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Your roommate has always been interesting. He loved the violin, had a deep appreciation for avocados, and, on one fateful day, he began making mukbangs on YouTube.
Over the subsequent years you watched him grow. Orlin moved in with you, along with Hungry Fat Chick for a few months. He developed relationships and a greater appetite. Nicholas soon began wearing his signature red shirt.
But it was soon time for Nicholas to move out. He and Orlin both dropped out and bought a nice house together, while you stayed at your same old dorm. Nicholas soon stopped talking to you—he had grown too big and famous. But still, you continued watching every video of his, at first supporting it, and later becoming horrified at ‘cado’s eating habits and fake personality.

The doorbell rings.
“HELLOOOO!?” his signature, unforgettable voice cries out.
You rush to the door and open it.
“Hello Chud, I need you in my old room NOW!”
Confused, but trusting, you obey his thunderous voice.
“Alright. Now, here is my camera. I’ll give you a free Cameo video if you do this favour for me, m’kay?”
You nod.
In confused shock, you watch as ‘cado jump on the bed, his belly touching its sheets and his smelly feet pointing your way. ‘Cado slowly, lustfully, pulls down his xxxxxxl black shorts, and lunges his ass slowly up to your face, his whole body rising in the process, his backside rising to eye-level. This movement, by the human body’s very nature, results in an open buttocks, with the anus fully exposed. And oh boy was his coinslot the best you could ever see (though you never admit to that). His chode, too, looked black, just like your girlfriend’s bull’s.
“Take a picture”, he says, like an irritated toddler.
He rears his head toward you, peaking out from behind his red shirt, giving off a smug look under his baseball cap. You are now, by his avuncular gaze, compelled to take 3 images.
“Done”, you say.
‘Cado, however, does not flinch.
He grins.

What action do you take?


shit on the floor


bury my face in it


‘Cado is amused. However, he doesn’t do much about it. Your shit was a sign of subservience, of weakness. His grin grows larger. Could anyone really just shit so abruptly like that, without even holding it in or excusing themselves? Clearly, to ‘cado, you just consented.
“Come forward!”
You walk toward him with shivering arms and a pounding heart. Is this it? Will you be the mortar to hold together ‘cado’s life, replacing Orlin after their multiple break-ups? Will he become your sugar daddy? Will you become a popular mukbang star? All of this just by inserting your thing into ‘cado?
You reach into your pants.
‘Cado rotates so his face is right next to yours, noses barely apart.
“Stick your head in my coinslot. Do it, chud, please.”
Well, you can’t argue with so authoritative a command. ‘Cado rotates back again, his ass now facing you. You grasp his asscheeks and slightly pull them apart, not because you couldn’t see ‘cado’s coinslot properly, but because the anatomy of the anus is a fascination of yours, and you want to peer in deeply.
You take a deep breath and plunge into his ass. First your nose, then brow, then cheeks, then ears. It is very strange how unconcerned you are with the fact that your entire head is in a human anus.
From the muffled air touching your neck and flowing through little passages into ‘cado’s opened asshole, you hear a homoerotic “YESSSS!!!”.

But you’re stuck. You cannot get out. Yes, this is hugely enjoyable to both parties, but you’re trapped! What action do you take?


Bumping this heckin’ gem, the only actual quest on /qst/.


Plunge deeper


submerge yourself fully into his slot, head to toe


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>i need an excuse to post the hohol faggot's asshole on an unrelated board





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