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"Что такое русский?" - "Whats a Russian?" he replied. "The people who live in Russia" the poster asked. Here's what kuz said

"There are hundreds of millions of people inside the Russian state, there are white Russian's, and there are Chuvash, Buryat, Chuchki, Dagestani, Kamchadals.. they are all Russian's. Are they included in the equation? What you are asking is if the nation of Russia is "white" and the answer is No, and Germans and French, and British, Poles, Ukranians, they are not white either, but there are white Ukranians, white French, and others. Race is separate and transcendent from nationality, and trying to merge the two will never make sense. Russian's are distinct from the traditional European whites, white Russians have fair skin but they are not European, we are from the steppes, they are from a great basin in Europe, and the difference between Russians and Europeans is irreconcilable."


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a true philosopher






Ну и где тред блять этого афериста?

Архивач или нахуй



He's right, chuds owned.


What you really want to ask is "is the country destined to be 99% coal black niggers by 2055"


It’s so over


but all those groups of people are chuvash, kamchadal, dagestani, etc and not Russian. they are not of Russia, just conquered and patriated by Russians


Niggers? No. Mongols and Turks? Yes.


Russians confirmed hyperboreans


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They are Chuvash etc. AND Russian. Proud of their heritage, but all extremely prideful in the Russian Federation.




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whiter than you, kraut

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