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File: 1658774725845-0.png (399.07 KB, 580x866, Sid (son) City.png)

File: 1658774725845-1.png (29.56 KB, 651x548, Sid in a pastiche of frank….png)


In a sharty, there is a shaky truce between those who rule the boards, and those who rule everything.
Walk down the right thread in Sid City, and you can find anything.
There is no justice without sid.
You're Jaque Coalog,Private PI with nothing to lose. A lost soul destined to change the world.


drink some seltzer


hi 'luv


File: 1658782509384.png (51.58 KB, 1217x623, Coalog sips seltzer.png)

It's a breeze july here in Sid City,
Don't get much customers.
They're too accustomed to crime
numb to it
but those who come pay lots
and that keeps the light on.
Not a big fan of carbonic acid
But it makes me feel something


check case files.


File: 1658783478963.png (86.49 KB, 1216x1148, A visitor apporaches.png)

Nothing much,same as usual. At least if you don't count the Sprokoni Abduction Case you just closed. Funko Pop collections stolen,Mysterious Soylent shortages,it's all so tiresome,but there's this case I've been itching to scratch it feels like it's gonna pop in any second now.... But I can't remember...


welcome the visitor and listen to what he has to say


'luv go up




File: 1658872896042-0.png (160.99 KB, 1648x1096, Dustina Bumpfrey enters.png)

File: 1658872896042-1.png (63.32 KB, 908x988, Senator Bumpfrey dead.png)

>>30859 "So what brings you to this little humble ol' shithole? Jaque mumbles before looking at the Visitor, it's Dustina Bumphrey,former mole for the G.I.D.,partner from decades past and ex-lover. She was green with envy at anyone who outstead her,but she was perfectionistic, analytical, cool, and calm,loved gardening more than her own life. >Aign,nothing much
>I have a tip-off the old block that you may be interested in,but if you need to dilate in the back I won't stop you


ask her for the tip while dilating


File: 1658958120968-0.png (90.96 KB, 1232x968, Jaque Dials in.png)

File: 1658958120968-1.png (227.86 KB, 1287x789, Memories of Uncle Bumpfrey.png)

I'll just... Dial it into my notes how about that hun?
>Just wanted to cool down the heat boo

So uhh.. why are you so giddy about reporting on your uncle's death... is it somekinda scam scheme?

>He was to...put it lightly,a kiddie didler, absolute pest around everyone except me.. and besides, even if he did leave anything he put it into one of his "Charities" aka his lodge's hedge funds

Well uh...thanks for the tip and if you can...get out of my damn office. I'm a volcel now. Can't let another skank ruin my life.
>Not like I could ruin it any further


File: 1659056504505.mp3 (562.31 KB, Vocaroo 1ajkV6qFZsxp.mp3)

Jaque is in a nice diner (https://vocaroo.com/1ajkV6qFZsxp)
ordering food,he knows there's a connection with the catering company who just so happens to own the joint,starts subtly snooping around




File: 1659133407319.png (100.31 KB, 1159x978, Jauqe At cafe Penn.png)

"Did ya get that down toots" Jaque scoffs at the underpaid ,surprisingly not underweight waitress.
"yeah,it's actually not as extreme as the usual".
"So what brings ya here big guy?,heard it from a friend,an ad? You seem to come from the farther side of town."
"oh,just was looking for the catering company at the Cobinski Hall banquet the other night or two-
The waitress bubbles out
"Couldya do me the favor and come with me to the back?"


File: 1659216897035.png (165.09 KB, 1156x1245, Jauqe At cafe Penn 2.png)



drumpf bump


Stuff a note pad down your coat while the lady talks to you.


File: 1659379535833.png (209.59 KB, 800x1127, Coalog interviews.png)

Says the waitress
No,no,private PI,Commisioned for good boy points. Just asking,what do you know about the poisoning at Cobinski hall and the mysterious yellow fluid?
Well... Says the waitress... There was these truckers who sent the food over wearing these weird yellow hoods,we let the inspect the food and they may have slipped somethin' i-
"They were nice guys"
mumbles the waitress


two scoops


Try to ask her calmly
"do you know who catered your slop?"


File: 1659558336613.png (19.73 KB, 801x453, Coalog asks.png)

Jaque tries to ask her,but She JOLTS out of the room as fast as she entered. Leaving him along in the dark...




I agree, The adventure will continue


late af reply vinluv


Me so solly.


yna (you're not asian)


You're goshdang right


Right at the trucker's lounge outside of town,coincidentally funded by the knights of the Tempeh,Jaque is looking for clues on who delivered the poisoned food.


File: 1659807929963.png (23.17 KB, 586x702, ayatola.png)

tell him to sign your petition


missed eds on /soy/ sobot

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