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File: 1623939321761.png (2.17 MB, 1920x1080, LeeTastic Tales.png) ImgOps

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Welcome Soyjakkers of all Trades! It's about time this board deserves a gemtastic storytime all it's own! The Rules are simple. I write the bones of the story,and you fill out the meat!
Let's have a loudy laugh and a great time!
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File: 1643935035282.png (642.82 KB, 1188x495, CAD Bane of the Mask.png) ImgOps

Bumping top




File: 1644363900192.png (620.93 KB, 828x863, Chicanery Of the Maak.png) ImgOps

I am not crazy! I know he forgotten that ID. I knew he left it in his other pants. "No ID,No Party" As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. He covered his tracks, he got that Pajeetinx Jorge to lie for him. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This Boogieing? He's done worse. That IV! Are you telling me that a man just happens to bring a functioning IV to a Halloween party? No! He orchestrated it! Avery! He accidentally pulled out an IV by ""his bad"" instead of an ID! And I let him in! And I shouldn't have. I took him into my own party! What was I thinking? He'll never change. He'll never change! Ever since he was employed at Animagine, always the same! Couldn't keep his eyes out of the production department!

But not our Avery! Couldn't be precious Avery!

Shilling them blind! And HE gets to be a Animator? What a sick joke! I should've stopped him when I had the chance! And you, you HAVE to stop them! You -


File: 1644364463912-0.jpeg (5.4 MB, 3316x2549, Monkey Bone Dark Town Jus….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1644364463912-1.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1946x1525, Sailor of the Mask.jpeg) ImgOps

Art dump


File: 1644608083794.png (830.03 KB, 1070x602, Avery the Masked Giant.png) ImgOps

JAANNIEEES MAKE /vath/ so I can spam all I want with like minded individuals






File: 1645038912551-0.jpeg (4.46 MB, 3276x2538, 58A15629-729E-40DD-A51D-B….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1645038912551-1.jpeg (3.99 MB, 3244x2549, F7FCFB36-6F29-4980-A039-E….jpeg) ImgOps


I wish KYM would unban you, Vinluv. You created so many gems.




File: 1645564630540-0.png (148.32 KB, 512x400, thintin (1).png) ImgOps

File: 1645564630540-1.png (98.55 KB, 466x364, Soyjak Kuz Milk.png) ImgOps

I agree new 'luv





File: 1645652757658.png (391.81 KB, 453x1330, Vinluv Season.png) ImgOps

The Brightest ID-eas always leave the most Poisonous IV-y


File: 1645749838802-0.png (665.12 KB, 970x683, FNAS.png) ImgOps

File: 1645749838802-1.png (620.25 KB, 970x575, Five Nas at Sharty's.png) ImgOps

shared universe spiritual sucesor here


File: 1646006251937.jpeg (418.33 KB, 797x1461, 603BD931-523F-405B-9640-B….jpeg) ImgOps

ID’d gem


If you are reading this comment your parents will live long and healthy lives. To activate this blessing no action is required. You're welcome, no need to thank me.



File: 1646226825037.png (121.41 KB, 400x400, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

Vinluv and Son of the Mask are crap.


File: 1646250860229.png (136.79 KB, 336x217, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

>Vinluv and Son of the Mask are cr-ACK


File: 1646493480934-0.png (652.97 KB, 3928x2068, 1D402652-D9F4-4CD5-92D2-E7….png) ImgOps

File: 1646493480934-1.png (13.4 KB, 311x313, C2694014-D506-4103-A035-E4….png) ImgOps


File: 1646777522073.png (355.75 KB, 685x439, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps



File: 1647550599575.jpg (870.31 KB, 2048x1588, YaknJak Tim & Sid.jpg) ImgOps

New Yak'N'Jak Characters Meet Tim Max the Tanuki and Sid Zed the Binturong Sid and Tim are in loving relationships with their Female counterparts Tonya and Sheila wile Yak and Jak are gay and their Female counterparts are lesbians respectively


Yeah I'm thinking /fwl/ is back


File: 1650055403375.jpeg (245.97 KB, 1125x691, 0A324775-B4F3-4298-AA18-E….jpeg) ImgOps

Fun with Lee Live action actors B2P:Daniel Radcliffe (method acting of going on the sharty/derpibooru and watching classic TMNT episodes.)
Ausfreak: Rebel Wilson (skinnystrongfat)
Lee Goldson : both Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds in dual role


Can't wait for the inevitable, when this freak will get locked in prison for murdering people and doing disgusting things to the corpses


File: 1650058416625.jpeg (36.98 KB, 400x400, Don trumptelli.jpeg) ImgOps

New 'luv /fwl/ post


File: 1650065934126.png (758.05 KB, 846x965, Fun with Lee leaked chapte….png) ImgOps




File: 1650203371956.png (44.61 KB, 1412x1349, Drumpfat color.png) ImgOps

>BarneyFag looking disgusting --
missed cheese protruding-- in iron maiden shirt before /bant/. Very very disrespectful.


luv gem


File: 1651536922995.png (206.01 KB, 506x421, Sidssolini 2.PNG) ImgOps


File: 1653586992050-0.png (573.93 KB, 1192x854, les misoyables inspector s….png) ImgOps

File: 1653586992050-1.png (819.21 KB, 2475x1547, 6E3A9E52-5DCA-4D10-A1FE-D7….png) ImgOps

I'm thinking were back boys


iv'd thread


coal thread


ID'd thread however


He should start posting on /bant/ (even if he is underage doesn't matter, half of the bant is)


old coal go up


File: 1656796320471-0.png (17.41 MB, 3268x2549, AEF1DF01-F936-4452-85D6-4E….png) ImgOps

File: 1656796320471-1.jpeg (508.45 KB, 1440x1123, 2B5B3BE6-C8DD-451C-A5A6-4….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1656796320471-2.jpeg (208.05 KB, 1125x1050, 4013D933-459A-4410-ACA1-9….jpeg) ImgOps

I don't feel like it... Anyways I got a new character for Yak'n'Jak's cinematic universe! Plus my discord account got deleted so you can stop calling me a "cordtroon"!


File: 1656796381538-0.png (17.41 MB, 3268x2549, 5CA03DB5-6A1C-46EF-9EA0-92….png) ImgOps

File: 1656796381538-1.jpeg (508.45 KB, 1440x1123, A761C488-D232-4D51-A395-A….jpeg) ImgOps

New Yak'n'Jak


hi Vinluv it's me Vinluv



dangerously based








I got some fresh new ideas for the series just hold still


based. please return this was a sparkling gem to ever come out of the party




bumping this classic schizo gem

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