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Kind of getting sick and tired of this website dogging on anyone who shows a genuine interest in anything.

What's something you've enjoyed recently? It can be music, a show, a video game, a YouTube channel or video, a book, poetry, something you do with friends, or something you enjoy doing by yourself! You don't just sit online and post soyjaks all day do you?




File: 1700521205120.png (15 KB, 604x716, 1699727896788.png)ImgOps

>Kind of getting sick and tired of this website dogging on anyone who shows a genuine interest in anything.
>What's something you've enjoyed recently? It can be music, a show, a video game, a YouTube channel or video, a book, poetry, something you do with friends, or something you enjoy doing by yourself! You don't just sit online and post soyjaks all day do you?


File: 1700521244011.png (458.28 KB, 1080x1020, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

I like playing piano


That's cool! Are there any types of books you like to collect in particular? Do you skim through them at all or purely a collector?

I hope you recover from your irony poisoning soon

Do you play classical stuff, or jazzy stuff? Or something else?


I'm not being ironic. Kill yourself


It’s a test. If you stop enjoying something because it’s trooncore or soy, did you really enjoy it in the first place?


File: 1700521669080.png (Spoiler Image, 545.3 KB, 860x484, 6t0Sls.png)ImgOps

Shit gets you hated in every corner of the internet, but I'm still not ashamed of it
Good luck! I plan going back to playing piano in months


Being afraid to show sincere interest in things and putting everyone else down for enjoying things, so you can temporarily feel better about yourself, is cancer to society and to your mind. Come on anon, what do you enjoy?


File: 1700521803733.gif (51.25 KB, 680x768, 1698764938955-0.gif)ImgOps

Is this some kind of bait


File: 1700521820194.png (6.62 KB, 600x800, nose plier.png)ImgOps

OP the purpose of this site is to mock people by posting exaggerated faces of glee, it is inherently making fun of people who show interest in anything.
It's the Achilles heel of 'jakking in some ways. On a long enough timeline, everything will be soy..


I enjoy gooning to this


You WILL melt your inner protective shell and be genuine ITT and you WILL enjoy it

I have a hard time believing anyone not on amphetamines "goons" to anything


All I know about it are the incest memes, is it a visual novel?


>Come on anon, what do you enjoy?
I enjoy watching videos of people dying, be it from accidents or from getting murdered. The way they die is very funny to me, I usually unironically laugh while watching them.


File: 1700522197227.jpg (39.28 KB, 443x502, spencer.jpg)ImgOps

Both are me and I will melt my icy heart for you to become my Bacha Bazi, nothing else can do it


Yes it is slowburn no-jumpscare spine-tingling A24 incest porn


What is funny is that the essence of 'jakking is precisely what turned all the millennials into annoying ironycuck quipsmarms in the first place. This place is just 2007ish 4chan happening again, eternal recurrence…


If you're a pedophile maybe you should go back to the irony shroud or just kys :(


RPGmaker game with very simple puzzles so might as well call it a glorified visual novel.
Incest is actually one of the main essences of this game, but it's not the reason I like it.

This game actually has thought provoking characters and dynamics that to this day I struggle to decide if these siblings like each other or not, this game made me think about a character that I never did for this long. And it's kind of clean from trooncore elements so I'm able to enjoy it more confidentally.

And no it's not an incest porn game.


Is it primarily for the fap? Or is there more to it?
I see, do you find yourself aroused? What's you're relationship with the concept of death when it comes to yourself?


>And no it's not an incest porn game.


File: 1700522539180.png (25.92 KB, 644x800, 1696015521230.png)ImgOps


Incest is trooncore albeit because transitioning can negate the Westermarck effect in one or both siblings


I refuse to believe anyone gets hard while watching gore. Also I don't worry about dying, because I know it won't happen for a long while.


Believe it or not, it is porn for women not men. They're just in it for the memes


For me, I am mostly fascinated. It feels like watching people die can impart some lesson to me, even when it's some shit that's irrelevant to my life like some dude getting butchered by the cartel with zero context on the video.



It is, it's just not for male audience. If you look back at xer previous games you can see they are real sicko shit that only a femcel mind comes up with. The whole purpose of the "will they or won't they" mystery is that this kind of mental teasing is what women actually get off on, that's why they consoom story porn (literotica, BDSM werewolf shit) instead of just photographs of bodyparts.

It is brocon 100%, the "horror" storyline is just there to facilitate this. It is still well-written and has good character work however


The medical system has a modified HRT for pedos meant to kill the sex drive. Like some obscure progestin or something. I figure you probably didn't ask to be cursed this way but you really should find a way to either stop the desire or honorably end your life. Perhaps there is a third option like going to that male-only Greek place if you're attracted to little girls specifically, but if it's not irontight you risk harming others. I'm sorry life is so cruel pedo-anon


File: 1700523383610.jpg (35.68 KB, 530x288, 8bb3eabb5cb4f0c106ba87694f….jpg)ImgOps

I enjoyed super mario wonder


I knew that nemlei's other games were weird shit too but I never bothered looking at them because of this. Thanks for explaining, because I don't know shit about females at all.
>is brocon and basically incest porn for femcels
I can never stop myself from being attached to faggy shit huh. Well, at least the game is good so I don't have to feel that bad.


Don't worry about it brah it's okay


Maybe you should try to process and work through your internalized gender policing instead of feeling like you're doing something wrong every time you read a book or watch a show that appeals to women or gays or whatever


I'm actually not attached to faggot media that much, I was exaggerating.


I just noticed that I'm more sensitive towards more simplistic and cutesy media that people around me aren't fond of and I usually like emotional stuff a lot more than my friends I think.


this man literally let a nigger fuck his wife


Do you have more info on his life and why he bought her a car?


File: 1700525966915.png (716.98 KB, 1229x674, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

I transheart paragliding


Nahhhh I don't wanna share my autistic interests


Playing: Stalcraft, New Vegas
Watching: The boys, rick and morty, and willburger


File: 1700529465153.png (434.31 KB, 350x525, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

Honest to god, I would not hate this game so fucking much if its artstyle wasn't made to be 100% coomerbaitshit. Fucked up premises in RPGmaker games are nothing new (like in pic rel), but 100% people are only interested in this game just for the incest and porn alone and not anything else interesting.
And I know I sound like a hypocrite by saying "people only care about this because of the artstyle and incest" all the while I'm avoiding it because of the artstyle and fans, but any sort of passing interest I might have had in this game just completely dried up when the author knows xhe's cultivating an insufferable audience with xer artstyle and I do NOT wish to be apart of something so gay and annoying. Maybe it's an interesting game, but again any attention I had in it went from "mild intrigue" to "I'm not playing your fucking incest game coomer."


aryan sport


Datamining faggor


File: 1700545717581.png (788.07 KB, 1080x2115, Screenshot_20231024-205908….png)ImgOps

Honestly? Fair. There have been many times for me where the fanbase, artstyle, the author and general prejudice I had completely prevented me from playing a game as well. But for some reason this game didn't, and I never even cared about incest porn or whatever. Though, I would probably hate this game and never touch it if I was exposed to the "fanbase" much more(I was exposed to it here first)

>Maybe it's an interesting game

It's very possible that if you are a general fan of VNs and RPGmaker games you woouldn't find this game that interesting anyways.


File: 1700545919477.png (111.08 KB, 1450x1584, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

Recently I watched A Clockwork Orange, really enjoyed it and I thought it was a really interesting film!


File: 1700546213133.webm (5.16 MB, 640x480, VID_20230602_182513.webm)ImgOps


played some Stellaris, liking it but I still don't understand some stuff, it's ok tho I'll figure it out


File: 1700561898344.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1080, The-House-in-Fata-Morgana-….png)ImgOps

Pic related is the only visual novel I've ever read due to the super high review scores on metacritic (recommend it btw, eve & dough the second act drags a little with the beach scenes), and out of nowhere after hours of reading, the artist inserted a drawing of one of the main characters with comically huge breasts, it was ridiculous


That's wild. Are there like designated spots for this? Ever had any close calls?


that's so fucking awesome


You should put one of those in a bottle and send it out to sea


File: 1700578217072.mp4 (5.53 MB, 720x1280, 1695849054471.mp4)ImgOps

I still don't know how adam22 isn't known in this site. Dude streamed his wife breastfeeding, cucked, opened an OF account for his wife and is a laughing stock


Did they have biological kids together? At the end of the BBC scene, the kids are the only thing that really matters


File: 1700581514282.gif (4.51 MB, 640x562, vaush.gif)ImgOps

call of duty world at war and black ops 1 aswell as the stalker trilogy
generally older games are gemmy


>older music is gemmy
>older video games are gemmy
>older movies are gemmy
>older shows are gemmy
Looks like older media is more gemmy in general.


both he and his wife are porn actors
its just business to him, he's not a real cuck


>the black guy isn't really cucking me because I'm in on the joke or something


god are u just pretending to be stupid? this guy and his wife """cheat""" on each other every day, it's their job.
in this video he's pretending to be an "actual" cuck just because he knows that that kind of shit sells to interracial fans. you're retarded if you think this video is "genuine" and not a way to advertise his wife.


He doesn't really try to appear weak or simp-like tho, maybe it's because i don't watch cuck porn but his unconflicted enthusiasm about the whole thing is what makes it seem like it's not even cuck porn just like a porn pimp and his bitch or something. Also I love how he moves his hands when he says "BBC scene". Gem video


cucks arent supposed to be weak or simp-like, they're supposed to be enthusiastic about their wives fucking other people. you're just not familiar enough with the cuck "attitude", but that's 100% what he's trying to imitate.


I've been listening to somewhat older albums in the "beat genre/range" (The Zombies, The Animals, The Cyrkle, etc) but recently I just finished listening to the entire discography of Super Furry Animals, and moving on to Jamiroquai soon, and after that probably re-listening to The Beta Band's albums. More of a band guy rather than a song guy, ya know?

I've also been playing Roblox more as of recent as it's really the only video-game I play anymore.
I also draw sometimes.


>I've also been playing Roblox more as of recent as it's really the only video-game I play anymore


I've been playing the game for about nine years at this point.

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