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New 'toss just dropped


tsmt but the other way around



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Would you poop in a traditional japanese toilet?

>The traditional Japanese-style (和式, washiki) toilet is the squat toilet.

>A squat toilet essentially looks like a miniature urinal set horizontally into the floor.
>A shallow trough collects the waste, instead of a large water-filled bowl
>Many Japanese toilets have two kinds of flush: "small" (小) and "large" (大). The difference is in the amount of water used. The former is for urine (in Japanese, literally "small excretion") and the latter for feces ("large excretion"). The lever is often pushed to the "small" setting to provide a continuous covering noise for privacy
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I once showered in the poop




OP is a poop jeet


tf is a "squad toilet" sounds gay nigga only one is supposed to use them at a time not all yo boys

File: 1658774725845-0.png (399.07 KB, 580x866, Sid (son) City.png) ImgOps

File: 1658774725845-1.png (29.56 KB, 651x548, Sid in a pastiche of frank….png) ImgOps


In a sharty, there is a shaky truce between those who rule the boards, and those who rule everything.
Walk down the right thread in Sid City, and you can find anything.
There is no justice without sid.
You're Jaque Coalog,Private PI with nothing to lose. A lost soul destined to change the world.
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adventure thread outside /qst/


Vinluv's SidCity Adventure thread.






page 3 bump

File: 1669743821855.jpg (1.78 MB, 1078x10000, 1669233665529124.jpg) ImgOps


'n'e'w 's't'o'n'e't'o's's
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No wonder they're so diseased. They're always nuking their gut biome and replacing it with pozzed black cum


This is what SexEd is about




File: 1669748847700.png (498 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


File: 1669749067269.png (185.49 KB, 1085x912, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

>aka tariq nasheed
kek what the hell


Tell me about the origin 'delete /pol/' meme.

All i know that there was a subreddit called shitredditsays that had a rivalry with /pol/ and they had something to do with the origin of the meme.

Tell me about the rivalry between this subreddit and early /pol/, how this meme started, and did it affect the overall internet atmosphere (sjw growth, later gamergate, etc.)



File: 1669737829231.png (2.71 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png) ImgOps


>Many parents reported that their children were highly distressed after encountering the video, with one girl becoming physically ill and needing to sleep with the lights on.[17] Another parent argued that she fears her children, who accidentally discovered the video on TikTok, may have post-traumatic stress disorder.[18][19] Institute of Mums circulated further warnings for parents about seemingly benign video content hiding the McNutt video, stating, "Alarmingly, there are also reports of the video being sandwiched in the middle of cute and funny cat videos, which begin with viewer-friendly footage before quickly changing to the disturbing suicide."[20] 

File: 1669718939207.png (252.99 KB, 962x1112, 4chuds.png) ImgOps


What happened to the /raid/ board?


Soytrannies can't raid


it was barely used and kuz restructured the boards so it was removed


virgin retard
chad intellectual


You never replied to my threads or joined in my raids, so it had to be deleted.

File: 1669730718806.png (70.2 KB, 233x240, 407e57c4831176e4b0b00f766f….png) ImgOps


why the fuck is this ib so slow
i'm talking about resources usage

File: 1648404136446.png (3.29 MB, 4448x1932, new 'toss.png) ImgOps

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new 'toss
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i mog u


File: 1669669344552.jpg (13.55 KB, 300x224, nerd-bigstock_Extreme_Comp….jpg) ImgOps

>i mog u




gooks are ugly


keep coping lil bro i mog u to the grave

File: 1669710553765-0.jpg (61.9 KB, 852x953, Filn9-xWIAA83Al.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1669710553765-1.jpg (41.83 KB, 720x809, Filt-uLWQAA2LaF.jpg) ImgOps



predictive programming examples


peak reddit

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