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File: 1679835729025.png (781.77 KB, 1140x984, cbc3818a97c400ec28f86fbb3a….png) ImgOps

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Why does poo poo teen love cheena so much?


Чтобы ты не хворал



File: 1679930503403.jpg (509.81 KB, 1280x720, jesus-1.jpg) ImgOps

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muslims are technically right when they say that jesus was a muslim. originally jesus was a jewish sage that promised to be the long-awaited messiah. He considered himself a human being, and in the gospels he distinguishes himself as a separate entity from god, even telling people to worship god instead of him. He stresses on the fact that his teachings should not be taken to gentiles. He never talks about taking away humanity's sin nor the idea of a trinity nor does he nullify the torah law, instead telling his disciples to strictly follow the law.

All those ideas come from paul of tarsus who never met jesus yet changed all his ideas just to convert gentiles. Jesus's disciples and immediate family members like james his brother attacked paul for teaching false things and called him an apostate. This was the real christianity, what jesus preached and it survived for a long time as ebionite christianity.


The muslims are right in saying christian scriptures are corrupted since paul changed them. A muslim means one who submits to god, which jesus a muslim even if we just read the gospels.

It seems that this criticism of paul is not recent, but its been known for a long time, since the quran talks about again and again. Islam, inspired by ebionites was a philosophy created to solve this issue, but seems to have created an even worse bastardization that made it worse.

All in all, when muslims say jesus was a muslim, you cant deny that because they are technically right.


Inbred intellect

File: 1679918937858.jpeg (1.65 MB, 2560x1703, 84306BF7-6840-4723-8A3C-E….jpeg) ImgOps

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What's the deal with some countries having a Prime Minister or Chancellor as the Head of Government but a President as the Head of State, ie, the representation of state unity? Why not just have a monarch fill that role as was traditionally done? I dunno, to me a parliamentary system seems useless if the head of state isn't a ruling Monarch. Why are both the Prime Minister and Presidential roles needed in a republic? If the President is just fulfilling a ceremonial role, how is he different from a monarch?


that is the case in parliamentary republics, the only reason the President exists is to look good and cut the ribbon for new schools and hospitals, it's really stupid.
In semi-presidential republics like France, Portugal, Russia, the President is still the head of state but also has the power to appoint or dismiss the Prime Minister (head of government) and decree new laws without the consent of the parliament.

File: 1679908720488.jpg (125.58 KB, 750x500, john-paul-2-statue-of-mary.jpg) ImgOps

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why do catholics worship mary? isnt it le idolatry?


when God said don't worship other gods. He meant don't worship anything that is not Catholic like hecking odin


I wouldn't say they worship her but they certainly hold her to a rediculous level of praise. I don't mind believing in saints or even venerating Mary (ie, great respect for her) on a small scale, but when you start going into stuff like believing praying towards certain paintings of Saints makes you closer to God or believing that Mary somehow intercedes for everyone if you pray for her (there is no biblical evidence for this thoughever), or shit like the assumption of Mary, that's where I have a problem. It's just regurgitated "tradition". Pray to God only, kthx

>t. Lutheran leaning protestant

File: 1679400397074.jpg (131.69 KB, 1160x773, 181219-xi-jinping-gtty-773.jpg) ImgOps

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Why should i hate china? No chinese has ever pushed trannies and niggers into my favorite hobby.

>they're killing 60 gorillion muslims and oppressing hong kong

why should i care?
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oh no china will destroy the antiwhite governments how will i cope


chinks are amoral
jews are immoral
chinks are the lesser of two evils


>Why should i hate china?
Hate is the wrong term to use, The proper question would be 'why should i view China with enmity'.
When deciding if a outer-force is worthy of enmity multiple things must be taken into account, Will the ascent of this outer-force if unaltered to be detrimental or even an extinction event in regards to your own culture?, Do you have viable information they will attempt to destroy you first? Would war and subjugation with the outer-force be viable in the long-term or would it ultimately prove a graveyard for your group? Perhaps if so, placing all energies into self-strengthening would be more viable.

'Hate' and its inverse 'love' are terms used in inter-personal squabbling and 'private-enmity', 'Private-Enmity' and its inverse 'private-affection' should play no role in deciding whether another culture, civilisation or group is a 'friend' or a 'foe' or not.

The enemy may be beautiful or ugly, You may view their society as barbarous or advanced beyond your own, You may personally admire the ruling-class of the enemy or the very photo of them may rile you to anger - But this is all irrelevant - If their will-to-power directly transgresses and infracts on the interests of your own - They still must be considered a foe - And inversely, Even if despised in the form of 'private-enmity' nothing has the knack for destroying cultures and societies then embarking on expensive conquests for purposes of turning 'Private-Enmity' into public-grievance.


Because your hobby is street-shitting


chinks are controlled by jews, so no

File: 1678196503658.png (302.06 KB, 833x832, image_2023-03-07_154137705.png) ImgOps

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File: 1679496890250.gif (597.46 KB, 320x300, Muttmerican3.gif) ImgOps



Spunchbob cornerpants


File: 1679520751013.gif (1.47 MB, 1000x1000, Muttmerican.gif) ImgOps

Hes whiter then all of us


the gem thread that saved soy/pol/


why does he look like a fucking neanderthal wtf

File: 1679704700329.jpeg (55.55 KB, 474x316, A62F7C8E-515A-4BD9-8628-A….jpeg) ImgOps

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How do the kikes justify charging exuberant prices for housing in a failed slum like San fransicko?
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This thread is better than the Putin spam everyone is replying to instead.


Nobody cares, give up


Everyone cares, keep going


If he was posting furries child pornography all you pedophiles would care.

File: 1679505407989.jpg (46.56 KB, 800x500, psyop.jpg) ImgOps

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How did christianity become the most successful psy-op? It was made up by one guy(jew) called paul of tarsus who travelled around the roman empire telling people to worship the jewish god and believe in the jewish messiah for some eternal life meme. How did white people fall for this?
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are you one of those people who say "theres no traditionalism without pagan faith" etc


File: 1679855799909.jpeg (30.06 KB, 474x316, varg.jpeg) ImgOps

Romans had porn, plain and simple.


File: 1679870335536.png (69.34 KB, 600x1000, 34407 - SoyBooru.png) ImgOps

And how did street shitters fall for the meme big humanoid blue elephants and wash yourself in holy river filled with feces and corpses.
Another question why do they praise Gandhi werent he some kind of pedophile who slept naked in a tent with his granddaughter to "test his spirit" or something?


File: 1679870435672.webm (2.08 MB, 404x720, poo eating poo.webm) ImgOps

>How did christianity become the most successful psy-op? It was made up by one guy(jew) called paul of tarsus who travelled around the roman empire telling people to worship the jewish god and believe in the jewish messiah for some eternal life meme. How did white people fall for this?


File: 1679905638937.png (2.11 MB, 768x719, pajeet-suicide.png) ImgOps

>Christianity le jewish psyop! Jesus was *not* Aryan! The Christian God is *not* different from the Jewish one (YHWH/Demiurge)! The Christian Bible is *not* antisemit- ACK!

File: 1679649863988.png (23.37 KB, 674x657, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

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Why are so many Europeans against gun rights?
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Because it will cause rapefugees to have guns


how does a nation go from Francisco Franco's leadership to this


Jewish hegemony absorbing the vacuum created from Franco's death


File: 1679788265569.jpg (126.57 KB, 809x750, 35163 - SoyBooru.jpg) ImgOps

>Guns are scary and make women uncomfortable, so only criminals should be able to have them.
Holy hag mother of longhouse your worldview revolves around pleasing women


>your worldview revolves around pleasing women
That's all of the west since somewhere between 1880-1945

File: 1679841054835.jpg (237.82 KB, 1284x999, 1679838833940741.jpg) ImgOps

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cased closed, homophobechuds are retarded


new /pol/ bait gemerald just dropped


even tho homosexuality is based and tradpilled


T. Every male Italian


File: 1679859036661.gif (1.59 MB, 386x335, ddqd2fe-5acbdb85-846e-47e7….gif) ImgOps

realPatriotFactCheck.com pants on fire


File: 1679922778842-0.png (774.51 KB, 1512x1512, 1667620416213-3.png) ImgOps

File: 1679922778842-1.jpg (505.41 KB, 720x754, 76342t7tuydat67.jpg) ImgOps

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