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/raid/ - Raid: SHADOW LEGENDS

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File: 1708397925131.png (44.09 KB, 176x176, 1703038742889.png)ImgOps


After having many search.0t.rocks searches, many false leads, and a final barrier paywall that somehow someone paid for, we FINALLY have the DNSL dox. This can be confirmed by e-mail breaches showing a Dave Starling at w5 4qa in London, which is a block of about a dozen houses, and a paywalled person search (192.com) which has been reliable for many UK targets showing only one Dave Starling in that entire neighbourhood.

Address: 36A South Ealing Road Ealing London W5 4QA
E-mails:[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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i dont live in london doe


File: 1708398114965.gif (703.12 KB, 400x300, 1702703784109.gif)ImgOps

hello this is Daniel please don't send me turds covered in tin foil in the mail. If you do, I will NOT eat them. So please, DO NOT send me tin foil wrapped turds to eat. Also I'm trans btw if that matters


bump or something

File: 1707850598257-0.jpg (10.93 KB, 176x176, uglytrannybitch.jpg)ImgOps

File: 1707850598257-1.png (125.76 KB, 318x269, howisthisevenallowedonyout….png)ImgOps


Disgusting Austrian Tranny who makes videos about OnlyFans and being a prostitute on YouTube and TikTok.
He is also an actual commie, and used to make videos about communism on a different channel.
<reddit space
'Tube: https://www.youtube.com/@MariaGirl625
TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGeSd9MfM/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maria_girl625/
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/mariaGirl
Old 'Tube (the one with the commie vids on): https://www.youtube.com/@Viki1999
I want this nigga dead NOW!
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I remember Viki1999 the commie troon. xe has been reported as a child groom on jewcord for grooming a 15 year old if I could remember. We definitely gotta doxx xim


Do this


Why is it every time I see a tranny there always the most degenerate


Kill this troon.


GEEEEEG so this is what happened to that commie fsggot, apparently some other right wing YouTuber named Lavader debooonked zers video essay on WW1 and then xe became irrelevant after awhile. Tbh, xer being a degenerate s worker is not surprising

File: 1708354299954.jpeg (409.68 KB, 1048x1656, IMG_1337.jpeg)ImgOps


Ugly jew behind Steven universe can she be doxxed?
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File: 1708385395791.png (293.4 KB, 671x497, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

What an ugly jew




make sure to bring up the Ed Edd & Eddy porn she drew


Cool, there are only 23,485 housing units in that zip code so start lookin I guess


File: 1708395258921.png (28.96 KB, 554x772, 30134 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps

xhes the only reason why some of you develop a chubby/fat girl fetish

File: 1708336164039.png (3.88 KB, 236x41, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


you WILL spam the 'log on this shitty 4cuck board with me.


File: 1708336407577.png (8.17 KB, 234x255, 1708052847510.png)ImgOps



the mods woke up


gem board

File: 1707994405757.png (55.85 KB, 775x849, 3122 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps

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raid /chip/ schizo polfag mudslim general
>b-but what do i post
passively make the thread worse, this is a long time strategy, keep a balance between 4cuck banning you and posting effective things, effective things include ragebait, well poisoning, ad hominem, and attention grabbing images.
Post gay porn, linespam, (You)s, random irrelevant content, dead muslims, dead christians, pro-israel posts, pro-jew posts, quotes from the talmud, etc
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Good thread lads





File: 1708221109666.jpg (8.86 KB, 192x180, thumb.jpg)ImgOps


I have an idea. We should post coal all over 4tran to slowly ruin and destroy it
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post don pollo audios on it and turn it into tiktok and kill their culture


4cuck have destroyed itself so there no need to destroy want have destroy itself.



Let time, destiny, take its course


Great idea, just spam it with soylita
starting with the /r9k/ board

File: 1708137668806.jpeg (313.72 KB, 828x621, IMG_1443.jpeg)ImgOps


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same nigger posted roblox porn on 'tube


1:09 shows him shoot hishead btw


bump this is the same faggot who posts roblox porn


does anyone have that video of ronnie mnutt roasting george floyd and her cousin


File: 1708135566892.png (69.21 KB, 512x512, Untitled.png)ImgOps


The plan : We go to a thread that is a ukranian propaganda thread. Act like you agree and that you are a pro Ukranian but also act like a troon. Post trans flag and other tranny shit.

Why : Make them that their side has troons on it.


Have fun soyteens. This will be gemmy!!


File: 1708135609626.jpeg (7.51 KB, 275x183, Ukraine will win.jpeg)ImgOps

This is a gem. Hail the soy




Whoever made this is retarded,Russia is European and Ukrainian nationalism only exists as a psyop form Polish Lithuania because they wanted to chip away at Russia
I do t even like Russia (both sides are zog) but man redditors are retarded

File: 1706472747049-0.jpeg (48.67 KB, 900x900, dnsl.jpeg)ImgOps

File: 1706472747049-1.png (329.07 KB, 1013x914, army.png)ImgOps

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Reposting from /raid/ Teens, I had a gemmy raid idea. If you know about DNSL, you might know of his Garry's Mod Gameshow. He is planning to host one today at 5-6 PM EST, When it goes up, Help gem up the Twitch stream or try to sneak into the gameshow yourself.

If you manage to get into the Garry's Mod server, you will have to impress him in a "tryout" process or he will kick you. If you manage to sneak into the actual gameshow after this, be extremely subtle but sneak in racial epithets, sound clips, and gems while other people are speaking, disrupt the gameshow, ETC. He is very politically correct and easy to make angry so if he hears any slurs he'll halt everything to try and kill whoever said it, which means there's high potential for a CIU. Be aware if you die inside the server, you won't be able to reconnect unless it gets re-hosted.

Any form of help is appreciated and this could be a massive gem if executed properly. Hundreds of viewers will be watching.

==!! STREAM==: https://www.twitch.tv/1dnsl

==!! IP==: (type "connect" in developer console, or paste steam://connect/ in your browser)

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File: 1708168969409.png (15.99 KB, 629x132, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

what a fucking neckbearded nigger


File: 1708169181353-0.png (707.28 KB, 1895x1032, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

File: 1708169181353-1.png (5.98 KB, 454x520, 1677982478540.png)ImgOps

>a couple sad losers who watch boring twitch streamers donated to me
>and that makes me better than a soyjak website full of kids


File: 1708169319080-0.png (703.37 KB, 1024x1024, 1680909002306.png)ImgOps

File: 1708169319080-1.png (44.86 KB, 424x479, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

>also nothing happened and this is so temporary
>which is why i made a discord channel to seethe in
>and put links to soyjak website screenshots on my twitch
its been 20 days and this is still here lmao obsessed


is he ever gonna stream again


petty ahh nigga

File: 1708131072990-0.png (157.61 KB, 642x1039, 36144 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps

File: 1708131072990-1.png (42.78 KB, 518x565, 62340 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps


'jak it up and post sylveon posts or whatever.
Also maybe make a macro or something.

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