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File: 1657758333242.jpg (135.17 KB, 1280x1060, F5.large.jpg)

Also maps how ancient Evropeans were mutted


I meant these are modern nations coming from different ice age populations.
Greens are pure Europeans (WHG), Violet are almost pure (Yamnaya, Aryans) Europeans and Rusty are half-breed mutts with people from Levant.
Blue looks suspicious. It's probably Asian component in Ugro-Finnic populations.


up (blue is gems)


Why? 😲


what does this mean


Scientists reconstructed prehistoric migrations to Eurasia during last ice age and how different population diverged or interbred. Percents on arrows are percents of ancestries and labels like Yana_31000BP mean ancient DNA samples (also pointing to their locations like Yana river in Yakutia).
What are implications of this? Idk, we can finally define what it means to be Aryan/White/European.


yamnaya were eurasian invader mongol brutes who actually displaced the indo-aryan neolithic farmers that settled in europe



Cope. Living in the past is not good.


then die in the future




I know. But it's interesting how much ancestry is there between Poles and English, Turks and Pakistanis or French and Algerians


then become comatose in the present


COPEASS. What else is copetard talking about aryan past and genetics being that it's a retarded talking retard


Cope, however agreed.


Thank god. I was getting tired of the word "white".






File: 1658821702302.png (198.87 KB, 374x406, Screenshot 2022-07-26 08.4….png)

well if green is pvre evropa evropeans, then most of eastern europe and north central asia are pvre hueite, but western and southern evropa are shitskins. the baltics are also the most pvre huewite in the world. but in the purple they are almost white but not fully and most of europe and central asia and a bit of the middle east are quite purple so they basically got BLACKED. southern europe is extremly raped, the average south erope phentotype probably looks like pic rel. and eastern europe got raped again and got YELLOWED by the mongols and their 1 atom big nano pp (almost as small as their tiny white peckers) in the blue one. epsecially finland who got so badly raped that they are now 100% mongol. however the fact that the asians had a nano pp the size of 1 atom causes a lot of problems, epspecially finland, the region that got raped the most. this caused all desendants of the finnish rapebabies to be ultra autistic. this is why they made so many shitty drawings and memes and end every sentance with :DDD and spell everything wrong and write their country name as binland :DDD


File: 1658822082306.png (130.91 KB, 355x364, Screenshot 2022-07-26 08.5….png)

tltr; there is no such thing as white becuase we are all raped and mixed, so we should all mix into 1 to not be racist. if you are reading this you are not white and probably look like pic rel. and you are also a baby like pic rel.


File: 1658822787261.png (144.89 KB, 175x472, Screenshot 2022-07-26 09.0….png)

you probably took a dna test and found out you are 26% mongol rapebaby and that is the most out of all of your dna test (the rest was 24.666(scary slenderman number)% north afrikan moorish KARABOGA rapebaby, 24.666(scary slenderman number)% poo, and 24.666(scary slenderman number and also 3 times like 666 so ultra scary)% pvre huewite aryan) so you now claim to be a pvre desendant of the mongols and larp as asian when in reality you look like a regular ammerimutt (see pic rel of amerimutt chart)


noo it has the thing at the bottom left corner noo i took it off of google by screenshotting noooo i should be more careful when screenshotting off of google next time



but we can figure out whos pvre evropa aryan huwite and whos not by looking at rape patters in the past. we can also determin what kind of penis your great great great great great great grandma and beyond 5 greats liked. yours may have liked taking in tbp, for example. others may have taken in TAA (tiny asian atom) because they liked cute asian boys or just got raped or was forced into a harem.


god damn it i hate this filter
i just want to talk about the British Broadcasting Corperation but it changes it into TATA-Binding Protein which are 2 very different things and will get many people confused


they are almost pvre but had a tiny little bit of mongol dna because they probably got yellow feaver when they were in asia


i think you mean the poles and the turks, english and the pakistani, and the french and the algerians


shes rite tho
you are not white


File: 1658850051873.png (85.47 KB, 632x756, 4972 - ear emoticon hand s….png)

I feel bamboozled by this British nonsensechad.
By your logic Japanese or Indians from America are also white because they have minimal Ancient North Eurasian ancestry which are akin to Europeans and Middle Easternens (proven by science!!!).


Also look at numbers. Top brown ancestry is 0.669 and top blue is 0.084.


Japan has a little bit of the pvre huewite evropa dna but not a lot
And it also has a little bit of the green almost pvre huewite evropa dna but that’s not fully huewite so it’s not fully huewite and also it doesn’t have a lot
And ur map doesn’t show native americas so yeah I don’t believe u


Still it means that evropa has been raped and BLACKED and YELLOWED and that proves huewiteness doesn’t exist


File: 1659556039414.png (852 KB, 1295x1572, ClipboardImage.png)

saving yellow race for later


you are polish and therefore subhuman though


Nonsense troon BS


Hittite ?



not funny though


File: 1659644518931.png (258.53 KB, 900x900, 7258 - adidas animal blood….png)



File: 1659758493037.jpg (1.11 MB, 1500x1001, 1647037261245.jpg)

>the baltics are also the most pvre huewite in the world.


i don't get it


I still don't get what's the difference between West and East Europeans (not including Meds). My take is that Indo-Europeans bred with 2 mixed farmer-whg populations which weren't much unrelated, but western had more farmer ancestry and eastern had more early european and ugro-finnic ancestry.


I was in Alytus and Vilnius and it was PVRE EVROPA.


No I only said that because they are the most green. They also have a lot of purple which are almost white but not really so they are not white and still kinda niggers
They also have a lot of Mongol rapebaby dna so they are also mongols

Average Lithuanian: 33% huewite pvre Aryan, 33% more huewite pvre Aryan, 1% nigger which makes the second one not pvre huewite aryan, and also 33% Mongol rapebaby.


Conclusion: baltics are 33% white

This appeases the Jew because they like the number 33 for some reason


East euros got raped by mongols while west euros got bred out by the BBC and the BAC


actually the term "mongol" doesn't fit it best, the invasions from the east predated the mongols and replaced most of europe with different genetics not only eastern-europe


And west euros will have more breeding with them soon as all the migrants
Soon all the huewite dna will be bred out and replaced with superior black KARABOGAS and Arabs under the BNWO
Some dna will be kept, but to be used by black scientists to grow some green pvre evropa aryans which will be kept for the purpose of satisfying the needs of the BVLLS with white blonde women to BLACKED. Men will be there only to insemate the women to make more of them (this is hard to do tho because white semen is very infertile, it’s better to grow them in a lab but it is of higher quality when it’s from a real birth and so is more expensive for the rich and reserved for the sultan to have) and will also be raped too and also used as a cuckold during breeding sessions.


It was the mongols who raped them and only east Europe
Just look at his maps
The blue is mongols
Binland :DDD is 100% mongol as u can see on the map


not an argument



stop, just stop. if you want a real european experience, come to my lands.


File: 1659823713335.png (44.52 KB, 768x719, 6742E5CC-2888-4F0A-8717-CD….png)

>stop, just stop.


toggle shit


British Ukraine shill ITT


>and :DDD is 100% mongol as u can see on the map
I'm half VINNISH and not even remotely mongol although it may be beacause I get it from the southern part and not the northern part


Mongols as a group of nations are only 1500 years old though...


File: 1659834322947-0.png (2.2 MB, 866x1390, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659834322947-1.png (801.78 KB, 800x534, ClipboardImage.png)

why your capital looks like big city ~50km from me?


Azerbaijanis are brown though


Why does it keep saying “your post looks automated, post discarded”


Yes it is


Wrong again
Maybe you don’t know because Binland :DDD got raped so much that it began inbreeding and also a problem occurred with the taps of the mongols being somehow able to fertilise blonde pussy and caused every Binnish ;D person to be severely autistic


I am not a u crane u are idiot


Wrong. Humans came from niribu 1 million years ago because the aliens destroyed it. It crashed into the earth for the first time. Humans created Brazil and Mongolia.


File: 1659856122536-0.jpeg (812.15 KB, 1620x1484, 2E1C1717-A39E-454B-8A71-A….jpeg)

File: 1659856122536-1.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1620x1801, 51F13997-FE0D-4651-A511-C….jpeg)

File: 1659856122536-2.jpeg (897.4 KB, 1620x1135, EBAEBA20-5ACB-4AAA-B954-8….jpeg)

U sure about that?
U have no green dna which is the pvre huewite evropa aryan dna, while the baltics have the most of it
Now they also have a lot of the purple almost pvre huewite evropa aryan dna but not fully so they are niggers and so do u and also since u don’t have any pvre evropa huewite aryan dna then u are a double nigger
Now we have the light brown colour, which is North African nigger
As u can see, u have some of it, but not a lot. However, you have a lot more than the baltics
Now, the dark brown, which is poo Indian pajeet. It makes sense that it is brown. As you can see, you have a lot. And the baltics have none.


File: 1659856212460.jpeg (868.21 KB, 1620x1253, 3CCE29F9-B340-4E22-B31C-3….jpeg)

O Shidd I forgor to add the dark brown map


O Shidd I forgor💀 to add the 💀 emoji after the “forgor” so it would be like the le epic funny may may


Conclusion; you are 3% North African, 97% Indian poojeet, and 0% pvre evropa huewite aryan

Meanwhile the baltics are 33% percent white, 33% nigger chang, and 33% mongol rapebaby
So they are 66% Mongol rapebaby and 33% white


It is important for everyone here to know that I am not arguing that the baltics are white. you would know that if you actually read my posts, which most of you haven’t and are replying to me saying that I’m saying that the balts are whie when I’m not.
I’m saying they have the most pvre evropa huewite aryan dna, but also have a lot of the almost pvre evropa huewite pvre aryan dna, which means they are niggers, and is because they have mongol rapebaby in them.

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