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>Residential proxies/VPNs/etc
List of proxies detected by Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Open_proxy_detection (usually unbanned)
Mobile data: Your mobile data, if not rangebanned, works very well at ban evasion. To change your mobile IP, turn on airplane mode and then turn it off.
TuxlerVPN: https://www.tuxlervpn.com (works well, note that it's an unironic botnet)
MysteriumVPN: https://www.mysteriumvpn.com ($0.03/day, you can top up your account with crypto)
PacketStream: https://packetstream.io ($1.00/GB)
IPRoyal: https://iproyal.com ($0.80/GB, make sure to buy ONLY rotating residential proxies)


4tranx: https://www.4chan-x.net
4Chan Mass Reply: https://github.com/HamletDuFromage/4chan-mass-reply
Proxy switcher:
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/proxy-switchyomega/padekgcemlokbadohgkifijomclgjgif (Chrome)
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Don't forget the router reset method. Here's how to do it in the US.

1: Verizon FiOS - Most routers today for FiOS have a DHCP Release/Renew button. https://youtu.be/7UppP7VGazs] If this doesn't work, you'll need to leave your ONT and Router unplugged overnight to cycle the DHCP lease from the pool.

2: Comcast or other Cable-based modems in the US. You will need a modem that is hooked to a router that will allow you to change its IP address. I recommend the following:
What you need to do to dab on cable is easy. Log into the router, change the MAC address to something random (I usually change the last digit), click save, then unplug the modem, and plug it back in. Simple as.



I won’t stop until /qa/ is resurrected


File: 1655985986717.gif (1.33 MB, 435x498, 199999.gif) ImgOps

>who ask



File: 1658697501461.png (118.33 KB, 512x512, 0.png) ImgOps


I have residential proxies, I am willingly to give away to all raiders. For 4chan /tv/ board. Anyone got any ideas/suggestions?
These are credentials to Brightdata
Which has 100 million proxies
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kill yourself tranny


I doubt yours are in standard ip:port format. You need to buy a vps to set up a proxy server to access the proxies for us.


did brightdata block 4chan?


I would like to speak with you
DO you have a discord or matrix? anything


Share them nigger

File: 1645155056805.png (40.65 KB, 610x654, janny.png) ImgOps

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ITT we post everything we have and know about 4chan's moderation and how the site works in general.
I'll split the OP into several two or more posts, in each one dumping info and links.

Firt off, simple hidden pages:
Hidden board. Can't be accessed and it's unknown how it looks like.
Janny board. Can't be accessed right now but it was breached earlier. Stick around if you wanna see an archive of it from 2006 to 2014. Rumored to be inactive and used as a shitposting ground for jannies.
A list of boards and their specifications, including cooldowns, bump limits, image limits and whether if webms can have audio.
Don't do what this page tells you. All you get is your name put on a list that almost nobody will see since the page is hidden.
I'm using this more as a post shorterner. This link has all the other hidden links that I didn't post here. Nothing special, just old contests and shit like that.
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bumping this gem


After doing some testing, I am pretty sure the janicucks and modniggers have some sort of auto-report feature they can use.
I don't know how widespread it is, but they are definitely using it with me, after trying (and failing) to get me to stop posting certain things on a certain board by blacklisting and autobanning certain words and phrases, on top of their usual attempts at IP bans, cookie/cache bans, rangebans and so on.
If you start noticing your posts are consistently being deleted with unusual rapidity, this may be the reason. If switching to a different, but equally bannable offense leaves your post up for longer, then you have proof. (Do your tests in the same thread to rule out the possibility of jannies actively camping in it to delete posts, but not visiting other threads as much).
I have already shared this on other chans, but I thought I'd post it here as well since you too seem determined to make the janicucks seethe after what they did to your board.
I'm not really interested in what's going on in your site, but any information that maximises the butthurt inflicted to the janicucks is worth sharing everywhere.


Is this why all the Hunter Biden discussions got (((shut down)))?


late reply but based af


Yes along with all the accusations that /pol/ is obsessed with hunter's std ridden cock somehow.

File: 1660874568203.png (41.94 KB, 191x255, 1654565742752.png) ImgOps


You know what to do 'teens, gem it up.

File: 1656345999844.png (223.9 KB, 640x1136, 12711 - camera coprophagia….png) ImgOps





I didnt know there was a site for that


Teens, do it

File: 1660863250038.png (12.25 KB, 427x400, IMG_9015.png) ImgOps


theres been no moderation on /tv/ for like an hour we can raid it

File: 1660659260317.png (713.1 KB, 1080x609, trooncafe.png) ImgOps


You WILL raid roblox cafes and trigger the troons


These ones below you need an account that is over 30 days old


File: 1660856409634.png (21.38 KB, 640x734, guest chud.png) ImgOps

>roblox cafe raiding
takes me back

File: 1660672388168.png (10.66 KB, 454x520, 1589376956258.png) ImgOps


Raid lolcow.Farm pt board it's 500 post away from it's get so if we get enough teens we should be able to steal and flood the board




>spamming a site for days is... LE FUN

File: 1660622970472.gif (33.57 KB, 775x849, 17894 - animated bbc blink….gif) ImgOps



They make a general everyday, board is unmoderated so they constantly spam cunny without jaks
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Did Portland Oregon burn down or something ?



they really fetishize about killing toddlers lma


finally someone fucking did it


kill every single nigger



File: 1660820908437.png (75.13 KB, 358x611, 15110 - biting_lip distort….png) ImgOps


verified tbp slut cobson playing tranny trove

File: 1660781651227.jpg (1.34 KB, 20x17, fuck_1.jpg) ImgOps




File: 1660781900500.jpg (50.64 KB, 473x1024, 0_0.jpg) ImgOps





File: 1660782053931.png (353.96 KB, 635x980, cia wholesomejak.png) ImgOps

>Log in to TikTok
>Use QR code
>Use phone / email / username
>Continue with Facebook
>Continue with Google
>Continue with Twitter
>Continue with Apple
>Continue with Instagram
>Don’t have an account?
>Sign up


rip the video


Did someone save it? I want to see it.

File: 1660753463352.png (176.9 KB, 856x524, mandlbaur_holocaust.png) ImgOps


see https://boards.4channel.org/sci/thread/14765191

he thinks he found out that "12000 rpm debunks angular momentum"


File: 1636569770877.png (311.52 KB, 894x894, 1865 - blood bloodshot_eye….png) ImgOps

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Soyjaks: https://booru.soy

Virtual machine to install VPN clients unto: https://virtualbox.org

Windows installation images: https://rutracker.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=1012

VPNs / proxy:

1. VPN list (you can find free VPNs here): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ijfqfLrJWLUVBfJZ_YalVpstWsjw-JGzkvMd6u2jqEk/

2. VPN list (you can find free VPNs here): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQFFnZ2U2iETlHgXhokc2CHZoSkJeyTqlf-VsGxh7LPV7lN7e_nuvmDG6jAALSUAFJy310YvwrqAXfI/pub

3. Free Botnet VPN (doesn't work on the virtual machine if I recall correctly): https://www.tuxlervpn.com/

4. Free Crypto Scam VPN: https://mysteriumvpn.com
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The proxies automatically disconnect for some reason, I don't know if its my internet connection or something else but this didn't happened a few months ago, not to mention majority of IPs are rangebanned nowadays.


File: 1660571632817.png (540.11 KB, 1200x1200, 1659698211567.png) ImgOps

The only useful tool in this is the firefox hardening tool and thats not even a good one. The VPNs are expensive honeypots and the ones that are free are ineffective. Says google "free proxies" but doesn't mention the best source for that. Says there also proxies being sold for cheap but doesn't mention a source for that (other than "skid forums) even though having your own proxies is better than a VPN soyrvice.


File: 1660707167314.jpg (117.93 KB, 635x640, slirp.jpg) ImgOps


Do you prefer more organized raids were each thread is given a little bit of effort to make it seem less like spam? or Do you just spam the same image several times just to clog the catalog fast?


anyone here also own luminati/brightdata? For some reason my (stolen) credentials no longer load 4chan (or github.com) and just says proxy refused


Did you ask their support? Could be trying to stop people from using their proxies for cracking accounts.

File: 1660755125306.png (24.81 KB, 600x800, darkjak.png) ImgOps


>find random newly created thread on /a/
>reply with GEM, bumping this gem, etc
>jannies will think it's a secret soypost and ban it


I would do it this but I'm rangebanned on the cuck

File: 1660515756966.png (37.55 KB, 200x400, booru_filename.png) ImgOps


Raid forum.vanillahigh.net
Would be a shame if the shoutbox were filled with TND (total nigger death).

Consider creating your account now and waiting a day or two so we can extend the raid in case they disable account creation.

Optimal time for this particular target is from 22 to 05 UTC.


>account needed
eat shit and die


> I'm an incompetent little fuck and don't know how to get a throwaway email


>make an effort

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