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File: 1663279105333.png (28.67 KB, 600x800, 1628391182502.png) ImgOps


You're an average Irishman dieing of hunger on the outskirts of Dublin. What are yu going to do about that?


Go to London and steal food from the British


Rape some lady


File: 1663358371326.jpg (154.43 KB, 1201x878, London haist .jpg) ImgOps

You arrive in London.
From behind a barrely of whisky you see a Policman arresting a native Londoner.
He was trying to spread some butter on a bread, but his knife permit expired a day prior.
Bread lays on the table, do you take it?


go for it


We got this, 'tis ours


take it and go to rape some anglo wimminz


File: 1663396844546.png (551.99 KB, 1199x878, london haist 2.png) ImgOps

You swipe the bread and begin planning the conquest of Anglo lasses, however though the Londoner noticed your hat sticking from behind the whisky


kick the table and run into the streets


File: 1663406848943.png (170.24 KB, 1284x878, London haist 3.png) ImgOps

You run into the ethnically diverse streets of London, with bread in mouth like in your favourite Irish tranime.
The police is surely running after you, so you need to hide


Hide in the fish n chips shop




This, let's bounce before the bobbies bounce our heads off the pavement.


File: 1663501647922.png (237.69 KB, 1176x1018, Fishnchip.png) ImgOps

You hide the bread into your pocket and enter the Fish n Chips shop.
There you see a big tank with fresh fish.
Sellsjak offers you their brand new trans inclusive bug flavoured soylent.
From behind the door you can hear police sirens approaching


destroy the soylent


Eat the fish


File: 1663519149594.jpg (128.76 KB, 899x935, Irish lawbreaker.jpg) ImgOps

You jump on the table, stomping the soylent bottles, and break through the glass off the tank with your fist. You start grabbing fish from the tank and throwing them in your mouth.
Sellsjak gets distressed by your behaviour and calls the cops


kill sellsjak and cut his body up into steaks, store the steaks into your hat for later


shit on the floor


File: 1663537963301.jpg (165.44 KB, 1165x1018, bloodymick.jpg) ImgOps

You murder Sellsjak and put pieces of his corpse under your hat
Right as you finished the dispatched officer entered the restaurant, making you shit on the floor out of fear.
However, Luck of the Irish has it that he didn't recognise you and asks about the 911 call, clearly mistaking you for Sellsjak


Don't say anything. If he comes to the counter, ask him what he would like to order and play it cool.




File: 1663598946754.jpg (59.88 KB, 671x429, order.jpg) ImgOps

Policman wants to ask about the call, but you interupt him by asking for his order.
Policman thinks for a moment and orders Splishin Splashin Bisquit Bashin Fish with Crispy Chips.
You've already ate all the fish that were in the restaurant.
What now?



Go into the kitchen and disguise one of the human steaks as a delicious piece of fish, pair with chips and serve it to him.


say that you cant serve fish and chips because the queens funeral was just on the telly and that you will cry alone in the back (use this as a way to exit through the backdoor, obviously beforehand peep outside the door and check for any nearby roadmen that are trying to sell you spice to avoid getting gaped)




This, no proper bobbie could reject such a plea


Put poison on the food


File: 1663793036350.jpg (84.68 KB, 1225x739, backally encounter.jpg) ImgOps

Policeman believes your story and lets you exit, however what you encounter in the bck alley is somehting far worse than simply another policeman

A group of Irishmen happened tobe skulking right behind the restaurant.Their leader is no ordinary 'jak, but Irish Pewdiepie himself.

Due to the Englisuh blood covering your body they can't recognise your Irish smell and think you're a Brit. What't worse they've just heard you're going to cry after Lizi.

They take out thier knives and attack


distract them with sellsjaks meat as they too are starving irishmen


File: 1663801212534.jpg (96.73 KB, 1221x739, Jka attack.jpg) ImgOps

The goons take the bait and trhow away their knife to pick you fresh meat. However Irish Pewdiepie had years worth of Youtube money to buy food and won't be so easily bribed.

He begins casting a spell screaming incantation: "TOPOFTHEMORNINGTOYALADDIES" and a pentagram of satanic gamer energy appears right under you.


try escape from the circle, and attack the police officer


piss whiskey into his mouth to prove that you’re a propa irishman


Prove your Irish nature by stabbing the bobby and shouting something in gaelic


File: 1663858974259.jpg (192.18 KB, 1106x1063, car bomb.jpg) ImgOps

To prove your Irishness you took a car bomb out of your pocket and threw it at the British policeman, killing him instantly.

You earned irish Pewdiepie's respect.

He decides to let you in on their plan. Since Charle's hasn't been crowned yet, Lizi still techically rules Britain. They are going to break nto her mausoleum, steal her corpse and resurec her as a zombie.
This way she will be able to sign over Northern Ireland to Ireland re-uniting the island.

You in?


Hell yes


declare you want at least 5 sacks of potatoes weekly for the rest of your life before you help them
After all you have to feed yourself


do it


assult an British army armory, take all the guns and go to Buckingham


File: 1664026298529.png (91.71 KB, 1295x575, Queengate.png) ImgOps

Under the cover of nightfall you sneak to the gates of queen's resting place.

2 guards are secruting the gate, both in the magic trans that lets them stand perfectly motionless


stab one of them to death with your candy cane knife and steal their clothes


tell them you're going on hunger strike until they open the gate.


File: 1664139649222.png (333.87 KB, 1295x574, COme out you blck and tan….png) ImgOps

You stab the 1st two, but not much came of your stealth attempts. The garison was alerted by your ftontal assault and made their way towards you. The fight is on


get your ar-10 from your hat and start shooting at the garrison


This, >>733, let's see if those limeys' assault spoons amount to shit.


gem thread


Call in the mobile DIY transit van mortars from the IRA.


File: 1664311716799.png (413.99 KB, 1295x739, soyjcanon.png) ImgOps

You take out you guns and start shooting at the guards armed with spoons.
After slaughterign a dozen you ecnountered a groupe equiped with loicences to kill and a might Soy Cannon. You are no match for its fire power and hide together with your team behind a cover, trying to figure out some way to disable the cannon


throw a bottle of propa number 12 irish whiskey into the cannon’s barrel so it can blow up the ball


Right! Let's show them limeys what for, for our mam!


This but also ignite it, destroying their Loicense, forcing other officers to arrest them due to owning unloicensed Soyarms


File: 1664396160507.png (881.57 KB, 1295x739, Another hole in the wall.png) ImgOps

You throw bottles of whiskey at the Soy Cannon. Alohol spills on it, catches fire from the lit fuse and makes the whole thing spectacularly explode, veporizing the guards around it and breaking a hole in a wall that leads to a different part of the building.
You can keep going the normal way through the complex or take the mysterious new rode


Let's defer to Irish Pewdiepie, he's the man with the plan.

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