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The minecraft server has been released. [Thread]

File: 1636569770877.png (311.52 KB, 894x894, 1865 - blood bloodshot_eye….png)


Soyjaks: https://booru.soy

Virtual machine to install VPN clients unto: https://virtualbox.org

Windows installation images: https://rutracker.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=1012

VPNs / proxy:

1. VPN list (you can find free VPNs here): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ijfqfLrJWLUVBfJZ_YalVpstWsjw-JGzkvMd6u2jqEk/

2. VPN list (you can find free VPNs here): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQFFnZ2U2iETlHgXhokc2CHZoSkJeyTqlf-VsGxh7LPV7lN7e_nuvmDG6jAALSUAFJy310YvwrqAXfI/pub

3. Free Botnet VPN (doesn't work on the virtual machine if I recall correctly): https://www.tuxlervpn.com/

4. Free Crypto Scam VPN: https://mysteriumvpn.com

5. google.com "free proxies" + google.com "proxy checker"

6. If you have dynamic IP, reset the router / reconnect

7. On mobile to change the IP enable + disable "airplane mode"

8. There are also VPN accounts / proxies being sold for cheap on skid forums (in case you are autistic enough)

9. "Pentest" insecure Wi-Fi's: https://github.com/aircrack-ng/aircrack-ng

Mass reply + ban evade + copypasta tool: https://github.com/HamletDuFromage/4chan-mass-reply

The Best ad blocker: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock

Firefox settings aimed at the privacy: https://github.com/arkenfox/user.js


>Virtual machine to install VPN clients unto: https://virtualbox.org
I hope you fags aren't that retarded


based and thoughtful pilled, bumping this absolute gem


We literally cannot be defeated, the final victory is ours!


File: 1636571979130.png (272.58 KB, 346x419, Starship jakers.PNG)

Thank you these are the tools we need to turn the tide of war


your booru sucks



wikipedia block list also has proxies you can use, there's a good chance the most recent ones are not rangebanned


how do i get proxies from here? i only see IPs, no port numbers


File: 1636608701258.png (36.21 KB, 1378x167, ClipboardImage.png)

it does show the ports at the end


oh, i didnt scroll down to there. thanks


enlighten us


I think he is saying to use virtual box to install windows then download mysterium for infinite free trials


Anyone know some proxy client?


I use a browser extension called "FoxyProxy"


Use this, buy the 5gb option and it'll last for 10+ raids. https://smartproxy.com/





Your browser will let you set a proxy in the settings




now we need an autopost script


File: 1637017627876.png (678.94 KB, 960x960, upgem.png)


File: 1637133369993.png (19.59 KB, 600x800, allah hail soyjak.party.png)



live long 'jakker king


holy gem


seed4me trial (client), PIA trial (mozilla addon) all banned


File: 1637863946431.png (157.66 KB, 455x700, 1637416447573.png)

What's the best tool for speed raiding? Like If I'm doing it alone on 4chan, what's the fastest way to flood the catalog?


Using multiple computers at once


I live alone and poor


File: 1637864443496.jpg (80.31 KB, 750x738, Thanos grind.jpg)

Up your grindset then.


bros... the slavs are too powerful... I wish we could spam like this




What the fuck is going on in there?


some poor non-ruskies have their threads spammed there, should we welcome them as refugees?



posting seems up in nuxsg


File: 1637878174141.jpg (210.85 KB, 989x1280, 7GrNdVJGWHvNOFwqugvyD4K8Ab….jpg)

Inshallah and Heil Hitler, soyjacks.


respect trans rights chud


File: 1637878324547.jpg (138.54 KB, 1117x1200, EDqiZ2Wy2l0n6EqDEtvgPeQTqe….jpg)

Only if they suicide bomb their local synagogue.


Yeah there's no white awakening bro, touch grass.


touch grass incel


File: 1637878422111.png (106.68 KB, 676x1021, 2623 - arm flag glasses ha….png)

wowie holy heckin' hive mind you go sis!


Beware the eye of mossad and exeter.


based, im so tired of lame pol cucks




Based Flyodchad






gonna bump this thread not gonna let the gemmie die here is the previous archive https://archive.fo/Kl0Ah

Chud 1 month ago No.15472

Chud 1 month ago No.15473
how tf did i miss these gems

Chud 1 month ago No.15474
This is a bot lol

Chud 1 month ago No.15591>>15592
>>13075 (OP)
Is a free vpn even worth it?

Chud 1 month ago No.15592>>15593
it's free you won't lose anything

Chud 1 month ago No.15593>>15594>>15598
But you end up "paying" in some other form like privacy-wise, no?

Chud 1 month ago No.15594>>15595
of course, they are all owned by israel and WILL datamine you
but for simple ban evading its usually worth it

Chud 1 month ago No.15595>>15596
what about raids on websites?

Chud 1 month ago No.15596>>15597
id say they fine, but im just a nigga

Chud 1 month ago No.15597
haha that's it know your place nigger

Chud 1 month ago No.15598>>15599>>15600
yes all free ban-evading vpns datamine you
free proxies won't datamine you tho, especially if you use them with another vpn/tor

Chud 1 month ago No.15599>>15600
free proxies just mitm you if you have a shitty browser

Chud 1 month ago No.15600>>15601>>15602
what about free vpn + tor?

Chud 1 month ago No.15601
makes no sense
just use tor then

Chud 1 month ago No.15602>>15603>>17215
free vpns datamine your device, not just your IP

Chud 1 month ago No.15603>>15612

Chud 1 month ago No.15612>>17215
they do though

Chud 27 days ago No.17124
bump to help newfriends

Chud 27 days ago No.17126
>>13075 (OP)

Chud 27 days ago No.17215>>17284
>muh datamining
get off the internet completely if you care so much about your personal information, retard.

Chud 26 days ago No.17283

Chud 26 days ago No.17284>>17285>>17286
soyteen intellect lol

Chud 26 days ago No.17285>>17287>>17290
I wouldn't hold it too much against him, we were all ignorant once. When you find out that Google files and stores you data permanently and that everything you have ever searched, where you live, your voice, your face, your friends, your ip whenever you check your gmail, your family's names, your birthday, your school, your work, your real name, what porn you watched, everything you have ever downloaded, is being logged by strangers you start to think about privacy and what you are comfortable showing to other people.

Chud 26 days ago No.17286>>17287
File (hide): 1639438820537.png (325.43 KB, 972x992, d4d.png)


yet it took you 24 hours to reply.

Chud 26 days ago No.17287>>17290
You don't look like that also please read >>17285

Chud 26 days ago No.17290>>17295>>17296
File (hide): 1639439588752.png (199.56 KB, 500x269, IMG_20211211_224623.png)


>You don't look like that
of course not dumbass, I don have body dysmorphia
>also please read >>17285
no, why do you care so much? think about it you're complaining about datamining, when you own a cellphone or a computer you literally own a device that knows your browsing history, your full name and address, your cc info, what you jerk off to, your family members and also your face. who the fuck are you to call me an ignorant teenager when most likely you own the same devices as 99% of the population does therefore unconsciously selling your data to unknown sources?

Chud 26 days ago No.17295>>17490
I have a flip phone so no
>browsing history
*Ahem* you can use more privacy oriented browsers.
Use a proxy brah
>what you jerk off to
I don't watch porn but if you do use tor and go on some porn centered imageboard.
>your family members, and your face
Fixable. You can stop using apps and software that datamine you. Namely don't use social media, but also don't use Google.
>who the fuck are you to call me an ignorant teenager when most likely you own the same devices as 99% of the population does therefore unconsciously selling your data to unknown sources?
My point is this:
It doesn't have to be this way. There are steps you can make to make your browsing more private. Google doesn't have to keep a permanent record of your personal data forever. This is a commission, not an insult towards you.

Chud 26 days ago No.17296
cringeworthy discord image

Chud 24 days ago No.17484
File (hide): 1639640320420.png (46.94 KB, 1250x2182, 1631830869198.png)

>2623 - arm flag glasses hand heart holding smile soyjak stubble tranny variant wholesome_soyjak wholesome

Chud 24 days ago No.17490

Holy cringe.

Chud 18 days ago No.17841>>17844>>17845>>18041
mysteriumVPN trial doesn't work anymore? it just says top up to gain access

Chud 18 days ago No.17844
use another free trial

Chud 18 days ago No.17845>>17854
isn't that a botnet though?

Chud 18 days ago No.17854
why do you care so much? the sharty' is an ip datamiming honeypot, yet you browse it everyday.

Chud 12 days ago No.18041
Yeah same for me for a while now.
We should probably annoy them to bring it back

Chud 3 days ago No.18635

w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o 2 days ago No.18695>>18704
>>13075 (OP)
using a veeam for sketchy VPN software
holy keyed my schizo rants are finally paying off

>using rutracker for windows images

stick to tiny7 or XtremeliteOS to save disk space (tbrgadguard works too for win10 stuff)

how does tuxlervpn even detect VM? anyone tried to reverse it?

does aircrack work on android? i wanna take my shitposting to the go while on the bus

Chud 2 days ago No.18704>>18706
>anyone tried to reverse it?
upload binaries pls

w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o 1 day ago No.18706>>18723
>>18704 this one i believe?
https://www.tuxlervpn.com/extension_event.php?id=download_desktop_win (signup isnt really needed to download)

PROTIP if you are using vmware put this in the config [ SMBIOS.reflectHost = TRUE ]
it will make the kemono admins go nuts (i managed to get a few stubborn programs installed kek)

Chud 1 day ago No.18707
File (hide): 1641601238317.png (46.16 KB, 1128x690, ClipboardImage.png)


Chud 1 day ago No.18723>>18724
Lmao. Are you the same nigger from partychan?

Chud 1 day ago No.18724>>18725
Which altchan is that?

Chud 1 day ago No.18725>>18728

w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o 1 day ago No.18728>>18730
>>18725 ursurah shitamee can bite my partially jewtilated foreskin
yeah bruh thats me and my simcard IP (did you notice me posting on zzzchan tech?)
also whos gonna reverse the executable we need to keep this thread alive

Chud 1 day ago No.18730
honeypot site thoughever




i bet half of the posters in this thread don’t use this place anymore


File: 1646321674597.png (14.2 KB, 1212x396, Screenshot 2022-03-03 1733….png)

how do we crack this doever


you get placed on the blacklist if your attempt is wrong




Username: moot
Password: wtsnacks


File: 1647964169133.jpg (30.56 KB, 1200x675, D5EWhaRWkAEbS6y.jpg)

>>>QEMU + virt-manager


>VPN list (you can find free VPNs here)
Do any of these work tho? I had tried tuxler long time ago because nazi chuds said it worked. Turns out it didnt.

Would the others in the list work?


File: 1648029559313.png (214.51 KB, 720x1065, soot the traitor.png)

only real oldfags will remember the great soypocalypse


lol my post is in there


Also tunnelbear is in the list. I use this and it doesnt work


That's not soot newchud


retard thread made by retarded children


nothing wrong with retarded children, yikes


You're autistic and should kill yourself now


On second thought man I'm sorry for being mean don't kill yourself live a happy life


Datacenter VPNs are easily filterable, use Mysterium VPN, and aircrack hasn't work against WPA since like what 2010?


Mysterium isn't free anymore


>aircrack hasn't work against WPA since like what 2010?
Did they make a new breakthrough in wifi cracking or are they still stuck in 2010s software


File: 1651160227639.png (81.75 KB, 399x911, ClipboardImage.png)


update your extension, owner added a slider solver


not released yet however




bumo this


i didn't ask








nas coal


old gem go up



go up


what about rangebans tho?




>no mass thread creator
its over


Instead of Windows use a lightweight linux liveCD like xubuntu. Don't use Windows 10/11 for this stuff. Extremely bloated and full of useless spyware and stupid shit like defender, not to mention you will get cucked by windows update needing to download 10-20 GB on a new install. Or just download Brave Browser and set the fingerprinting blocking to strict.


windows is used to install those botnet vpn clients nigga



>it's real


just tested proxoid.net and it's absolute dogshit don't bother trying


It's nice but I prefer https://github.com/HamletDuFromage/4chan-mass-reply/releases , this is a full shitposting suite.


Nevermind the one I linked has an autoslider only, yours types the whole captcha automatically but it makes errors sometimes.


aight, mysterium won't run on w7 virtualbox and some tuxler nodes aren't banned


wow this thing actually solves the captcha instantly, very gemmy
hiromutt BTFO


yeah but cucksler only lets u use certain proxies every 24 hours so if ur stuck with ranged ones its over


yeah looks like 5 countries per ip or so. so just reset the router and the limit will go away


File: 1659745794729.png (12.82 KB, 600x1000, 2p9.png)

chinkmoot will patch this sooner or later though

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