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Daily reminder that:
>Zelensky and his oligarchs are kikes
>Shelomov and his oligarchs are kikes
>China benefits the most from the war
>The purposes of war:
>Killing white people
>Strengthening censorship
>Destroying free speech
>Weakening Russia and West
>Making Russia a China's dependent state
>Creating an excuse for chinese annexation of Siberia







Why do your leaders dislike Europe and the EU so much, though?


Because they're elected in beijing


Did Yeltsin get elected in Peking?


Yeltsin was retarded alcoholic.He was ready to sold Russia to everyone.


America helped yeltsin get into power. China had nothing to do with it.
Also what does China gain from your war?
Are you even Russian or just a cia vpn glowie because there's a lot of you seething about China when China is the only strong country that has Russias back


War makes Russia more dependent on China because it gets shut down from most of industrialized countries
Also it gives an excuse for annexations (just search "german east territories",faggot)



You started the war, and the Western countries you seem to like so much forced your hand and sanctioned you. Not China. In fact China is the reason Russia hasn't imploded economy wise.
Besides, NATO basically wants to carve Russia up into pieces, whereas China just wants a secure northern neighbor.


File: 1679021366535.png (71.11 KB, 220x339, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

putin is legally a jew via his mother.
though technically speaking he isn't a kike. if you know the etymology of that slur then you'll understand why.



Yes, Putin is a cryptojew, therefore he cannot be a kike. Historically kikes were jews who hated Jesus so much, they made their mark with a circle (kikel) instead of an X (cross). If Putin is pretending to be Orthodox Christian then that precludes him from being a kike. Kike is a specific type of jew. All kikes are jews, but not all jews are kikes.
Related tangent, all black people are niggers, because the word nigger literally means black. It does not and never has meant "ignorant person." "White nigger" is an oxymoron. Go check a dictionary from the 19th century, there are plenty of scans on archive.org


AutistGOD, I kneel.


China is our greatest ally thougheverbeit


did china ever accidentally-on-purpose sink your battleship? did they ever blow up your skyscrapers and blame it on muslims?


>Killing white people
русня и хохлы не только не белые, но и не люди вообще


speak in english nigger


I can't decipher these runes help


They will rape you for resources and lie to your face about it thoughy


>спикинг инглиш ле год ивен дое ниггерс спик ит


he said that niggers and nafo trannies tongue his ass
thats kinda gay tho



Draft hohols. Mobilize hohols. Conscript hohols. Grab hohols off the street. Kidnap hohols and send them to the front. Mobilize 16 year old hohols as cannon fodder. Grab 70 year old hohols and send them to boot camp. Launch hohol conscripts strapped to rockets. Use hohol conscripts in human wave attacks. Mobilize female hohols. Mobilize sick hohols. Mobilize disabled hohols. Mobilize retarded hohols. Send hohol conscripts on suicide charges. Weld hohol conscripts in tanks. Throw a hohol baby at the russians. Mobilize pregnant hohols. Draft hohols in schools. Draft hohols in hospitals. Draft hohols at funerals of dead drafted hohols. Drag hohols out of their own homes and send them to war. Use hohol conscripts as human shields. Draft 80 year old hohol babushkas. Arm hohol conscripts with rusty old AKs. Give hohol conscripts no body armor. Draft hohol cops. Draft hohol doctors. Draft hohol firefighters. Draft teachers. Draft students. Draft politicians. Draft single mothers. Mobilize an entire school. Send hohol conscripts to the trenches.


It's another way around - eurofags hate russians because ae hate faggots.


He is either russian libshit (subhuman) or a proxy cockhole (subhuman).


>t.ucrainian trans sister
Why aren't you in bahmut yet?


I say all of this, Vodkabro


бульбаш, а ты-то сам готов могилизироваться под бахмут? а то усираешься тут, боец невидимого фронта


File: 1679183857654.png (235.95 KB, 693x720, IMG_20230319_020907.png) ImgOps


Да. Ебаный хохлятский свиноскот - не люди.
Yes. Fucking hohol swine-livestock aren't people.


File: 1679306552849.gif (2.98 MB, 1024x1234, bydlo.gif) ImgOps


>>46128 ты хоть кто, чурек?


ну это до первого химарса


i think you're right, but i also support all of that though


Nothing to do with China you disinfo kike


>be awesome ukrainian teenager at the ripe age of 16
>casually browsing reddit and showing solidarity for my people against ebil russian invasion
>suddenly two army guys bust down the cafeteria door, interrupting my reddit scrolling session
>they knock me unconscious and drag me into a van to be shipped to bakhmut


File: 1679359213736.png (10.75 KB, 644x800, 1679287067532.png) ImgOps

shame on you for supporting the mongols instead of your islamic and aryan brothers


hohols arent islamic doe


ukraine has had muslims since the ottoman days, and the west has more muslims than russia, by far actually


so you're saying I should support the west? what is this geg



slava rossi or something along those lines


Imagine being retarded to believe any of this. Also, Pudding isn't a kike; his mother's maiden name, Shelomova (masculine form Shelomov), is not derived from the Hebrew "Shalom", despite initial appearences, but rather the genitive plural of "шелом", which is an old Russian word translating as "helmet."


I read this cool book about a Ukrainian who killed a bunch of muslims and then became a vampire or something


>Pudding isn't a kike
He still wore the jew hat and cried at the jew wall just like drumpf, bidet, meatball ron, et al

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