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why the fuck does my nigger classmate get away with bullying me just because hes black


>he lets a nigger bully him


im 5'7 and 107 lbs with a fragile frame


kill that nigger


jews made this thread


>the chudcel origin story


go to the gym


not an excuse


>>7905 this just lift weights and make sure you have no macro/micronutrient/vitamin deficiencies


theres no point i have 5.5 inch wrists which are literally death tier


He doesn't get away with bullying because he's black, he gets away with bullying you because you are weak and probably a freak.


train forearms and wrist in the gym chud


you cant train your bones and if i do train my forearms everythings going to look out of proportion


buy a grip trainer and do forearm curls
hgh can also make your wrists bigger but can be dangerous to take


wrist growth plates usually close between the ages of 13 to 15 and im 18 so hgh isnt going to do anything


the only thing hgh doesn't make bigger is your height, bobybuilders that take it get bigger wrist, hand, feet bones and their skull size increases




Barry Bonds was a baseball player that got caught using it because his helmet and glove size increased


5'7, just turned 16 years old a month ago. What will 2.5 years of hgh take me up to?


yeah no, pseudo scientific bullshit doesnt count


When I was in early middle school I was a skinny 5'2 boy and I didn't let that stop me from banging a nigger's head into the whiteboard


he literally had to go to court because his shoe size went from 10 to 13



at that age at most 5'10


Nigger do calisthenics.


Because he's a nigger


File: 1664243652310.jpg (3.05 MB, 4128x3092, WE WUZ BUCKZ.jpg) ImgOps

you should rape him


doesnt work like that, my country is 98% white yet we have some niggers now and they are protected

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