping cookies in browser, if it doesn't work try wiping all this shit


lol no. i mean there is probably some permaban on software via pc's MAC, but otherwise it's impossible


holy clueless


t. 15 year old who thinks he understands something in computers


projecting faggot


kys teen


blocked via browser fingerprinting, try using brave/librewolf
vpns = dirty datacenter ip
shady sms websites = flagged voip number


had to deal with this for a while myself, try switching browsers because free phone numbers are all blocked


i am using librewolf THOUGH with delete cookies and site data on exit setting on idk wtf going on this also happens when i try to create a new account



Shitcord forces you to use 2FA if you attempt to create an account on a flagged IP. Have you tried using Tuxler or a proxy?


every mullvad vpn location doesnt work ive tried so many countries

no havent tried tuxler cause unironic botnet and no idk any proxies


if you have good ip and browser you dont need phone number.
all those vpns will be flagged, you MIGHT get away with using some cheap/free vps


not tuxler i meant like mullvad, privateinternetaccess, nordvpn, etc


try not using shitcord because its malware


freetards always be like
>dont use X, X is LE BAD!
then they wonder why nothing ever gets accomplished




File: 1663368414221.gif (287.51 KB, 500x400, gemmy faster.gif) ImgOps

whoa I remember this website from a long time ago but I had no idea until now that they sold discord accs for 17 cents each.


i sent 4 dollars worth of btc to the deposit address to top up my acc to buy the skype option and it didnt go thru lol scammed


File: 1663528226968.png (317.75 KB, 1333x1200, trooncord.png) ImgOps

>no you dont understand, i NEED to give all my data to the kike system


doesnt that just mean you need to click verify in the email they send?


you can also buy premade discord tokens, theres websites for this service specifically just for raiding.

i don't have any links but you can search for it on yandex (if someone knows a good website they should post it here)


Niggers this is an ip rangeban based on the specific machine. The only way to bypass this is to never log in on that ip range with an account, ever. Your account is pretty much fucked nigger unless some teen knows some cheap number website that works or something


you have to create the account without vpn. or it make you vertify phone.


i think juicysms works


Try using their desktop client to make the account then once you fully set it up log into it in a browser.


File: 1664279403434-0.png (2.44 MB, 1784x1783, jewgle chrome kippah.png) ImgOps

File: 1664279403434-1.png (749.15 KB, 1500x1500, jewgle chromium soyjak rub….png) ImgOps

File: 1664279403434-2.png (49.25 KB, 790x1024, discord tranny ack.png) ImgOps

stop using proprietary malware, simple as that.
go use matrix or XMPP, midov.pl is a fine server for gentlemen, the least shit public server we currently have, despite being infested with weeaboos.
this could only apply if you:
1. use a proprietary browser full of tracking features that sends your UUIDs/macs/whatnot to the jews
2. you use their proprietary backdoored surveillance "desktop" client, which is literally a proprietary chromium container with extra surveillance added to it that logs processes, keystrokes, and other shit, most definitely including some fingerprinting techniques.
brave and librewolf are both quite the opposite of their names.
brave is for pussy faggot zoomers who don't know how how to set up iceweasel, and librewolf isnt libre at all. it includes DRM and all that bullshit, and is merely firefuck rebranded with another default config, probably not even compiled from scratch.
parabola's iceweasel is librewolf but done right, and actually *removes* all the anti-freedom shit, while keeping it as vanilla-firefuck as possible. (which means that hardening, adblock, trackerblock, JS block and all that crap is still up to yourself!)
pisscord is malware lmao, install parabola.
you should try looking into matrix room raiding, because many rooms on shit servers like matrix.org, envs.net, tchncs.de, etc... are full of tranny "hurr durr privacy soycurity" LARPers.
a good way to piss them off and make them seethe hard is to remind everyone in front of them that their ""soycurity"" LARP project actually contains PROPRIETARY MALWARE in form of blobs, drivers, firmware, and all that shit in their shitty proprietary kernel.
aside from that, if its something made for specific devices like graphmemeOS/calyxOS, mostly phonefaggot trash, it definitely also is designed to run on backdoored hardware with proprietary bootloaders/firmwares embedded on them.
tl;dr: remind the retarded zoomers in front of everyone that their larp soycurity CIA bait is malware lol.
>oy vey use their proprietary surveillance malware thats literally just a jewgle chromium container with extra tracking, more bugs, less security and sandboxing, more backdoors, and not to forget PROPRIETARY.


Give up

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