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chudlon musk is banning all the leftists! Just yesterday both hunter avallone and amazing atheist banned. Earlier, both ethan klein and hila klein got banned too.


>amazing atheist


its funny how so many zoomers are on /pol/ today because this guy got them started on the 'feminist bad' videos back in 2013


feminists bad


>trendy, socially acceptable opinion
He was featured in one of Dr Shaym's videos. Something to do with women not understanding humor and the joke "how many cops does it take to change a light bulb? None, they beat the room for being black"


it's a private company, it can do whatever it wants :)


Genius. I propose a voting system where good posts get "upBananaD" who's with me?


are people actually this retarded that they were blind to the fact that twitter is a tranny hugbox until they were banned?


What did you think was going to happen?


File: 1669413907674.jpg (33.41 KB, 580x740, we're leaving Twitter.jpg) ImgOps

LOL, he was complaining about Twitter being too censored 4 years ago when he got cancelled by fellow leftoids:

He probably threatened somebody with violence or rape if he got perma'd, honestly. Twitter is not a "hugbox", leftoids are just used to getting away with violent threats and harassment since communist pajeets used to control Twitter.


File: 1669430352426.png (5.26 MB, 1385x2063, chud masterpiece.png) ImgOps

leftoids seething


literally who?


Musk is literally just enforcing the rules EQUALLY now. That means no more leftists posting death threats and antifa doxing people with impunity, while random conservatives get banned for saying there's two genders or whatever innocuous stuff. Shitlibs just pissed they don't have special protection anymore.

btw Musk never said it was going to absolute free speech like retards keep claiming; just "1st Amendment" type freedom so it's still illegal to call for violence or dox people.


File: 1669643757106.jpg (49.41 KB, 552x505, main-qimg-b7c92f2c9fa9eb51….jpg) ImgOps

Also goddam hilarious leftoids saying saying they're leaving and even mainstream legacy media like CNN doing all these "IS TWITTER DYING???" hit pieces, but actual numbers show Twitter's biggest growth ever 1.5m new users weekly since Musk's takeover. Just drowning in lefty tears it's great

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