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/raid/ - Raid

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A new experimental board has been added: /incel/
All previous bans have been cleared, as promised by kuz's "Second chance" policy.
The rules have been revised

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raid 4cringe with ancient 2016 memes


i remember when we posted these on /pol/ unironically and called it based lol




raid /a/


it is based though


Memes from 2016-17 were far funnier than anything today tho

>school shooting/columbine

>hitler and holocaust
>communism, soviet union
>bleach, cancer
>bass boosting, earrape, crazy editing

There used to be kkk meme compilations on youtube front page everyday with millions of views. Literally videos titled "offensive memes" and 9/11 memes. Swastikas used to be on the thumbnails.

Reddit used to use the word faggot and meme subs supported trump as a meme. There were atleast twice the subs now for memes, which are all banned now like r/edgymemes and many others

Today all the fun is gone


bass boosting, earrape and crazy editing are still alive thoughever.


Niggerbaby shitcels ruined memes.


File: 1655123534930.png (259.21 KB, 368x367, kids2015-16.png) ImgOps

same chud here

>tfw born 2003

>early enough to miss the sjw phenomena having visible effects on daily life
>late enough to experience smartphones, youtube, minecraft, 2016, kino memes during childhood
>tfw born just on time


No tho. The best is just mashing a bunch of gifs together in 2x speed or some wojak chad edits.

Very little creativity


>phone le bad






the reason the bottom picture happened was due to public schools embracing ZOG transgenderism and discord grooming becoming rampant as younger and younger children received ipads and phones


One of the most iconic memes of that time was the 2 gender meme and the attack helicopter meme. People used xe and xer as a joke in 2015. The anti-sjw phenomena was big then, and everyone of youtube openly made fun of pronouns and tranny ideology that is mainstream today


I miss angry birds


File: 1656080965307.jpg (177.51 KB, 1024x768, proxy-image.jpg) ImgOps

it was over for redditors when brapbarn got banned
god i wish there was a good chan dedicated to brapbarn
soyjaks only trigger 4chan autists, brapbarn is the perfect raid material


What the fuck is BrapBarn?


File: 1656144650392.png (263.18 KB, 689x347, brapbarn-flowers.PNG) ImgOps

apparently there is an archive of it https://ihsoyct.github.io/index.html?subreddit=BrapBarn
the idea is that the "farmers" raise "hogs" (fat women) in order to sniff their farts
it combines fattie hate, incel stuff, frenworld memes, city slicker/rural farmer dialectic and gross fetishes

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