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Soyjaks: https://booru.soy

Virtual machine to install VPN clients unto: https://virtualbox.org

Windows installation images: https://rutracker.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=1012

VPNs / proxy:

1. VPN list (you can find free VPNs here): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ijfqfLrJWLUVBfJZ_YalVpstWsjw-JGzkvMd6u2jqEk/

2. VPN list (you can find free VPNs here): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQFFnZ2U2iETlHgXhokc2CHZoSkJeyTqlf-VsGxh7LPV7lN7e_nuvmDG6jAALSUAFJy310YvwrqAXfI/pub

3. Free Botnet VPN (doesn't work on the virtual machine if I recall correctly): https://www.tuxlervpn.com/

4. Free Crypto Scam VPN: https://mysteriumvpn.com

5. google.com "free proxies" + google.com "proxy checker"

6. If you have dynamic IP, reset the router / reconnect

7. On mobile to change the IP enable + disable "airplane mode"

8. There are also VPN accounts / proxies being sold for cheap on skid forums (in case you are autistic enough)

9. "Pentest" insecure Wi-Fi's: https://github.com/aircrack-ng/aircrack-ng

Mass reply + ban evade + copypasta tool: https://github.com/HamletDuFromage/4chan-mass-reply

The Best ad blocker: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock

Firefox settings aimed at the privacy: https://github.com/arkenfox/user.js
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File: 1660571632817.png (540.11 KB, 1200x1200, 1659698211567.png) ImgOps

The only useful tool in this is the firefox hardening tool and thats not even a good one. The VPNs are expensive honeypots and the ones that are free are ineffective. Says google "free proxies" but doesn't mention the best source for that. Says there also proxies being sold for cheap but doesn't mention a source for that (other than "skid forums) even though having your own proxies is better than a VPN soyrvice.


File: 1660707167314.jpg (117.93 KB, 635x640, slirp.jpg) ImgOps


Do you prefer more organized raids were each thread is given a little bit of effort to make it seem less like spam? or Do you just spam the same image several times just to clog the catalog fast?


anyone here also own luminati/brightdata? For some reason my (stolen) credentials no longer load 4chan (or github.com) and just says proxy refused


Did you ask their support? Could be trying to stop people from using their proxies for cracking accounts.


Chrome won get over it bitch boi


File: 1661015363645.png (10.26 KB, 892x251, thunderbird_KhOb35MT21.png) ImgOps


wait so 4chan is now banned from luminati?


shit i guess they don't want any spammers. the best way is to use botnet proxies but i don't know of any service nowadays. A few years ago you could endlessly shitpost all day for $30 a month on vip72.


File: 1661047365165.gif (2.73 MB, 600x900, 1660083623675.gif) ImgOps

>The airplane mode trick doesn't Work any more


Retards, tuxler works fine. You're probably not clearing 4chan cookies like a retard or not using the residential IPs on it. Some residential IPs are permabanned but there are a lot that work and there's new ones all the time since it's a botnet.

Also, if you reach the IP limit on it, you don't necessarily have to reset your router. I just close tuxler on task manager on windows and it'll reset to a new IP everytime, eventually one has to be unbanned.

My trick to ban evading (brave browser) with it is
1) Load tuxler and select random country on the residential IP tab
2) If first one doesn't work, clear cookies and try another one. You can always check "block all cookies" but that gets rid of other site functionalities. You'll eventually start to notice that some countries are rangebanned and are shitty to use.

4chan has some way of continuing to detect ban evasion even after clearing cookies so just double check that on the ban page, the IP your posting with may not necessarily be banned. Also always close tuxler on the task manager or else your home IP will be permabanned cause some retard is posting cp with it.


this same faggot company was also behind hola and banned 4chan a few years ago too. I'm using oxylabs now



you can buy rotating proxy which changes the ip every 1 minute


Based. Posting this with Tuxler.


literally the first free vpn i tried had some of the servers not banned, but yes you have to go trough the servers to find them, also about them being honeypots it literally says to install them on a VM. i tried public proxies of public proxy lists (proxoid.net) and they are awfully slow and all banned. skid forums are hackforums, raidforums other shit

i'd prefer first but i wouldn't consider it a raid / spam

that's expensive as shit

yeah tuxler is good, literally threadmisser uses it, also for some reason it requires full page refresh (ctrl+r on firefox) to change ip on 4cuck for me


i cant change my ips on tuxler and it says ive used my ten free ips for today. ive reinstalled it and the same problem occurs. what other free vpn should i use?


reset the router



some ips are rangebanned on bant


was report count just added?


i think its dead


close program and reopen it and you can keep getting a new ip


nah just doesnt work on /vg/ /trash/ or /x/ anymore (havent tried other boards)


i was spamming the 4chan moderators pocket VR communities where they ERP everyone


The text bubbles of it doing something are popping up again finally-- but nothings going through, yet.


It works again!


Random user agent might not work as expected. There's filters in place or some shit


File: 1663786158059.png (9.76 KB, 338x174, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


just use common useragent no need for random


Chromium and brave won't go through, even without an image. I'll try more.


File: 1663786529018.png (25.67 KB, 866x164, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

It red's this too


Google chrome user agents managed to push through finally.


Also I don't think the report feature you added one for like a few hours worked to be honest.


File: 1663789426826.png (64.22 KB, 512x512, 4602.png) ImgOps

thanks for the feedback
Probably need to do specific headers for reports. I will fix that later tomorrow


I'll alternate between spam raids, and reporting cringe people who will have melties about it to cause strife and discourse and civil war in their pedo VR communities, I thank you sir for this tool. It is very helpful in attacking 4chan pedo mods at their favorite communities.


Oh right yeah as an oldfag I might have some info on how reports work.

This was done to me before by autistic schizo faggots planning phone multi report raids.

The spamming report option, if X number of reports on Y number of posts across the same IP is reached, it might auto delete every post that IP made.


>The spamming report
As in for spamming/flooding


Also, it may be fixed now, but for some reason on Yandex and on /x/, I can post even if range banned just fine, but not bypass normal bans.

Meaning rangebans are "softer" and bypassable somehow.


Any way you can add MD5 randomizer for files? They keep banning my images


Also, they ban certain phrases or words too when you hit to close to home.


anyone know a good vpn besides tuxler? used all ten ip switches and ive got a static ip



A small area is rangebanned with each ban to counter dynamic IPs so that's pointless


whats pointless


is ded?


Anons what is the best VPN on the android Google playstore? I'm looking for something with a high success rate, not banned. I don't mind if it's sketchy or if I have to pay a bit.


if you turn it on only when you're posting $2 can last a long time


Discussion of namefags or board drama goes on >>>/incel/


>virt manager
who needs this and why?
just use qemu alone like a normal fucking human being you fucking retard nigger monkey.
and dont use winglows you fucking retard, just run a systemd-nspawn/chroot if you need to isolate some shit.


Holy fuck why is EVERYTHING rangebanned??? Is there a single location that isn't fucking rangebanned? Nothing works.

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