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File: 1662201348968.png (124.27 KB, 302x400, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


Undercover FBI agent exposed by atomwaffen wignats


Looks like they redeemed themselves finally



File: 1662337656135.png (1.92 MB, 1319x1013, 1661073320918.png) ImgOps


Last election I voted for Trump to see Liberal tears.

Now I'm ridin with Biden to collect /pol/ depression and cope
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No. All those things are authoritarian, not just random political stuff. The jak is just a general bootlicker caricature that can be used to address both national socialist chuds and commie troons.


File: 1662344028658.webm (2.83 MB, 488x406, 1662145507767.webm) ImgOps


File: 1662344224077.png (2.05 MB, 1794x1440, 9868909.png) ImgOps

That's a New Zealand flag but he is a faggot and he looks like this.


>new zealand is so unoriginal they copy australia's flag


That is extremely rude, please apologize.

File: 1661951177961.png (66.13 KB, 1200x1000, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


Fresh 'Toss just dropped




File: 1662158957389.png (315.31 KB, 1588x1920, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps



░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Soot is building an army.
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This tank & Soot are against Kuz
[███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and paste this all over
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. /\ the 'party if you are with us



Is that comic by that guy who fucks trannies and gets fucked in the ass by other guys and talks about how gay he is, and how he loves to be gay and shows his ass on his twitter account all the time?


File: 1662246838422.jpg (101.45 KB, 851x851, Soyjak libertarian lobert ….jpg) ImgOps


>be "libertarian right"
>block Kiwi Farms because a communist troon screeched for a few weeks on Twitter


Another reason why relying on corporations is stupid and we need an authoritarian NatSoc state.
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File: 1662255094553.jpg (55.7 KB, 996x562, Putin wine.jpg) ImgOps

Thankfully the authoritarian-right Russian state is giving Kiwi Farms a home.



File: 1662257276628.jpg (57.33 KB, 1280x720, regulations.jpg) ImgOps

More like:
>cuckflare blocks kiwifarms
>is back up in less than a day because free competition ensures they have more than one ddos protection service to choose from
>statist retards think this means we need more centralization not less
Under your system the moment a website makes the state look bad it gets dropped with nowhere else to go. not very good for free speech
Also the state would undoubtedly use centralized service to datamine you for any thought crime.

And no a private company operating within russia doesn't mean the state is giving kiwifarms its support.

Finally it's ridiculous to say that monopolies (which cuckflare isn't but whatever) under our regime are the fault of capitalism. We have a huge number of regulations, mostly designed to help monopolies and cartels stay in power.


File: 1662260882990.png (363.35 KB, 680x944, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

based, this is what statist LARPers do not understand, centralized command structures are why we are in the situation we currently are, the more people decentralize their network infrastructure from monopolistic companies like cloudflare the better.

BTW the service they're currently using, DDOS-Guard, provides services to the Russian Government and Hamas so I highly doubt they plan on caving to insane trannies on twitter anytime soon


You know that TOR is a global service right? They'd literally need all of interpol to have a chance at shutting that down



John Moon isn't moving his domains (such as kiwifarms.net) because he thinks cloudflare is gonna reverse their decision.

lol. lmao.

Someone has to tell them that when a company comes out smearing someone in an official statement, they never go back on it unless they are successfully sued - and even then there is never a restoration of services or business relationship.

That type of obligation/honor/morality does not exist in the business world.

File: 1662306256661.png (1.01 MB, 653x882, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


how will wh*Teoids compete with the indigenous BLACK drones 100% made in AFRICA?
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File: 1662374581141.jpg (613.74 KB, 2069x1600, 82374diusyaid119.jpg) ImgOps



>how will compete with the indigenous BLACK drones 100% made in AFRICA?



>how will whTeoids compete with the indigenous BLACK drones 100% made in AFRICA?


File: 1662374933406.jpg (558.63 KB, 2000x1547, 82374diusyaid119.jpg) ImgOps

>how will whTeoids compete with the indigenous BLACK drones 100% made in AFRICA?
sorry for the spam, loos like the asterisk cannot be posted


File: 1662375086093.jpg (538.31 KB, 1950x1508, 82374diusyaid119.jpg) ImgOps

>how will whTeoids compete with the indigenous BLACK drones 100% made in AFRICA?
sorry for the spam, looks like the asterisk cannot be posted

File: 1662282969291.png (158.03 KB, 500x497, 13926471834148.png) ImgOps


>President Trump Office
>Liz Harrington (Trump Spox) https://twitter.com/realLizUSA
>Donald J Trump Presidential Library
@realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom
>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!


post this on /soy/


File: 1662302571167.png (1.56 MB, 1654x888, 1662251960720.png) ImgOps

This board stands with Rand, thoughever.


ԜĀŖṊӀÑG! Çåṝṝý ớᾐ ɼēẳɗıʼnģ! Όґ уớṵ ẇΐľļ ďἰḝ, eΰėὴ ǐḟ ÿṑụ ổῃǀẙ ļỗȱқëɗ ãЪ Ъիӗ ẃὅŗḑ ẇầӷňịῄg! Όᾑčé tḣėȑḙ w⧠ẩ ƚẫẉᾕɱợԝḝӷ |\/|ẳη ςẚ|ǐêɗ Ƈσрŝổἣ, ңë wằṣ ṫŵḝñЪỷ-ÿéǻṙṧ-ὀĺḍ ǻňḍ իе ḹiνḛd ῒὴ ẫ ?ἰṁủḷǡЪἲǫᾗ, ƅȩƈ4Ҙưѕê ẖẹ ẇaș ḝxp&ӷı^^ȩñțё|) öṉ. ῌę ɡȭЪ ṡṍ ῤẳɗ ṣĥê ẇeņե եὅ ҝ][lĺ ẫľḹ ṱḩě рëȫрƚȅ ἱἤ ḧἰŝ |_|зñĭѵḙrŝз ṥȍ ṱĥӗ ǧὄὗërἡ|\/|ȩᾕʈ ḍēĉịḋéḑ Ъẖǡṱ Ьèṥե ïďḝӑ ẃẩŝ էo ցěȶ ѓīḑ ȭϝ ȟĩ|\/| ѕṍ Էẖĕy ṥẹէ ǜṗ ẚ ṣ][Ďê[íǎǀ ȑοṌЗm ṱὅ ҟīłɬ ḩї₥, ảś ḩųḿǎᾒѐ ӑs |°ծs§īҏƚĕ ῥ[_]t ίʈ ẅеἧƫ ẉɼóᾗĝ ṯȟě ^^ẳċħι|Ꮩè ƫհзẏ ẉḛгȩ ūṡįἣգ ŵëṋԷ ẁȑǫṅg. Ẩἢɗ ẖe ṥầt ţḣḝṝȅ ɩἢ ǎgọῃγ ϝσr ɦỡūӷʂ ûῆṫḯɫ /-/è dɪęd. Nỏw ӗṽеŗу ẇeėқ ǭᾔ ƫիȇ ḋḁў ὸ|= ңěȓ ḑě4Յʈ]-[ #ḙ ṙeЪ[_]ŗոṡ ṭȭ է4ě рѐ?§ṍἡ էḫаԷ rѐâďṣ ե}{ῒ? ļḗțƫḗɼ, ὁր ӑ ṁоἤḋǎỷ ἥȉğẖt ȃṭ ịз:ȎȰâ.ṁ. Ḧë ċȓěӗрѕ ɩᾗŧʘ ӱõǔr ɼŏṍṁ ӓἧḍ қỉƚƚṣ ȳỡū śƚօwɭÿ, ɓӳ ҫ|_|ƫʈíṋɡ ŷȯն âᾕḓ ŵẩŧċɦȉἡğ ỳōũ ƃǀeḗḏ ṱὅ ḏḗątḥ. Ňȯẃ ṣėἡɗ ']['ḧỉʂ ṫο ƫéṇ ṑťɦęr ȶիɼeaḓś ōṉ ẗḥὶѕ òṉḝ ʂΐṯḙ ạṅd |)ȍ\|/ἣḹőаḋ էɦῐṧ ⅽṓḃśŏᾓ, ấᾗɗ հḕ ẅȋľḽ ḩằűᾒț ṣǒṁẹόἡe éľ5ẻ ẉḥớ dộȩ5/Ꮩ'ṱ. Τḧἱŝ îṧᾖ'ե ϝąќѐ.

File: 1662259184082.jpg (65.39 KB, 800x970, Ayn Rand.jpg) ImgOps


Ayn Rand


Ayn RandiANO2

File: 1661738047901.gif (644.23 KB, 200x200, 3dgifmaker62200.gif) ImgOps


Being gay is a fetish.

"orientation" was a useful term at some point so that you could explain away le casual gay couple to your kids without talking about fetishes.

If someone told you "I am not sexually-oriented as gay man, I just have a fetish for participating in homosexual sex acts" you would be correct to call him gay. Disagree? Do you really think that a "fetish" ought to be defined in such a way that it specifically does not intrude upon this particular subject? The obviously more intuitive and generalize-able definition will include homosexuality. Even if there is some genetic or in-utero predisposition that changes nothing, as it may exist for other fetishes.

Openness as a personality trait (defined as in Big 5 aka OCEAN) is correlated with male homosexuality. A person who is "in denial" or "an egg" does not have a predestined course to "awaken their true self" as a homosexual, no more than they would have with any other fetish through exposure to internet pornography.

"homosexuality is an orientation because it is an exclusive condition" fails if you replace "homosexuality" with a bi-inclusive term that is not crafted to imply an exclusive condition, let us call this "sodomy". from this fresh perspective, few sodomites ever have this condition so extremely that it is their only sexual appetite, most falling much closer to casual sodomy-as-a-hobby. This is not any different from any other fetish, there are doubtless even a few people who cannot get off from sex at all because their fetish is physically impossible.

The burden of proof is on those who insist that sodomy is psychically unique.


So all these Soyjaks Like Obson, Colorjak and Jacobson are fetishes? They don't like something a straight man would create


<Obson, Colorjak and Jacobson
those arent words meds now

File: 1662259263880.jpg (2.66 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg) ImgOps


There’s no more baby formula. Stop having raw sex, spics.

File: 1662236237860.jpg (187.72 KB, 571x800, reddit8s305z6iphk81.jpg) ImgOps


We love this guy. What an absolute chad.


File: 1662240096907.png (3.06 MB, 1080x1133, born to jews of OTAN.png) ImgOps


File: 1662240292606.mp4 (2.85 MB, 854x478, mta łukasz lej ukraińca.mp4) ImgOps


File: 1662251587096-0.jpg (111.3 KB, 400x364, comment_1660060278SAQrTE7i….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1662251587096-1.jpg (235.9 KB, 605x891, comment_1650575882OCcnRbEp….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1662251587096-2.jpg (70.76 KB, 1024x666, 1647543438145.jpg) ImgOps



File: 1662251989559.jpg (116.5 KB, 784x1016, wykopek.jpg) ImgOps



File: 1662252390532.png (77.84 KB, 546x476, 1661356441191.png) ImgOps

wykop zły nawet, gdy to jedyny safespace jaki znam, co banują za ukrainosceptyczne komentarze

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