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File: 1670166733883.png (360.75 KB, 708x800, IMG_3174.PNG) ImgOps

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>You’re disgusting. This could happen to you or any of your loved ones. Unless you don’t have any, which would explain why you are the way
>As opposed to the elderly who forgot how?
>@Stringer Corrales you’re a horrible person!


no one said this

File: 1670092378970.webm (3.21 MB, 654x220, American Politics.webm) ImgOps

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why are american politics so fucking dumb
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File: 1670118016654.png (3.68 MB, 2560x1440, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

Muttcelbros, we won. We got to spend a night with the hag.


oh it was this one lol


File: 1670152237145.jpg (81.43 KB, 324x358, 16693956148510.jpg) ImgOps


is he reading stuff off a list of things that are based?


File: 1670164638201.png (1.17 MB, 1500x2000, brat.png) ImgOps

Cunnypilled kike mutt

File: 1666914937330.jpg (107.14 KB, 1242x1218, 1604771436849.jpg) ImgOps

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Old 'toss
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File: 1666963858961.png (141.83 KB, 288x563, 20602.png) ImgOps



I still hate niggers and leftroaches


keyed Hunter is a chadime fan


literally none of the bottom images have a spike in red votes without a corresponding spike in blue votes

bottom left "example" is especially retarded. red and blue line moving in sync with red just happening to be on top. you are retarded


exactly. bottom graph totals flow with each other in a statistically realistic manner.

File: 1669892480352.png (645.71 KB, 828x638, 7748CEF2-8BC7-4450-A068-CC….png) ImgOps

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The West is currently in a period of degeneracy that it will only snap out of if some catastrophic event occurs. It could be a new Great Depression, a war with China, etc.
The West's enemies know that it doesn't have its shit together and are exploiting that. It is forecasted that China's dominance of its neighbours will be greatest in 2027, which could be the ideal window of opportunity for a war, especially considering how China's demographic crises are forcing it to act fast and seize the moment.


File: 1669909378726.png (274.49 KB, 1425x1080, 1657571706727.png) ImgOps

We have bigger problems right at our doors but Chinksekts.
Mudshits outbreed us literally in whole Europe and Niggers are flowing in uninterupted aswell and bring their usual crime statistics with them (yes 13/52% is a global statistic btw)
God knows what it will take to snap the NPCattle awake but at this point I honestly take everything or just say "fuck it" and watch it burn
They voted for it now suffucate in it. We will win, AustraliGOD


Fuck the West


File: 1669914132256.png (162.62 KB, 619x1079, 1666896073870.png) ImgOps


>It is forecasted that China's dominance of its neighbours will be greatest in 2027
says who schizo

File: 1670096568549.jpeg (237.66 KB, 640x754, CBD5FAF3-BF96-4D01-BD33-F….jpeg) ImgOps

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I’m not posting the source because you’re ==too pussy== to click on them but here you go.


toggle troon


>Israel BAD not because it's a seat of international Jewish power but because of le HECKING SHITSKINS


I googled toggle troon and I didn’t find a definition or how to toggle a troon.


You are also too much of a circumcised pussy ass bitch to click on this: https://youtu.be/PRDJSRsL7L0

File: 1670101684892.png (971.11 KB, 959x628, troonjak toss.png) ImgOps

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why do republicans blame drumpft for the defeat in the elections when it was clearly Clarence the nigger's fault?


no meme arrow gem

File: 1670095874421.jpeg (162.6 KB, 640x362, D07B3B06-2911-4C19-ACA3-4….jpeg) ImgOps

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How is it going reading the documents?


toggle tranny

File: 1669564589875.jpg (68.42 KB, 618x559, im nigger black soyjak.jpg) ImgOps

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>'Far Right' Italian PM Giorgia Meloni GOES WOKE On Macron In Epic Speech Against Illegal Immigration
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all of the politicians are jewish, i checked


ma io spero vivamente che la facciano segretario quella giudaica petalosa puttana
almeno è sicuro che quella fogna di leccanegri non vincerà mezza elezione per il prossimo decennio


reminder that the italian flags ITT could be niggertinians




says the discount niggertinian

File: 1670057039272.png (119.52 KB, 680x680, image_2022-12-03_164319392.png) ImgOps

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>Kanye needs to get medicated and lobotomized. What do you mean i haven't caught him a liar umm uhhhh just get him medicated!

File: 1670026996182.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1778, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

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do you love speech in your country?
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holy shit this is huge


i can find a few articles already so it doesnt seem like they're going to try to cover it up. this taibbi guy is also a well known and respected investigative journalist and a leftist too, which is good since they cant attack him on his chuddy opinions


Yeah Im waiting for some collation too. Twitter is the most retarded platform for such a long post


nah he's actually being smart about this. he's creating suspence and a lot of people who would've never had the attention span necessary to read a proper article are going to read his tweets.


ye says if you watch porn you are a pedophile
ye says he has a porn addiction

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