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now with no robot

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File: 1643446811680.png (1.08 MB, 1719x1616, 1625119489478.png) ImgOps


>just got a 3 day ban from 4chan
>family is at home the entire weekend so I can't reset my IP
Fucking hell, I am never jakkin' /a/ again on a weekend.


you look like this


me too bro. i'm there for you.


Me on the right

File: 1652482528514.jpg (450.15 KB, 810x1080, 1651371187015.jpg) ImgOps


rate me /r9k/


File: 1652482910365.png (Spoiler Image, 76.83 KB, 415x707, 1638365751228.png) ImgOps


Who is this troon?


Built for Big Ukranian Cock


It’s over


You look like if Tin-tin was a chud.

File: 1650793124158.png (771.49 KB, 701x526, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


oh my science
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Is that soot?


No it’s null owner of kiwi tranny farms it’s an alt forum website that bully’s people called lolcows, but the admins are ugly freaks so it makes sense.


I don't remember soot having fetal alcohol syndrome


reminder he masturbated to child pornography


He's a janny, of course he did

Not all paedophiles are jannies, but all jannies are paedophiles.

File: 1655171878270.jpeg (48.59 KB, 382x607, FA31CEDD-D0DA-42D0-8E8A-D….jpeg) ImgOps


Johnny Young isn’t fat, he’s skinny. So why won’t women have sex with this fit man?
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File: 1656143288994.webm (5.61 MB, 446x450, 1650435233656.webm) ImgOps

the guy who sexually harassed women and then peppersprayed them


I like his voice, his hair is the main disappointment


I swear I played minecraft with this guy 10 years ago. his name was johnny something and he would go on mumble and talk about how he was becoming a porn star every day.


I wish I was as skinny as Johnny.



File: 1634242723211.jpeg (67.09 KB, 840x588, 310FFC95-01D0-475E-BC84-4….jpeg) ImgOps


I know karma exists because domestic violence only happens to women that don’t date me. Burn the coal pay the toll.
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kys faggot


lol seethe


Built for BHC (big human cock)


Dat BHC doe


I miss that poster :(

File: 1656453682706.png (242.74 KB, 512x497, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps




File: 1656353933921-0.png (208.7 KB, 748x957, 13966 - beard biting_lip b….png) ImgOps

File: 1656353933921-1.png (575.93 KB, 1166x1161, 10607 - black_skin blush c….png) ImgOps

File: 1656353933921-2.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1021, 1653456352697.png) ImgOps


the only ones i have are:
DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the local mcdonalds, it’s so SMELLY and makes me feel like i’m in one of my favorite RESTURANTS AND CONSUMER BRANDS. you should totally come on down to my local Mcdonalds, it’s got RED and WHITE walls and everything, we can order up a nice Mc-combo or Big Mac and get crazy watching some Ronalded Porn on Clowngrish.com! and dude, dude, DUDE, we have GOTTA go down to the RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE- listen here, right, it’s a GAY BAR where us CELEBERTIES who do INFLUENCING can go DRINK BCC CUM. BUT!!!! it’s also an GAY SEX SHOP like when we were becoming sissies for BRC, so we can play with BIG MASSIVE DANGLING MONSTROUS CLOWN DICKS, without dumb Dr.Dre and Jay Z bothering us. speaking of which kim and i have finally decided to tie the knot- literally -we’re both getting Hamburgler to prep the CLOWN BULL tomorrow at the hospital, that way we can save money hiring other Clowns to have sex with us so we can spend more on ourselves and our CLOWN BABIES. i’m fuckin A SISSY man, i’m gonna SLAM this big clown dick and pop open another one in my bussy!!!
Are nigger males becoming more and more susceptible to hermaphroditism? It seems as if the more GMO-based, onions-infused, MSG-laden fast food that niggers eat, the more their genetic make-up is being reshaped to be hosts for BCC (Big Clown Cock). I think we'll see a day when the nigger "male" effectively ceases to exist, and just becomes another walking womb for clownbabies, the same way nigger females already are.

File: 1655585293513.png (183.89 KB, 324x375, 4133 - closed_mouth clothe….png) ImgOps


I can hear a party and happy people outside my window again
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Beginning till january 2021


from the beginning until the soyset


When and what was the soyset?



No. Summer was cancer

File: 1655974374036.png (149.86 KB, 824x733, bff701a19d0cc4d6b437d429ba….png) ImgOps


hindu unity sarrs



File: 1655691549656.jpg (91.93 KB, 604x510, sneedville.jpg) ImgOps




she looks like she fucks black guys

/tiny white pecker

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