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File: 1669241472677-0.jpg (8.59 KB, 258x320, Aaron chudjak.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1669241472677-1.jpg (19.75 KB, 270x480, 314601492_670589871146895_….jpg) ImgOps


This is my dearest friend Aaron, whom I believe to be the embodiment of chud. Naturally, he is a massive incel of course. Your Thoughts?


He's not ugly at all


actual aryan








kill yourself Daniel you LARPing slavshit faggot


nas coal


hes fakecel


You're friend is going places


File: 1669314572614.png (211.54 KB, 800x789, 1663431631189.png) ImgOps

>wrong your


He is not fat, so he can find girls to take his virginity through online dating.


He'd be a handsome fella if he got contacts and a good haircut though. Decent facial structure. But probably a manlet though.


He had a gf but they broke up after a month because he's too racist lmao


why do people hate glasses so much, they're ultra thin he'd look almost the same as he does now
>good haircut
literally whats wrong with his hair
do you even know what an incel is retard?


glasses show that you're dsygenic faggot


If he loses the glasses and gets some green/blue eye color contact lenses he could probably make it
With a better haircut too, and maybe some muscle


Oh. And a slight light tan if he likes. Solid chin, disgusting T50 eyes and general strong build. But the glasses, man. Fucking disgusting. He could also try growing a beard but that might be a bit much soy.


Nigga it looks like you took the hair someone you scalped and gorilla glued it on his head. Literal Chud hair with no actual design, he may as well be bald.


haha somehow I doubt he isn't a virgin still


He probably mogs you.


>shitskin hair and eyes
basically a nigger. it's over


King of Soyjak.party


File: 1669365851257.png (128.4 KB, 785x731, 10283745.png) ImgOps

The "incel chud phenotype"

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