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What happened to the rules for jannys/mods? Its gone.


modjannies are free to nametroon and delete everything they don't like of course there's no rules


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This happens hourly




fr✡️✡️t removed it




This was something that was added and existed exclusively when DOLL was admin. They have been removed. Did you know Soot's rules says "Remember, the janny is always right."? http://sp2022.soyjak.wiki/rules.html


Is this a answer or distraction?


Everything I say is an answer. I think having a public section like that is obtuse; it was never needed for soot or kuz. It only ever resulted in people disagreeing with mod actions and copy pasting from it and starting drama in /soy/. I wanted it gone the moment I was hired as manager because it was no longer being wholly enforced, but it was only removed however recently. If you want me to rundown what still applies, I'll gladly do it here:

>Your job is to follow the rules and guidelines as they are written. If you are unsure of the rules and their application, ask the Manager.

This is what I told every mod and janny I manage
>You will not reveal your status as a member of the team at any point for any reason.
Applies for all janitors including the new yuro hires. The FDL, froot hires, have limited namefag perms and can no longer capcode on /q/. If they start attentionwhoring too much, froot gives them the squeeze.
>If something breaks the rules, delete first and only ban after repeat offenses.
I do like this mantra and just the other day I reminded the mods/FDL of it word for word.
>You are not the coal police. If the post doesn't break the rules or guidelines, you WILL NOT delete it.
This no longer applies verbatim. You can see how coally things got when it was on the page, lots of loopholes and spam; the soylita/shoyta soy ban was a result of it. Now things go on a subjective basis and I still advise jannies to err on the side of only deleting if they have to. And never to delete posts they simply don't like (enough of that and they'll get fired).
>Being a janny can be frustrating, so don't apply if you can't handle this lovely community of ours and all that comes with it.
Yeah this is pretty common understanding if youre applying to be a janny
>If you can't follow these guidelines, then I will quickly make sure you won't have to worry about following them ever again.
The mods and jannies know this still applies, but from my mouth instead of doll's.


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Well something is wrong because Jannies do whatever the hell they want apparently


Get killed selfinserter

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