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Sup int. Currently at russkie army ask me anything(don't mind cuckhol flag near ip since i am currently at luhanskstan and ip range is hoholian)


frequently asked questions
Q: why you even there dumbo
A: in autumn 2021 i wanted to buy PS4 pro to play bloodborne cuz i had not enough money. my grandpa owns enough money but she is fucking miser. i've joined army by signing contract but when special operation started hoholstan and moskwastan did a lot of retarded stuff which includes making me appear in army
Q: your opinion on putin/zelensky/etc
A: i don't fucking care they all fucking suck
Q: your opinion on hohols
A: thought they at least were normal and even was caught by poolice for saying that special operation is retarded but after my german friend told tales about those piggies acting like they are masters i acknowledhed that hohol need to be cleansed
Q: why call "special operation"
A: because glowies might read it all
Q: (i dunno what to write next i want go to pee rn brb)


Don't die okay but record a Livestream or something so we can commemorate you


I'll try, tho i wouldnt die we (infantry and car drivers, i am car driver) do almost nothin. All thing is happening between artillery. After we and hohols run out of artillery almost no one is left and there are few sekect ppl. Mostly we sitting either at camp or in trenches and drink tea


kek i hope you survive hohol teen but imagine dying for a PS4 holy fuck


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opinion on 'bc?


buck breaking cock? (white one)


how old are you btw? where are they sending you?


By the way suddenly my distant relatives arrived in hometown and they want me to lend them de moneys. they arent poor or something, but they are fuckers and beg for money. in my next vacation (spring one probably) i need a method to shoo them
My mom called me and said that she told them to fuck off but they are insistent and even brought some "presents" in exchange. This time i need advice


I am 20, they send me to luhansk borders. Can't say the direct location, but it mostly from village to village


Also told my story on some trooncord server that was promoted on /soy/. The server called /bois/ and if anyone clicked that forbidden link they should know that there was a finn that i've caused to seethe. Not bragging about it or something, but he was assuming every strawman stuff when i just told him simple truth that hohols have no redeeming qualities


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godspeed. make sure to post here when you have time so we know that you're safe
you can tell them that if they need food or something you can buy it for them but you won't give them money


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Ok, i'll try to tell them that. Preferrably in front of close relatives so they would not change the terms later. Distant relatives sometimes are a big bother, especially when it comes to bounty


Also dunno if it safe to do face reveal on sharty (considering i dont have any pages on social media) but my fren took cool photo of me at some abandoned warehouse in luhankstan or something and i wanna to brag really badly


Post it chud


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Sry for being late but fucc internet is lagging a bit (hohols dont have 4G apparently)
On first pic me is buddy on left with my russkie buddy fella on right. Second pic me but in rtx. Third picture - elaborate explanation of what my buddy fella on right is doin


crimean diamond




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>Yandex : No other size found
>Tineye : No matching images

Could it be true ?



no one asked slavshit



keyed aryan




Umm are you allowed to give away Intel like that Mr z
What if the hohols send drones



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