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File: 1700800351560.jpeg (62.69 KB, 784x403, 297B1F92-CAC0-4FB8-9C48-A….jpeg)ImgOps


Be honest guys

Was hitler really a Christian or was he a pagan/atheist?

I heard that some people say he’s not a Christian bc he thinks Christianity is “Jewish”

I also heard that some people say he’s Christian bc he hated Jews for the nailing of Jesus

Which one is true?


I think he was an atheist but went along with Christianity because it would be harder to unite the right wing if he didn't. The NSDAP had a plan for a cultural movement called "Positive Christianity" that would get rid of the semitic and globalist aspects of Christianity.


Hitler was gnostic, when he mentions God, or nature, he's talking about the gnostic god, and when he tells Christianity to pound sand, that's because Christians aren't gnostic.


Forgot to mention, but gnosticism usually entails having enlightened individuals steer society, while everyone else below is ignorant. TIK makes solid points for Hitler gnostic, even if he doesn't believe in race realism.

File: 1700795386871.gif (85.22 KB, 234x255, F49ECD24-ECC9-4250-9872-BC….gif)ImgOps


Is it true that most White genes are recessive?


Yes because they are incest genetics from yakub


i mean obviously


File: 1700796870634.gif (62.28 KB, 98x134, 1700247270409.gif)ImgOps

Is cleanliness recessive to dirt? Obviously the clean race can be muddied and watered down like anything else of value. It is easy to ruin good things and hard to fix bad things, always has been.


wow look at this button


It's not that it's recessive, it's that there wasn't enough time for sergragation to make obvious species divergences. The high fertility rate means species are adaptable, the fact that every country that adopted mass migration means lower fertility rates is that it is lower fertility for offsprings. Mutts will have low fertiltiy in comprason to someone who had eugenical hygiene for 1000 years. Mutt will look mutty either way, but the fact it looks retarded means that it can be considered harmful in long term production. But hey, at least whites have a race unlike jews.


species inbreeding and recessive trait selection are different things.
If you judge people based on the color of their eyes or hair, I guess you can't understand it. But color isn't definiton of species. Mammals have fur color grey and brown, because it gives them advantage in survival by making them blend with harsh environment. Brown haired people and browne eye people don't get raped as often. (peer-reviewed, probably)

Blonde person who is very blonde who looks different from everyone else will be treated differently. Especially among males, who will be harsh towards ESL gods. So it comes to the fact that it isn't on happening, but Recessive traits are CHOSEN by organism because they serve less value in survival.

On the other hand, interbreeding between species doesn't define recessive or dominant or explain the proportions. Interbreeding is realized by fertility of the offspring. The lower fertility the more there is difference between species.

File: 1700738745669.png (472.47 KB, 640x648, 1700738003666.png)ImgOps


The downfall of western culture in one image.
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This guy was or is probably more racist than anyone on this board; he just has a weird psychological complex about it.
On the same level as wanting to get fucked by a horse or dog.
Everyone who is into blacked/new frootist order shit is extremely racist against niggers, at least implicitly. They just get off on the degradation.
If you want proof, go look at just how many blacks are into black.
The only reason they aren't completely irrelevant and isolated is because the internet exists.


And what's xer name?




nvm its lolcow but can I be scolded by white person, not some fucking desperate nigger?


>can I be scolded by white person
you might want to start by relocating to a white country, not many white men left to scold you where you're currently at im afraid

File: 1700636282207.gif (175.96 KB, 298x401, 1694142790850.gif)ImgOps




What is the babyjak consensus on the Jewish Question?


Baby goes up


File: 1700796161847.gif (4.81 MB, 498x498, E032ED55-D784-444B-8F02-E4….gif)ImgOps

Shut up nigger



File: 1700789609112.png (42.07 KB, 255x136, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


>Latinx is pure aryan like the aryans of ancient colombia or some buggy, o algo asi


File: 1700793743843.jpg (3.85 MB, 3681x3289, 1678416715218395.jpg)ImgOps

>Or However I Bless My Drugs Infront Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe Before I Sell It To The Gringos


File: 1700796339306.gif (4.81 MB, 498x498, 92369108-F087-4FC2-A492-C8….gif)ImgOps

Shut up (italia)nigger


File: 1700798282530.png (311.54 KB, 800x516, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

>Shut up (italia)nigger


Kill yourself obsessed faggot


ey chu watch you doin wit my buggy o algo

File: 1700698211095.jpg (300.01 KB, 900x593, jewish nigger.jpg)ImgOps


>Marx was a chud

'teens, I don't feel so good…
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File: 1700755255942-0.jpg (82.27 KB, 1130x1082, Gigagun.JPG)ImgOps

File: 1700755255942-1.jpg (335.64 KB, 1960x1225, ACK Lincoln .JPG)ImgOps

>Sic semper tyrannis


File: 1700755715216-0.jpeg (77.59 KB, 400x450, 3C3ACEDB-D721-48CA-BD3D-A….jpeg)ImgOps

File: 1700755715216-1.gif (55.24 KB, 452x371, 95F2C8E7-B7D2-4235-89FC-EC….gif)ImgOps



>>86720 (OP)
You've also forgotten to mention that Marx was a maintaned neet, he didn't work a single day of his life


File: 1700796376760.gif (4.81 MB, 498x498, 9C3D491B-C42D-4043-BEEE-48….gif)ImgOps

Shut up (commu)nigger

File: 1700156888519.jpg (7.8 KB, 171x192, thumb.jpg)ImgOps


>gays BAD even though each homosexual man is one less competitor to my upcoming gamer gf
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it literaly wouldn't cuz they wouldn't be straight, unless you think that they only think making people gay is they don't have the gay antidote which is fantasy, no one is talking about curing gay, gay is its own thing getting rid of gays does not make them straight retard


it isnt even a mutt you chuddy retard


No gay has ever helped me get a gf, what are you talking about?


Killing every other man in the world would also reduce comp for my future gamer girl gf but I wouldn't do that even I could snap my fingers and make it happen.

Why? Because it's harmful to my own society.
Modern progressiveism is an existential threat to societies, and is why the west exports it as much as possible. It's a sociocognitive contagion and a geoeconomic weapon.
With this in mind, the rational choice is to encourage it in your enemies and discourage it among your friends.


File: 1700795911407.gif (4.81 MB, 498x498, 5BC94935-81D9-4300-8BA1-97….gif)ImgOps

Shut up nigger

File: 1700656001900.png (580.1 KB, 800x1127, 1700655742324486.png)ImgOps


If you live in america, start shitting in your pants now
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This won't stop you from getting drafted alibet…

Best case is to lose a body-part or act like you have schizophrenia or a mental ilness that inhibits you from doing normal tasks


File: 1700717234676.gif (1.94 MB, 250x250, soysteinPISSED.gif)ImgOps

>I rather live in my Venezuela immigrant shithole known as Trinidad and tobago!


atleast xhe can live in a gated community and not get drafted by baby fucker robot when da joos want the third temple built


STFU Tripfag, Enjoy Fighting For Axewound Surgery In Namibia


It's HE You Bigot

File: 1700788123081.png (283.59 KB, 943x503, FAGGOT!!!.png)ImgOps


>Hey chu what chu doin wit my buggy
<Gibs me does pesos or i'll bang yo or some meirda
>Fucking chicanox immigrant o algo


>Or However I Get Amoebic Dysentry After Eating My Spicy Taco Bell Burrito

File: 1699630704139.mp4 (3.54 MB, 640x480, 16996217609800.mp4)ImgOps


>Don't hit me, I'm pregnant

When the enemy's soldiers run out, the enemy is left with only pregnant women (c) (note my cool quote)
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Kill yourself self hating faggot


Is it true she was abandoned by the hohols?


the point of this section is you have sites to stay in, like imageboards, discord and transgender community. Not Here

Vanish back to where you will always originate


I think you should go fuck yourself, you dumb shit
That's how you're gonna talk to your whore mom at home


File: 1700792664411-0.png (66.61 KB, 610x727, 16189554385240.png)ImgOps

File: 1700792664411-1.mp4 (15.84 MB, 850x480, 17007554910140.mp4)ImgOps

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