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began reading jewish tales and I am already unwinding my racist bias. what do you think about that?

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the britney spears conservatorship scandal is fucking scary
imagine if that happened to you, you're not famous so no one would stand up for you and your kike relatives would be free to take everything from you by claiming that you're mentally insane and providing your posting history on soyjak.party as evidence
how are these things allowed to happen in le heckin current year



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Gibson’s Quranic Geographies makes a powerful case for Petra from archaeology history, and literature--one worth taking on, point by point:
Tradition asserts that the Quran was compiled not long after Muhammad’s death, during the caliphate of Uthman. But the earliest Quranic manuscripts date from the ninth century, two hundred years after Muhammad. This long gap in the written record raises questions about the accuracy of the information transmitted across those generations, especially where we find inconsistent, contradictory, or implausible details.

For example:
While tradition venerates Mecca as the Prophet's birthplace and the site of the Kaaba, the Quran cites Mecca by name only once. Could this be a later interpolation?
How is Muhammad's home city described in the Quran? We read that Muhammad dwells in a rich walled city, a trade hub and ancient pre-Islamic pilgrimage site. Fertile soil and regular rain support trees and agriculture. Caves in the nearby mountains face toward the city. And tradition holds that the city lay a day's ride from Jerusalem--where Muhammad ascended to heaven.

Petra fits this description much more closely than Mecca. In Muhammad’s time, Petra was a walled city, the Arab world’s premier pilgrimage site, and one of its three main trading centers. Petra’s ruins contain temples to the very pre-Islamic deities described in the Quran. Seventh century Petra lay in a fertile valley that received regular rainfall and supported agriculture. The cliffs around Petra contain numerous caves facing down into the city--like the one in which Muhammad heard the angel's command to “Recite!” Like the city described in the Quran (but unlike today’s Mecca), Petra is a day's ride from Jerusalem.
By contrast, there is no record of Mecca before the ninth century--two hundred years after Muhammad. And while Petra and Medina appear on ancient trading maps, Mecca does not. Petra and Medina a contain substantial archaeological material dating to Muhammad’s time and earlier. But Mecca does not. Mecca stands in a much more arid corner of the Arabian peninsula. Paleobotanists find no evidence of trees or agriculture in the vicinity of Mecca. Mecca is of course many days away from Jerusalem by horse or camel. In short, this desert outpost doesn't really match the Quranic description of the Prophet's home--more than that, it's not clear that any substantial city existed in this location during his lifetime.

But perhPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Pajeet cope. Haven't you tweeted "ful support saaar" under israeli government's twitter mentions today ?


ratio lmao


there is no mention of pajeets in the quran. It later comes in the hadits. Literally abbasid propaganda


holy fucking obsessed nobody even mentioned pajeets

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you could at least make the effort of typing some sensible stuff out but noooo you resort to just spamming nonsense

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New 'toss just dropped


Elon needs to let Jones back on RIGHT NOW or else he will face the CONSEQUENCES


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