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Booru is temporarily down for maintanence.
Variant of the year awards vote: Link

File: 1668538415194.gif (454.62 KB, 400x211, 1660547070180.gif) ImgOps


a guy on a frognigger spam thread on /a/ actually made a good point, kuz organize something like this with the farty it would be a fun activity and the end result would be really gemmy.

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oldchad gem


File: 1668672381029.png (552.04 KB, 678x519, 1668190212101.png) ImgOps

We could do the cobson scenes from lawnmower man
>most sharty piece of art
>animated already and expressive
>Plenty of potential for different backgrounds
<it will encourage most submissions to be cobson

Making an animation meme using poyopoyo Gif maker and static images.
Animation memes were often posted a couple of months ago on sharty
>can insert a lot of different jaks
>artistic freedom
>can use another animation meme as template
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<it will encourage most submissions to be cobson
not a problem tho


Is A Problem because it kinda defeat the purpose of showing off the sharty.
Also everyone will rush to I am God here part meaning too much competition for it
I would personally choose id scene.


>>61978 (me)
We can do cobson scene https://youtu.be/LUsWBCH8Ch8
From 2:11 to 2:17
It's only 8 seconds and it should be short like squidward squilliam /v/ e3 scene, which is also around 7 - 8 seconds

File: 1668679555174.png (36.36 KB, 379x284, 15097 - SoyBooru.png) ImgOps


Why are [thumb]s disabled in the booru comments?


They were re-enabled ages ago retard


Fucking stupid nigger! No! kys kys kys already.

File: 1668670631835.png (36.55 KB, 600x687, d31.png) ImgOps



File: 1668597262513.png (194.56 KB, 800x800, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


SOOOT open a tranitor application right nooow


why, imagine wanting to be a TRAN(NY)tor



If not me, then who? A tranny, that's who




File: 1668551918435.png (130.06 KB, 1699x837, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


fix the archive
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kuz you NIGGER do this


kuz ran out of money to pay php coders. the chive will never be finished 😔


but its finished however


there is nothing on this website that is worth archiving

File: 1668650051614.gif (540.22 KB, 370x300, 1666969199050.gif) ImgOps


Delete anime

File: 1668640101405.png (132 B, 5x11, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


kuuuuuz what stalker anomaly mods would you recommend

File: 1668615732830-0.png (366 B, 16x11, rsnew.png) ImgOps

File: 1668615732830-1.png (162 B, 16x11, jak.png) ImgOps




SerbGOD idea


gemmy idea


they are too small, i cant see


SerbNIGGER idea

File: 1668532258381.png (276.01 KB, 722x762, 14504 - blood booru glasse….png) ImgOps


Reminder that lolkike is secretly still a mod on the 'ru
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>soot bought the ru from lolkek
No he didnt, soot made a new booru from scratch after the old one got shut down



yes he did, but lolkike came to power again.


Were you even here when it launched

File: 1668559175014.jpg (6.09 KB, 155x192, gkidjgidjrthjrig.jpg) ImgOps


Are we going to do something about the tards making /pol/ posts on /soy/? It really isn't the place for political discussion, Kuz has even said so: "Remember, /pol/, /incel/, /suggest/."
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File: 1668559949605.png (132.72 KB, 477x710, 1668543060806.png) ImgOps

>Jokes are supposed to be funny tho


Kill yourself
this, most of it is bait and unfunny trash.


Noticing how you and >>61878 immediately showed up to jump on this thread. Must have hit a nerve.


File: 1668570560594.gif (3.88 MB, 498x280, jewdance.gif) ImgOps

>Noticing how you and >>61878 immediately showed up to jump on this thread. Must have hit a nerve.


Actually I saw the jak in recent images and when I clicked it I was taken to this coal thread

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