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>I Can't Stand This Pajeet Namefag Named Cobswami Or Chudrakana Or Whatever The Fuck Xir Name Is, Why Does He Insult Our Great LGBTQIA2+ Multiracial Nation While Living In Some Homphobic Transphobic Irrelevant Shithole I Can't Find On A Map Because I Learn About Interracial Gay Trans Zoophile Necrophile Pedophile Incest Anal Dildo Fisting In School Instead Of Geology Or Geometry Or Something
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Meds, Mutts Have A Nikocado Avocado Physique


>>Gemmy COMENT
ESL Failerald


>I Went To London, There Was Like, No Irish People, Only Pakis


Kill yourself obsessed faggot


>>Or However My Daughter Cheers Niggerball Players

File: 1701024358149.mp4 (22.93 MB, 1280x720, homosexuals.mp4)ImgOps


What do you think he would think of britain today?


File: 1701024504288.mp4 (4.18 MB, 720x1280, c40a8d0c093722ff5c54ff0001….mp4)ImgOps


Thank Ba'al That You're Not Speaking German


Brainwashed faggot lol

File: 1701014742344-0.jpg (75.8 KB, 600x500, 1695045146_20170119_gaf_rk….jpg)ImgOps

File: 1701014742344-1.jpg (11.48 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)ImgOps

File: 1701014742344-2.jpeg (42.58 KB, 640x359, israeli-hostages-held-by-….jpeg)ImgOps


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There are barely any Jews there doe


i guess thats where the inspiration for lgbtetc flag comes from

>jewish autonomous region


File: 1701026398969.png (16.41 KB, 800x800, 1624920563530.png)ImgOps



File: 1701026738197.png (377.48 KB, 970x624, jewcraine.png)ImgOps



>soyboy reviews a movie called "NETWORK" (1976)
>there's a plot point where the main character is ranting about how the saudi arabians are buying up all the oil and how oil prices keep rising due to a vast arab conspiracy
>this is a parallel to the real world Yom Kippur War where Arab states led an oil embargo against every country that supported israel
>soyboy chalks it up to "xenophobia" and calls antisemitism "the socialism of fools"
You fucking moron, the movie "NETWORK" was made by Jews to push a Zionist agenda. Leftists have to try so hard to not be called antisemites that they will twist themselves into pretzels trying to blame racism or some Christian Zionist goy like Rupert Murdoch. They will never, EVER be a winning force against Israel because they can't accept the basic fact that JEWS SUPPORT ISRAEL, JEWS ARE THE MAIN FORCE SUPPORTING ISRAEL, NOT RACIST CONSERVATIVE WHITE GENTILES!


File: 1701023673146.png (161.96 KB, 345x693, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

>Lumet was born in Philadelphia and grew up in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.[4] He studied theater acting at the Professional Children's School of New York and Columbia University.[5][6]

>Lumet's parents, Baruch and Eugenia (née Wermus) Lumet, were Jewish and veterans of the Yiddish theatre;[7] they had immigrated to the United States from Poland. His father, an actor, director, producer and writer, was born in Warsaw.[8] Lumet's mother, who was a dancer, died when he was a child. He had an older sister.[9] Lumet made his professional debut on the radio at age four and his stage debut at the Yiddish Art Theatre at age five.[10] As a child he also appeared in many Broadway productions,[7] including 1935's Dead End and Kurt Weill's The Eternal Road.

>Sidney Chayefsky was born in the Bronx, New York City, to Russian-Jewish immigrants Harry and Gussie (Stuchevsky) Chayefsky. Harry Chayefsky's father served for twenty-five years in the Russian army so the family was allowed to live in Moscow, while Gussie Stuchevsky lived in a village near Odessa. Harry and Gussie emigrated to the United States in 1907 and 1909 respectively.[8]

>Howard Kenneth Gottfried (November 13, 1923 – December 8, 2017) was an American film producer. He produced many films, including The Hospital, Network, Torch Song Trilogy and Suburban Commando.[1]

File: 1701011500009.jpg (347.17 KB, 1080x1013, 20231114_124422.jpg)ImgOps


The zionigger state is run by pedophile porn addicts. The Jewish messiah is a lie and they are planning to enslave all goyim. Total kike death NOW


proof israel is controlled by jews?


File: 1701021699840.png (380.16 KB, 500x678, Israel exposed.png)ImgOps

The jews control everything in Israel!


>>British Flag

Didn't The Kikes Use The British Empire To Spread Their Usury?

File: 1701009924986.png (87.47 KB, 885x594, diversity.png)ImgOps





please get banned spammer


seething kike


Conserving Kike Tyranny And Nigger Crime

File: 1700047267096.png (235.26 KB, 1097x1118, 1699398672701.png)ImgOps


whats up with the recent uptick in unironic jews shilling up /soy/ ive seen more pro israel posts than ever
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There's always been a weird amount of Zionist jews shilling on /qa/ and Sharty. IDK why.


Ack yourself rat kike.


Israel won


Go back to nu catchan faggot


>>83990 that's the point, you can't sign up

File: 1700939157253.jpeg (21.57 KB, 217x364, IMG_4092.jpeg)ImgOps


I am back from jail and somebody told me about this site. Ask me anything.


File: 1700939271602.png (180.29 KB, 700x758, Untitled781_20231102093800.png)ImgOps

did you get blacked in jail Jon Felipe Wagner


My middle name isn’t even Felipe, neither is Wagner my last name.


How Much Of A Fed Are You?


Kill yourself obsessed faggоt


What were the prisoners political ideologies?-

File: 1700936272047.png (180.29 KB, 700x758, Untitled781_20231102093800.png)ImgOps


>Israel has the right to shart on Palestine or whatever
>why would Israel bomb the USS Liberty? they are our greatest ally, clearly it was the nazis or something
>trans fats are burger rights or however the burgers are fried
>bomb Iran or however long the BBC is
>make McDonald’s great again or whatever Donald Trump said
>dancing Israelis? there were no Israelis outside the twin towers, the only person dancing was Osama Bin Laden and he was singing Poker Face
>me and the boys owned the fucking liberals, we literally stormed the capital and sharted on them
>Europe is a huge shitfart or something
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>spanish flag
your people fought muzzies invaders and now you defend them geg (if you aren't a muslim rapeugee yourself)


>>Canadian Flag
You Fought Against Americans(1812) And Now You're Defending Them


>>The Lavon Affair Was Between My Wife And Her Boyfriend Lavonne Or Something





File: 1700972271052.jpg (198.71 KB, 1170x1512, F_j9yqRXYAAE4o5.jpg)ImgOps


white supremacy is well and alive in europe
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Hitler did nothing wrong. Go Vegan to emulate him.


File: 1700980531578.jpeg (42.65 KB, 474x424, th (88).jpeg)ImgOps

>Go Veg-ACK!!!!!!


File: 1700987585962.jpg (85.04 KB, 828x931, sm8sxdctuk1c1.jpg)ImgOps

You wouldn't get it, you're not even White.


>Chudraj Is A Pajeet Or Something I Heard On CNN


No White person fantasizes about Indian street shitters sliding their poop sticks into Jewish women's wombs.

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