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ITT we post everything we have and know about 4chan's moderation and how the site works in general.
I'll split the OP into several two or more posts, in each one dumping info and links.

Firt off, simple hidden pages:
Hidden board. Can't be accessed and it's unknown how it looks like.
Janny board. Can't be accessed right now but it was breached earlier. Stick around if you wanna see an archive of it from 2006 to 2014. Rumored to be inactive and used as a shitposting ground for jannies.
A list of boards and their specifications, including cooldowns, bump limits, image limits and whether if webms can have audio.
Don't do what this page tells you. All you get is your name put on a list that almost nobody will see since the page is hidden.
I'm using this more as a post shorterner. This link has all the other hidden links that I didn't post here. Nothing special, just old contests and shit like that.
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When dealing with serial killer types (pipe bomb niggers count) they like to brag endlessly about the bullshit they do. But what they didn't expect is for their target to have an immunity to anthrax, and their pipe bomb retard hired goon to crash and get caught.

Absolute meme timeline, kek is real.


>they like to brag endlessly about the bullshit they do
>they like to brag endlessly about the bullshit they do
Sorry let me elaborate, they like to make JOKES about it
too lazy to get time stamp but for an example of this psychology phenomena is here. She jokes constantly about feeding people to her pigs.
Turns out the fat bitch who shits herself fed 2 people to her pigs
>guy named pixel is mod
>guy named "deceased" pixel (probably because he's not a jannie anymore and he's "deceased" i reckon is the reason for the name)
>constantly making jokes about anthraxing people
>constantly talking about sending pipe bombs
>pipe bomb appears at that legendary autists town
>spoiled rich brat of an probable ex jannie thinks he can get away with anything because crypto
if it talks like a horse
it walks like a horse
and doesn't have zebra stripes
it's probably a horse


definitely something to consider to those who are investigating
maybe it'll turn out to be true but this stone certainly needs to be turned


You should take this story to vice media




think 4chan gonna get kiwi'ed?


maybe, though it'll likely shed all its KF-esque elements long before that ever happens


File: 1663561186560-0.png (29.45 KB, 970x482, krial went to AX confirmin….png) ImgOps

File: 1663561186561-1.png (42.99 KB, 553x388, krial uses mod powers to d….png) ImgOps

File: 1663561186561-2.png (26.14 KB, 1044x95, krial and rainy have a dox….png) ImgOps

not so sure. the 4chan mods themselves be grooming kids, abusing power, doxxing people and sending pipebombs out

with kiwifarms the owners/mods didnt do that

4chan is arguably worse

we can use the fact kiwifarms got shut down as ammo in this crusade against these sick fucks

Also why does posting on 4chan generate a vice cookie


I'm pretty sure the cookie is there as a measure against ban evaders. So, if you change IPs but still have that cookie, mods will know you're ban evading


File: 1663561464650.png (13.08 KB, 783x202, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

its a soyjack thing
im currently using exploits to bypass rangebans and spam the nobody thread to piss of the schizophrenic mod who sits there all day


keyed as fuck


holy larp


Not larping for some reason one of my browsers bypasses a range ban on one board but not others. I tried using another browser so they wouldn't guess based off the user agent, and it just werks.


do you use LibreWolf?


File: 1663608734704.jpg (9.81 KB, 274x341, 1662913653495.jpg) ImgOps

So in the /vrg/ and /vrlg/ erp generals the mods frequent this bernkitsel 4chan mod is the 'frens' black cat poster
(bernkastel is a black cat)
they just frens posted while nuking people on the /x/ schizo thread

Meaning these mp4's are pic related


I appear to need to be spoonfed to up my game of dabbing on these pedophile gives all trannies a bad name mods


holy gem


who let the schizo out


>the schizo
Shut the fuck up 4chan mod simp nigger you're not welcome here


>Tor is now blocked again due to a massive CP raid organized by individuals seeking to take this site down
This is the 4chan mods, right?


New info from the recent /vmg/ raid thread, some 4chan ex-janny apparently posted there

Confirmed info from posts:
https://reports.4chan.org/ is a thing. According to him, it’s where jannies act on reports received from 4cuck users.

Additional unconfirmed info:
RapeApe is a faggot
/qa/ will be unlocked only if hiroyuki or RapeApe decide to do a Q&A (and even then only while the Q&A is going on)
4cuck jannies having to give IDs isn’t true anymore
Gookmoot never communicates with the jannies

There’s some other stuff he said but you can just read it for yourself, ‘teens


>RapeApe is a faggot
Isn't he an ex-soldier or something


repost the good shit, fellow brother in arms?


>fission is a technology autist but a genuinely good moderator who cares about his home board (/g/). He respects the culture of the board and cares for /g/ dearly.

Oh boy I got bad news for that ex-jannie
we told fission about the pedophile /vg/ mods using /vg/ and /trash/ to groom kids in VRChat, and a lot of actual jannies and mods.

He didn't do anything.


4chan mods threaten to doxx and pipebomb people yet again


It's also funny to note, on april 6th the anon in question had a pipebomb arrive in his town.

These mods are legit do it for free domestic terrorists


File: 1663859704638.png (32.8 KB, 1261x354, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

Just submitted FBI tip


Btw these same mods got some 17 year old they erp sex and groomed and got dick pics from silence by calling homeland security and the fbi on them and getting them sent to a psych ward for a week (one of the psychs was a based /v/ goer and knew he wasnt crazy let him out)

For tik toks with guns in them.

I do think some domestic terrorism threats of the bomb type... are worse, don't you think?


File: 1663862041509.png (12.72 KB, 453x100, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

But its ok cus domestic terrorism threats are based *deletes your post*


File: 1663863589828.png (84.08 KB, 1367x420, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

I take bomb threats VERY seriously...


File: 1663868567889.png (254.85 KB, 556x1000, krial says doxxing is bad ….png) ImgOps

4chan mods participating in illegal doxxing via medical records


File: 1663874931169.png (302.22 KB, 2066x744, troon.png) ImgOps

If there was any doubt 4chan was run by trannies, this should ends such doubts. I made a thread making fun of trannies and got permanently banned for off-topic.

>it's cuz you were posting reddit screencaps

i've posted probably up to 200 bait threads with reddit/twitter screencaps on /tv/ and /pol/ with different IP's and never did get more than 3 day ban than when i made fun of trannies


File: 1663875170669.png (159.07 KB, 459x446, nose_dog.png) ImgOps

Wow, fuck 4chan
If you ever want me to post something you can tell me and I can do ban evasion for you
My Matrix is banana2
If you don't have it you can add me on cia.gov (discord) which is slat1729#5838


File: 1663875176631-0.jpg (34.07 KB, 474x353, th-3086654990.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1663875176631-1.jpg (34.07 KB, 474x353, th-3086654990.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1663875176631-2.jpg (34.07 KB, 474x353, th-3086654990.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1663875176631-3.jpg (34.07 KB, 474x353, th-3086654990.jpg) ImgOps


no one knows what you're blabbering about you retarded schizo


File: 1663875285269.gif (4.65 MB, 450x450, 1663874316585.gif) ImgOps


ok mr 4chan mod thats why you spamming gore right


cus theyre actually trans who have a pedo circle in vrchat


somebody archive this thread


i am lazy, sorry


we have an archive already


post it nig


does anyone know if jannies are capable of mass-deleting the posts of two or more users at the same time
it'd say it was all deleted at the same time in the archive


yes and theyll brag about it like a super villain while they delete all posts by IP so you spam bot their ERP threads in return


File: 1664206183493.jpg (128.73 KB, 1000x563, 1.jpg) ImgOps

Wait you aren't supposed to larp as a super villain on imageboards? When the fuck did that change?


Saved, so any more tea to spill on the jannies?


So post deletion times aren't proof of it being the same user? Do you have proof they do this?


why is the gore still up but dirt on jannies and their friends being deleted


Its def not here, there has never been a blanket delete ban on my posts at least
Censorship and control, not just for leftists as it turns out


ignore the retard who for some reason can't understand blanket bans happening on 2 people aka multiple IPs at once

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